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Famke Janssen (01.01.1964 years)

While this actress and is called "failed Terminatorshey, but Famke Janssen is one of the" Bond-girls "and" X-Men ". She was born in Holland. Her unusual name - Famke - translated from French means "little girl". In life, as this "baby" has been a great deal.

She was born future model and movie star, 1 January 1964 in Amsterdam, where she lived for the next twenty years with his parents and two sisters. Although the family has always been very important to her, a twenty Famke decided that she needed to go to New York to pursue professional careers. At that time, she studied economics at the University of Amsterdam, but dreaming of the podium.

Elite agency immediately signed a contract with a young Dutch women, but, despite this. She did not leave and study. Famke admitted to the University of Columbia, where she specialized in the study of literature. Famke It was then decided to try his hand still in the dramatic art. She began attending acting classes Harold Gaskin and eventually moved to Los Angeles - haven for all novice actors. Here she continued her studies and soon won a small role in the television movie "Fathers and Sons". It was 1992.

True, the debut role Jansen not made a splash (perhaps due to an unsuccessful film productions), so further suggestions about the shooting were few. Nevertheless, Famke got a role in the television series "Star-Trek", and then in "Melrose Place". Then a few more minor roles and, finally, the long-awaited success after taking part in next Bond film, where Famke played the role of Bond's girlfriends - Xenia Onatopp.

. However, this success has not inspired the charming Dutch, fearing that it will see it only as a femme fatale - and nothing else
. Therefore, in future, she chose to appear in more independent projects, and not in the mainstream-movies.

In the mid 90-ies of the last century Famke co-starred in several films: "Dead Girl", "Industrial City", "Leader". The fans could see her in the films "Mission: Impossible 2" and "Faculty", where she starred with such notable actors as Matt Damon, Edward Norton and Salma Hayek.

Famke speaks fluent German, French and in English. Her favorite authors - is Bronte sisters and Vladimir Nabokov. In his interview with the actress notes that would prefer to appear in films that are placed on the explanation of novels. For such roles, more profound and dramatic saturated.

Although the "X-Men" - a film that is not taken from the novel, but only on comics, the role of Jean Gray added Famke "star weight". And now fans paintings decide which of the girls they like superheroes more: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Halle Berry and Famke Janssen.

After the success of "X-Men, Famke starred in other, equally interesting, pictures. Among them - "The House the night of ghosts" where she played the wife of an eccentric millionaire and owner of the attraction of horrors. Spouses do not live very amicably - Mrs. Price came out at one time married not for Stephen Price, but for his money. "Loving" husband throwing a party dedicated to the birthday wife, in a house where many years ago was a closed psychiatric clinic, the chief doctor which maim and kill mentally ill offenders. When guests arrive, it appears that no one knows. Someone had replaced the list: In a word, with its main task - to scare the audience - the film manages to one hundred percent.

. No less psychological and another picture with Famke - "Do not say a word", where again she plays the wife of the protagonist - a successful psychiatrist who has kidnapped daughter
. But the film "Buffalo all" with Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson and, of course, Famke - is a real comedy. Story of the spy movie, as befits such pictures, confusion and not always be traced quite clearly.

. Famke signed a contract to participate in "Buffalo all" immediately after it failed to make the picture "Men in Black 2", where it was assumed to play a villain, an Alien
. On the other fantastic roles - in "Terminator 3", where she was offered to play a female terminator, the actress refused to itself.

With regard to the personal life of a star, then this information a little. Famke not like devote any of their spiritual experiences. We only know that the future husband Famke met in college. "We were so young" - she recalls. But, despite the fact that the couple had lived together for eleven years, the marriage broke. Reason for the divorce the actress explains that she has no time for family life. "I divorced after almost a year spent traveling on the set. I played in four scenes, one after the other was. The shooting took place in different places, I lived in the trailer: You understand, this is not the best way to maintain a close relationship. In general, we have not developed.

And Famke believes that in this respect, male actors is much easier. They can carry their wives for themselves by shooting areas. "Find a man who will say:" O `Okay, I'm just going to go along with my girlfriend (wife), and this will be my life" - not "- says the actress.

But she has no regrets about what life itself has chosen. "I've sacrificed for the sake of their work; in order to become who I am now. Perhaps my marriage broke up and be without it. "

It is much harder Famke survived the divorce of their parents, who separated when she was sixteen years. This event influenced the whole future life of the actress. "The child represents the ideal of their parents, their love for him is perfect. I went out into the world with the same ideas and long enough to retain their. Maybe that's why I had so long lived with her husband. "

Family is really important for Famke. "Imagine, my two sisters - blue-eyed blonde, a brunette and I" - the actress laughs. Due to permanent employment is not often she gets to see her parents and sisters. But she loves them very much, and his three nieces adored: "They grow so fast that, looking at them, you know, how time flies". Famke maintains close relationships with family and ex-husband. "We still communicate, - says the actress. - And my husband and I were good friends. "

But for children 39-year-old actress did not even contemplating: "My sister always dreamed about children, I only did not want them. Important for me, my family, my friends, finally, my own life, but the kids: do not know. "

His free time, and this falls very rarely, Famke prefers to spend with friends. "Wherever I was shot, everywhere I have many new friends. We have somewhere to go and having fun, and it's great ". She also loves New York for its spontaneity and unpredictability. Likes to go to museums and exhibitions.

When asked what kind of thing she would rescue if her apartment caught fire, Famke, without hesitation, replied: "My cats. They've got two, and every time, when he left, I miss him terribly. "

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