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Rita Hayworth

( Dancer and actress)

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Biography Rita Hayworth
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Rita Hayworth (1919 - 1987)

Real name - Margarita Carmen Cancino. American dancer and actress in the 1940's appeared in numerous musicals and was featured in the erotic roles in the films "Gilda" (1946), "Meeting in Trinidad" (1952). Reaching the peak of his career, became a "goddess" of Hollywood. B-1943-1948 years was the wife of director Orson Welles, in 1948, starred in his film "The Lady from Shanghai". The success enjoyed "Pal Joey" (1957) and "Private tables" (1958).

"Men go to bed with Gilda and wake up - with me" - complained once to his secretary Rita Hayworth. Detective Charles Vidor, Gilda "great American love goddess was able to seduce the whole world, only slowly revealing the dance hands out from under the long, above the elbow, black kid gloves.

. "Goddess of Love" existed before, long before the advent of Rita: Gloria Swanson, Jean Harlow, Clara Bow - but they behaved on the screen as greedy for new sensations, children's toys and
. Those were just a siren, who went on a rampage, was called and beckoned to tempt anyone who was on their way. This already felt the game.

Mother Rita, Volga - long-legged American beauty, who ran away from home and becoming a chorus, she married the illiterate, with a gypsy dancer with the blood of "Flamenco". Rita also in his eighteen escaped with Eddie Judson, who was twice her age: "I married him for love, but he married me as the object of investment". Eddie is transformed Rita: he forced her to pull out his eyebrows and the long months of painful to be subjected to space procedures, he turned her brown curls in a fiery red, hard fighting, with its "Latin appearance". It Judson gave her the image of Volga Hayworth - just so Rita could become a star.

Then the king "Columbia Pictures, Harry Cohn, Harry's horrible," Rita drove to the studio to hold private views, on which he appeared without a shirt. Eddie wanted to sleep with Rita Kohn, but she suddenly opposed. That uncertainty, constant excitement in anticipation of her answer made to Kona every time to invent a new Rita.

Harry was one of the kings of Hollywood and, at least from a professional point of view, the most important man in the life of Rita. No Harry, it virtually had no success.

"Columbia" at the time was a small studio, which needed its own "star". Harry tied to Rita, his spies and spying on her own, but also sculpted her career. In two films she danced with Fred Astaire (Rita was his favorite partner), and then came "Gilda" and even Harry was no longer able to control that madness, which whirled around the "goddess".

. Even when she danced on stage with his father, Eduardo, Mexico, in Tijuana and Agua Kaliente, her already full running man
. And then she was only 12 years old and it still was not Rita Hayworth, but simply Margarita Carmen Cancino - one of the "Dancing Cancino, playing the role of wife duo of Eduardo - what, in fact, be true. The father picked her up from school, taught inflame erotic fantasies visitors nightclubs and casinos, in which she danced. I took her to bed, if at that time was in no mood to normal Battered. Her mother was at this time voblake wine vapors sat at home in Los Angeles.

From this a "Dickens nightmare" and appeared frail and submissive Rita, semiliterate and terribly shy. The only real way to communicate to her was her kind of sexy dance. "She always reminded me of a gypsy girl, - recalled the choreographer Hermes Pan. - All these things and its quirks. You know, she suddenly jumped up and began to dance. Talk to her - she at that moment she heard nothing, she was dancing. But how does this all was charming ... "

The film "Gilda" all the same built around dance. At Carnival in Buenos Aires, Gilda dances with Johnny Farrell (played by Glenn Ford), his former lover, who had not seen for many years. "In my opinion, you're a little out of shape? - Gilda turns to Johnny. - Want exhortations? Mean ... dance, I mean ... "

"The goddess of love" feel confident, "dancing" with a man. And what is life? Rita had been married five times, among her husbands were Orson Welles and Prince Ali Khan, one of the richest people in the world.

. Her first husband, Eddie Judson, rascal, had a hand in the birth of "Rita Hayworth", often told her she could sleep with anyone who would help her career, but also threatened to pour acid in her face when she leaves him
. Her fourth husband, singer sugary songs Dick Heims, who in Hollywood called "Mr Sin", squandered her money and put her black eyes. "There is no sadder story in the world - said the famous Orson Welles, her" number two ". - This story of a father is preposterous, and more was not better. First husband was her pimp in the literal sense of the word. One can understand that then she felt. "

In 25 years, Wells has already shot his film "Citizen Kane" (1941, Oscar), signaling the creation of an entirely new cinematic language. Orson just filmed in Brazil, when he fell into the hands of the magazine "Life" for the Aug. 11 1941 with a photo of Rita. She sat on the bed in lacy underwear - plucked eyebrows, fiery-red mop of hair. By the time the photo is already brought to the insanity thousands of American soldiers and sailors, covered her letter with an offer hands and hearts. Ten years before she gave way to a "goddess of love Marilyn Monroe.

