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PHILIP Matthew Ryan

( Actor)

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Biography PHILIP Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan Phillippe (10.09.1974 Year [New Castle, State of Orleans])

Matthew Ryan Phillippe was born September 10, 1974 in the town of New Castle, State of Orleans, where no high-profile incidents have lived to 17 years. Childhood Ryan recalls with joy - it was cloudless and happy. Pretty boy never hurt. Neighbors tried to please him candy or chocolate candy. At school, Ryan put a quite positive assessment, even if he was not ready for a lesson. Peers, he was on excellent terms, in all the games were the instigators. In addition, from the earliest years, he was always surrounded with care and kindness, a mother and three sisters - Kirsten, Lindsay and Ketelin. Father Ryan - Richard Philippe - worked as an engineer chemical production, and his mother, Susan, was a nurse at the hospital.

History of joining Ryan Phillippe in the world of Hollywood cinema is a bit like a fairy tale. "I wanted to be an actor since I saw" Cool Hand Luke "in 14 years - says Ryan. - Play Paul Newman just struck me. That's when I first realized that I wanted to act in films: "This is a good desire to be heard Fate. When Ryan was 17 years old, he went to the barber to have a haircut, not knowing that this visit will change his life. In the barbershop, he met a stranger, who was struck by the photogenic looks young.

The stranger invited Ryan to try his hand at film and gave the phone a friend at the agency Casting. The agent was so impressed by good looks and talent of the young talent that he personally took up his training and promotion in a large cinema.

Like most novice actors, Ryan's career began in television. Again, thanks to his appearance he was in TV series "One Life" (1992), where he performed the role of the first gay-teenager at the New York television. Debuting with such a scandalous role, Philip immediately went into the clip the young and popular actor. "The fact that in 17 years I played a homosexual on television, it was quite dangerous in terms of career. You could always retreat into this role ... But at that moment I thought about it the least. The prospect of receiving a few thousand a week just intoxicated me. "

. Thirst for "filthy lucre" has meant that to Ryan immediately branded as "sweet boy", while his only desire was to play a tough dramatic role
. Since the actor has always believed in his talent, he left the TV series - he began his narrow frame, and went to Los Angeles - to conquer Hollywood. "I wanted only one thing - to appear in a serious movie: But I think, no one believed. Only myself, "- says the actor. Life of Ryan in Hollywood really was not too smooth. Initially, he had very tight. He had no car, and he went to audition for a ride or get a bus, lived almost in a garage with friends, played in a mini-seryl and the roles of the third plan.

In 1995, Ryan first appeared on the silver screen. He played a small role in the thriller "Crimson Tide". This was followed by "White squall" (1996) Ridley Scott. The movie tells about the cadet caught in a terrible storm. Ryan played in this dramatic story of one of the teenagers, however, in the opinion of most critics, absolutely not stand out. But these were only a continuous role. Neither fame nor notoriety they have not brought.

The breakthrough came only in 1997, when Ryan starred in the first teen horror "I Know What You Did Last Summer". Ryan Phillippe became known. However, it was only the first step to fame - in this movie, he still played "sweet boy".

Gradually, Ryan began to turn from your favorite producers is not a loser in the star and teen idol. Movie director Mark Christopher's "Studio 54" (1998) brought him fame of a new sex symbol. This is a story about the most influential club late 70's. Ryan played in the handsome picture of the role of Shane, who became a bartender at the club "Studio 54". He beamed at the screen surrounded by stars such as Salma Hayek and Neve Campbell.

. After the "Studio 54" had no doubt - on the Hollywood firmament broke new star, and followed the pattern roles in "Cruel Games" (1999) and "Antitrust" (2001) Ryan created quite a serious reputation as an actor
. Important role in the creative success of Ryan played the critics who gave rather contradictory assessment of his game, than, without knowing it, played into the hands of the actor.

June 5, 1999 he was married to actress Reese Witherspoon. A modest ceremony was held in the town of Charleston in South Carolina. 9 September the same year (the day after the 25-th birthday Ryan), they became the parents. His daughter they named Ava Elisabetta. This outstanding event was preceded by a series of happy coincidences, as Ryan calls them.

