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Blind Vasily

( Russian writer)

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Biography Blind Vasily
Blind, Vasily (1836-1878), Russian writer. Born on 19 (31), according to other sources 17 (29) July 1836 in Voronezh, the son of an officer, he studied at the Moscow High School, then in the Penza Institute for the nobility (1849-1852) and Moscow University (1854-1855). In 1857-1862 the official. Attended Salias Salon-de-Turnemir (Eugenia Tour), . published in its magazine 'Russian question' series of essays "Vladimirka and Klyazma" (1861), . inspired by the impressions of walking trips in 1860 to Vladimir road (now Highway Enthusiasts), . known as the beginning of the road to Siberia, sentenced to hard labor,
. Collecting Folklore, . studying the life of peasants and factory workers, . looking closely to the realities of Russia's life, . Sleptsov came to the disturbing thoughts about his time, . the destruction of the 'nests of the gentry' with their cultural traditions, . on the march 'master Coupon', . expansion of the rural community 'peace',
. The author of essays, 'Vylomov' of aristocratic environment, finds himself in the way of connecting with people.

A second sketch cycle "Letters on Ostashkovo" (1862-1863) Sleptsov made in closer to him in the spirit of the journal 'Contemporary'. Under the influence of populist ideas and novel Chernyshevsky "What to do?" Sleptsov organized Znamensky district (1863-1864; eliminated under the threat of reference of the participants), . where tried in practice to implement socialist ideas (universal labor, . equality of women),
. This 'seditious' hostel Sleptsov recalled in 1866 during the interrogation in the commission of inquiry into the cause of one of the attempts on the life of Emperor Alexander II DV Karakozov. A champion of women's emancipation, Sleptsov contributed to the organization for women of popular science lectures, founded the magazine 'Women's Journal' (1866-1868), assisted the first associations perepletchits and interpreters. In 1862-1865 wrote essays ( "The exhibition", . "From Novgorod"), . scene ( "On the Railroad", . "Evening", . "Street scene", . "Scenes in the hospital"), . stories ( "Pitomka", . "Overnight", . "Pigs"), . which is characterized by severe rusticity letters, . deep attention to the life of 'ordinary' people, . 'bottom' of society, . shown in the living scenes of everyday life, . a dynamic dialogue, . ably transmit paint folk speech, . sympathetically, . but without sentimentality and idealization condescending,

The most significant work SLEPTSOVA novel "Hard Time" (1865), which shows the fate of raznochinets during the reaction and the crisis of the democratic movement of the mid-1860. In the art system, the author of this extensive narrative, . puts the fundamental questions of a turning point era (of the masses, . ideological struggle of liberals and democrats, . spiritual development of women, . family problems, . happiness), . united peculiar trunk stream of domestic prose validity issues and psychology, . documentary character of the nascent Russian 'physiological sketch', . restrained and laconic style and experience of the opposition journalism, with its cryptography and 'Aesopian' allegory,

. Closely associated with artistic creativity journalism SLEPTSOVA (feuilleton, . Article, . cycles-reviews) to sharply accusatory tone recreates the atmosphere of despotism, . espionage, . public passivity and rigidities, . including in the fabric of the text of the scene, . Dialogues, . fiction fragments, . letters and diaries, . resorting to polemical purposes to the various role-masks ( 'benevolent', . 'unhappy', etc.),
. In the early 1870 Sleptsov wrote drama sketch character ( "Prologue to the unfinished drama, . "Indian Heart", . "In the slums,, . "Scenes in the World Court") publishes several heads of socio-political novel, a good man (1871, . not finished), . in which pictures of the people in Russia and abroad, combined with critical sketches of representatives of the ruling classes,
. Remained unfulfilled and concept of the novel "The Island of Utopia". Personality and creativity SLEPTSOVA had a significant influence on the development of the revolutionary-democratic and socially critical tendencies in Russian literature, 19 - early 20 centuries., . especially on the formation of its bytopisatelnogo sketches and satirical journalism,

He died blind in g.Serdobske Saratov guburnii March 23 (4 April) 1878.

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Blind Vasily, photo, biography
Blind Vasily, photo, biography Blind Vasily  Russian writer, photo, biography
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