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Sergey ROPE

( Musician, creator of 'Leningrad')

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Sergey Shnurov (13.04.1973 years)

The "Leningrad" and its leader Sergei Shnurov nicknamed cord have enough notoriety that came even before the echoes of those songs and do not hear, but know that "swearing". Cord outdid hero, who "mat does not swear, he speaks it". Sergey "it sings". However, some sophisticated connoisseurs believed that cord - continuing the traditions of Barkov and almost Pushkin himself.

- It is good that the group "Leningrad" and I can be interpreted as anything - having fun Sergey. - No direct determination or there is no analogue. Many stuck - "math is not math, you can and using obscene language to write, well, no poem. Matt - this is not a goal but a means. I adhere to the criterion: a good text, or bad, that's all.

. - The audience after the concerts went really very disheveled.

. - You are the responsibility of the artist? This is so stupid! One piece - not the school of life, and the only book you want to read seriously, - the Bible, and even then with reservations
. None of the people of this pathos there: great literature, a poet in Russia is more than a poet.

- How would you react if your son be typed mate of your same songs?

- Sooner or later, be typed, and how - no matter. To hope that this will not happen is like to dream that the child had four eyes.

. - And you as soon began to express?

. - Yes, like everyone else in school.

. - And on the walls written?

. - Oh no! I too love the city.

. - You are talking about the Bible, studied at the Theological Academy ...

. - Yes a lot where he studied in LISI at the architectural, in the Lyceum Restoration
. In the academy friend did, and I for the company. But did not study for the priesthood, but on the theologian. He graduated from the three courses and are still listed in akademke. Even a lot where he worked - the watchman, a glazier, a loader, a blacksmith, a designer, an assistant on the set of video clips, promotion director.

. - Once again, speak of "Leningrad"?

. - We have a break now, because I do not like this whole hysteria around the group, we've always been modest, popularity enough, but now, in my opinion, surpasses
. No concerts feel very well, but it was fifteen a month.

- There is no fear that you will forget?

- Well, will build another great team. I'm not actually a musician, I can not play. I told you recounted my profession. Musicians, like actors, people are actually stupid, even athletes smarter, because sometimes go out of sport. And the musicians and artists want to work until retirement, and even die on stage. I have. When I became clear principle of "how to do", immediately interested, so the institutions would go out. So with "Leningrad" - I understand the principle and method of how to make extremely successful group.

- What is your musicians?

- Everyone is engaged in what he wanted. Alexander Popov finished LISI, works by the designer. Vsevolod Andreev went back to radio DJ. Adjournment of the concerts - the course of the commercial, the audience should miss. But maybe we did not reconvene. Beatles not played since 1967, only released records. With today's selling album "Leningrad" we too can afford it.

- Many musicians claim that they need to communicate with the living room.

- Yes, they lie, the money they need. Incidentally, I normally feel about pop-music, it is more honest than the rockers, who pretend to grasp the meaning of life.

. - But rockers sing honestly, without plywood.

. - Let him with plywood, what a difference, even the bare ass show, everybody is like
. And that pop captured video, so no one is not forced to watch. I do not watch TV here.

- And the news?

- Learn from the Internet.

- Worry that many in Russia sad?

- On the contrary, I think we have too much fun. Here are worried about drug addicts, and they have all the normal. I'm for the legalization of drugs, it will bring a lot of money out of the shadows. We must all resolve, then evil will be no more, but less.

- I'm not sure, here you though and swearing in the songs, less of this evil does not become. By the way, tell me frankly, who is sponsoring the group?

- The funny thing is that the group was born without money. If we had someone must have been, could not stop to speak. I am a free man, I do not have contracts, the director, attributes shark show business. And the rocker, I do not consider myself. Roughly speaking, a group of "Leningrad" can be viewed as a performance. I've been doing art as Andy Warhol.

- Now lyrics written?

- Even the relatively successful. If the break was not, I probably would have hated the music even more than I hate now. And do not like to work, I like to relax and - imagine this good luck - I can afford it! As kicks do nothing, only the author get. We can say, retired in 28 years.

- But I know what you're writing for film.

- Director Dykhovichnyi for the film "Kopek" scenario Sorokin made under the title song titles, and another. I played a small role, a few minutes in the frame had to kill a man with a knife. Grim, of course, did not. And before that played a major role in the film "Four", also by Sorokin. We became good friends with him, and indeed now in Moscow's friends and the whole work.

- Yes, we have in St. Petersburg do not know how to use their. I do not want it to move to Moscow?

- I do not intend to, I do not like Moscow to the rhythm, atmosphere, aura.

- What do you want in life is not enough?

- Loneliness. For creativity to be alone.

- Whether your son?

- For a long time been too busy. Son of two years, called him Apollo in honor of the poet Apollon Grigoriev. But in baptism was given the name Paul, so that it is a double. House call Apollo Sergeyitch or heir to the throne. He did not see me, but earlier in the noble families of head of the family had also seen two hours a week: "The Pope is waiting for you in the office". And as children grow Knights, who went to the Crusades?

- How do your parents relate to what you do?

- In today's world, nothing is not appreciated, but success. And when parents see that whatever it is that - well, started to respect me.

- How do you feel about criticism?

- Sometimes unpleasant, as anyone who was offended, even with the shoulder in a crowd. Smart people praise me, stupid curse.

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  • My aunt for Sergey ROPE
  • My son got on to your "creativity" You live for the public (I read about you) is that life, . how can those same 14 years, . who do not understand in this life can rely on you, . although you are not the worst landmark in modern life,
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    Sergey ROPE, photo, biography
    Sergey ROPE, photo, biography Sergey ROPE  Musician, creator of 'Leningrad', photo, biography
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