It all started with a mysterious invitation to a birthday Reese March 22, 1997. "When I received an invitation to a birthday Reese, the first thought that it was sent or by mistake, or tried some of my friends - Ryan confesses. - It turns out that Reese has invited me: She lured me into a trap: "When he saw Reese, it was struck in the heart. Ryan had to fly to North Carolina, where the shooting began, "I know what you did last summer, and they had to leave. But they always call up and send each other love letters. We do not know what could have happened if Reese on the advice of his partner on the sets in the film "Plezantvill" Tobey Maguire is not flew directly to North Carolina. "I do not really expect it, - said later Ryan - and the fact that she suddenly appeared, it was out of the blue. I am somewhat confused, and the first thing that blurted out - is that in my house for three bedrooms:

Huge box office success was the joint tape and Philip Witherspoon - painting "Cruel Intentions". The film finally brought them together. It is said that in order to play in this film, Reese had to literally beg the producers to take her, because she wanted to work in the frame along with her lover Ryan. This painting was one of the best paintings, the Philip and his role in this film left a mark in the hearts and minds of viewers - it still remains a characteristic of his acting.

. In 2000, he starred with Benicio Del Toro in ill detective thriller "The Way of Arms
. Ryan plays here one of the criminals kidnapped a pregnant woman to demand for its return large sums of money. In 2001, the actor played the role of hackers in the not too successful film "Antitrast". Philip devotes much time and the independent film. In the painting "dancer" he made in the image of dancer Rudolf Petrov, who arrived from Russia, is making a big success in the West. A year later, his incredible talent of the actor Ryan Phillippe has demonstrated in-action-thriller "Mindhunters", where he played a novice FBI agent.

. In addition to the actor's work, . together with his closest friends Breckin Meyer and Seth Green, Ryan Philippe is working on the creation of an independent production company, . which will deal with the promotion of adolescent comedy movies and animated films,
. This new phase of his career Ryan said: "The nine years I was a student. I learned from directors, producers, scriptwriters and partners in the film: Now I want to use the accumulated knowledge base, creating something truly exciting. "

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  • ! LuChiK_SvEtA! for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • ! LuChiK_SvEtA! for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • Very beautiful, chuzhchina. but I think he should not have to recover. when lichitsy hudinkoe better expressed in all its beautiful features of the face. In general, "Ryan, you're the best!"
  • Manka for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • he's so cool))) in пҐп?п?пЎ such sponges)))
  • Gerd for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • It is beautiful not only externally, he slips inside like a spark! "... He is unlike anyone, a wonderful actor, a talented player and a wonderful man. It can be defined as the boiling lava in Jerusalem ..
  • Lolita 12 years old! for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • This huge city, . home, , . I see that all is not easy but I'm ready with you raised to the stars! I'm with you I'm flying I'm Inspired by the land nehochu is like a dream, I am with you though voblakah I forgot about my fear of heights!,
  • Zasranka for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • He fervent actor and super beautiful!
  • Anonymous for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • He is the most beautiful and sexy IN THE WORLD
  • STEFANOV for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • He is the most beautiful and sexy IN THE WORLD
  • Alina for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • Tanya)) for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • He bunting ))))) It is the coolest man !)))))
  • Anonymous for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • Ryan man of my dreams just ideal
  • Katya for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • man of my dreams
  • Ainura for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • I just love it! It has everything that should be a real man.
  • Catherine for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • Next to this man, I would be happy, intelligent, talented and krasivyy.Zhal that our paths do not intersect, even though all of life can be.
  • Anonymous for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • Anonymous for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • You are my favorite akter.Vasha role in the film Cruel Intentions just super.Vy simpsimpotichny. :)
  • Anonymous for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • We with a girlfriend, too in love with him, let's go conquer Holywood!
  • Anonymous for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • Help! In love ... it! Losing my mind! It is a pity that I can enjoy them only virtually, in real life we never encounter each ... How sad. It is not just beautiful outside, I can not explain in words, but I feel the inner beauty, as Bud's coming radiation from within, excellent radiation ...
  • Natalie for PHILIP Matthew Ryan
  • Ryan just sexy! Very nice guy! Witherspoon will be sorry that threw such a handsome!
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    PHILIP Matthew Ryan, photo, biography
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