. Wells returned to America, first started looking for Rita, saying that everyone in Hollywood that it will be his second wife (his first wife belonged to high society of Chicago).

. Orson five weeks in a row called her on the phone, until finally she had not picked up
. Soon, Rita disrupted the engagement to actor Victor Matthews and a few months later became Mrs. Wells. This love is like a hurricane, furious and short. He, to his surprise, discovered that this woman who dreamed about all the young men of America, not so sexy. But she knew how to be gentle and kind. However, Orson Welles, known for his novels, it soon became, this is not enough.

This was another period of creative "stagnation," the director, the independent nature of which led to the next conflict with a movie mogul. He had the opportunity to give a new lover a long time.

But Rita once again plunged into melancholy, suffered bouts of jealousy, had only Orson leave the marriage bed - she had this foundation. We Orson was flat on the territory of "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, where he took off in 1946," Foreigners "and in between times to teach the art of love young actresses. Only later did he realized that the cause of her frenzied jealousy was the fear of abandonment.

Among the most struck by the contempt with which it referred to his status as a Hollywood star. "She was in a position - he wrote later - which was once not dream, she could, but has not brought her any joy. She hated her heroines. She did not like to be Rita Hayworth. But she had no means of escape from this captivity, she had to earn a living ". The only joy were the days of life with Orson.

. Soon, not to obtain new contracts in Hollywood, who suffered from asthma or flat feet, spinal curvature (because of what he had to wear a corset), Orson Welles went into politics and took part in the election campaign, Roosevelt
. Rita accompanied him on trips around the country. But her presence at meetings distracted attention of her husband, and it angered him. And then reappeared Eddie Judson. He threatened to publish intimate letters of Rita, if she did not resume payment of his "retirement" to bargain with the fracture.

The intervention of lawyers did not give. And, as often happens in America, released blackmailer poison began to work even Orson Welles. He began to drink heavily. His health deteriorated. Not helped corset. Tormented hepatitis. Rita took him medical treatment in Florida. They spent the last months of his marriage.

Orson without enthusiasm greeted the news that his wife is expecting a baby. Passing by the sofa on which he was conceived, he often threw nasty words: "This is a place where I lost control". To spare his pregnant wife, he began to drink less, but still was waiting for an opportunity to run away from home, from his wife, from his daughter, named Rebecca.

Of course, the jealous Rita guessed about the adventures of her husband. She denounced his affair with Judy Garland, about fleeting relationships with the "stars", hairdresser, he was not averse and whores. These women helped him to overcome the crisis.

Rita felt the same way: it dropped. She cried, screamed, cursed and drank and drunk traveled in a car.

They made it up to the time when he shot Rita in the movie "The Lady from Shanghai", which itself played a major male role. There Orson was Gilda, a goddess, beautiful woman in Hollywood with fiery red hair, the same lively and sexy, like herself, Rita. But he did not let her play Gilda. Orson made her Elsa Bannister, coolly seductive, quiet as a sleeping cobra "in the helmet of the short blond hair. That was like the story of Samson and Delilah, except that Delilah in the dark version of HG Wells lost his long curls. Orson felt in her heart had not previously touched by bare nerve; now she could not disguise or demonstrate more sensual striptease with a long black glove.

September 10, 1947 they were divorced. The same day, Life magazine published her photograph, prefacing the title: "The goddess of love America."

The role of Elsa was the most exciting for Rita and ... beginning of the crisis of her career, which already has never ended. She also played Carmen, Salome and Miss Thompson, but the ardor and charm of Gilda been lost: as if in a dream, she moved from film to film, from man to man.

In 1949, Hayworth married Ali Khan, becoming "princess Rita". Well-known ladies' man Ali Khan was not going to meet with a movie star to divorce his wife Joan, with whom he had two sons. He met with Hayworth at the Riviera in 1948. Ali was the strongest competition in the face of the leading actors in Hollywood and the Shah of Iran. In this battle of the giants defeated Ali. He was taken to Rita in Paris, London, Madrid and helped her get rid of a bad mood after her divorce from Orson.

But crowding around her and Ali Hayworth people simply could not stand: she did not like to stare at her. Rita again withdrawn into herself, and Ali started a mistress. And soon, Rita escaped from his palace in Cannes, becoming the first woman who has abandoned the famous Ali Khan.

The actress had two daughters - Rebecca (1944) and Princess Yasmin (1949). And Rita was lost again in the melancholy ruins of her childhood, abandoned children, did not think about them sometimes for months. She drank a lot, fought with her husband. I looked worse and worse. Invited her as a substitute Lauren Beykoll on Broadway, and Rita could not remember the text. She became melancholy and morose, suffered from blindness, a disorder in which sometimes do not recognize familiar people and objects. Since 1981, it has to take care of Yasmin, because the actress herself could no longer care for themselves. In 1987, she fell into a coma and died soon. She was 68 years old.

Source: 100 Great lovers

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Rita Hayworth, photo, biography
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