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Antonio Banderas

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Biography Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas (Antonio Banderas). Born 10.10.1960 in Malaga (Spain), in a family of average means. His mother was a teacher and his father - a policeman.
. Until the age of fourteen Antonio dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, played football seriously until he broke his leg.
. He also took part in theatrical productions Youth Theater Malaga and in the troupe has traveled all over Spain, the length and breadth.
. During one of these trips he drew the attention of director Pedro Almodovar and invited to play in a movie "Labyrinth of Passion (Laberinto Pasione, 1982)"
. The young actor like him, and in subsequent tapes he gave Banderas has the main role. All these were not ordinary images that are far removed from conventional wisdom of "first lover". Externally interesting, . slender young man appeared as a strange, . prescient admirer of his teacher, . ready to accept them committed murder ( "Matador"), . a slightly mad boys, . literally force seeking love them stolen porn star, . played, not without grace fragile and sexual Victoria Abril ( "Tie Me Up!"), . or the passionate hero tape "Law of Desire", . object of desire for women.,
. Played by Antonio Banderas in the Spanish film characters lack a clearly defined, they are characterized by blurring ethical criteria, and even complete absence, as, for example, in a psychological detective story "Baton Rouge" by Raphael Mauleon
. The face of Antonio 80 years again in the picture of Carlos Saura 1993. "Shoot!", Where the actor created an image of a journalist, fell in love with visiting tsirkachku, but gradually betrays both her and his feelings for her.
. Antonio Banderas, . arrived in the U.S. in 1992, . to participate in the film "The Mambo Kings", . aware, . that should "lower the category, . content with episodic roles, . because the status of "the Spanish star here, . Ocean, . nothing has really meant,
. It was necessary to improve English as a "hook" the American public in general "start from scratch". And this choice was infallible. He appeared in the movie "Philadelphia" in a small role as a friend of the protagonist, who was dying of AIDS, and played the popular Tom Hanks. Despite the fact that Banderas was here on the sidelines of the plot, he drew attention and was soon a more interesting role in the sensational then the movie "Interview with the Vampire," directed by Neil Jordan. His Armand - a vampire rather than the demonic and sensual, attractive, and its beauty and sparkle of these human emotions. Here Banderas - a worthy partner of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, who occupy a central place in this grim history. Thus began his rise to fame. Now he's the star of the first magnitude, and suggestions sypyatsya one after another. Banderas will play the main character in a large-scale production of the classic adventure story "Zorro" (producer Spielberg, . directed by Rodriguez), . meet again on set with Madonna, . charm that can not be more in Madrid, . where sleep did his film "In Bed with Madonna",
. Now they work together "Evita" about the legendary figure of Eva Peron of Argentina's history, which caused a storm of protest in Argentina (or rather, participation in this project by Madonna), Banderas performed the role of an idol of young people the 60's Che Guevara. The contours of the image the actor has already set in the character of the Chilean revolutionary era Pedro Salvador Allende in the movie "House of the Spirits".
. Antonio Banderas has to live with an indispensable attribute of a Hollywood celebrity - gossip and rumors in the press
. Now the journalists' attention riveted on his romance with actress Melanie Griffith, because of which collapsed once two marriages: and Antonio and Melanie. Newly formed couple, publicly proclaims his love, settled in Los Angeles. However, Antonio Banderas does not feel a Spanish emigre who made a successful career in America. Native land still means to him very much, he does not break ties with the Spanish cinema. Confirmation of this - the last of the five films the 95 th year, where he made a duet with Melanie "Two - it's too". He put the Spanish director Fernando Trueba, winner of an Oscar for best foreign film "Belle ц?poque". And yet another location waiting Banderas in Spain - a picture of "Lorca". He himself cherished dream to put homeland "Don Juan" ... But the recognition Banderas received after the movie "Tie Me Up! (Atame!)".
In 1998 came the film 'The Mask of Zorro', where Antonio Banderas gets famous black mask and sword from the hands of Anthony Hopkins.

Photos of Antonio Banderas
  • Desperado 1995
  • Evita 1996
  • Bay in 1999 bone
  • The Mask of Zorro 1998
  • The Mask of Zorro
  • Original Sin 2001
  • Body 2001
  • Thirteenth Warrior

Photos of Antonio Banderas
Antonio BanderasAntonio BanderasAntonio BanderasAntonio Banderas

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Antonio Banderas, photo, biography
Antonio Banderas, photo, biography Antonio Banderas  Movies, photo, biography
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