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Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)

( football)

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Biography Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
photo Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
Full name: Ronaldo Gaucho De Assis Moreira
. Date of Birth: March 20, 1980
. Place of birth: Porto Alegre, Brazil
. Height: 181 cm
. Weight: 80 kg
. Club: FC Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
. Position: striker, attacking midfielder
. Number on the shirt: 10
. Along with Pepsi c 2004.

. Achievements
. 1997
. - The winner and the best striker of the world championship to 17 years.
1999. - Winner of the America's Cup.
2002. - World champion in the national team of Brazil.
2002. - Winner of the Intertoto Cup in the PSG.
2004. - The best player the world FIFA.


Prior to 1999, Ronaldinho played in the Brazilian soccer club Gremio. His first trophy was a victory at the world championship among juniors (under 17). At the same tournament, our hero and became top scorer. After 2 years, this result was repeated. In the same year, football became the owner of the America's Cup, the South American equivalent of European Championship. In 2001, Ronaldinho was the player of the French Paris Saint-Germain.

Transition Ronaldinho in Barcelona was one of the most debated topics off-season, and in some parts of the Old World - and the most discussed. The talented 23 - year-old Brazilian talent, which first talked about in another 17 years of age, for 6 years has developed in a distinctive and desirable in many football teams. In the offseason, in a stunning glow of their struggle, "Barca" literally snatched from Paris St Germain playmaker MJ.

. I must say that Ronaldinho is all the same where to play - on the flanks, or in the center, if it were a zone attacking midfielder or attacking, in which the Brazilian feels like a fish in water
. Has filigree technique, delivered a blow to both legs, and pleymeykerskim vision of the field, Ronaldinho has become a favorite in absentia "Nou Camp". Gol, a Brazilian who scored in the second round, "Seville", was the extent necessary, so aesthetically and in demand.

Players with such a huge potential in the world is not so much, and Ronaldinho was needed for many. And in 2003, the Brazilian playmaker targeting Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona. "Bars" was in similar with "MJ", a situation. Team president Joan Laporta is urgently needed a new star of world level, already established, but relatively young. Bars "acted as quickly as possible. She contacted by Ronaldinho's brother and agent, discuss the financial terms over the phone. And the same day, evening, Ronaldinho left his native Porto Alegre, and landed in Barcelona's Prat airport. Ronaldinho. amazing player, but "Barca" - an amazing team. By some strange coincidence, there are always successfully played the Brazilians, whose name / last name / nickname begins with a favorite Brazilian commentators letter "P" (Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo), and the Brazilians, who carried "ten" on the back. Incidentally, the same, never understood the logic, the "Barcelona" does not go well with the quarry Argentines number ten (Maradona, Riquelme). Now Ronaldinho - in the "Bars". He - Brazilian. He - the tenth number.

Here's what he says about himself Ronaldinho

Once in six years, learned to hit the ball and started to work out "standards" under the guidance of his father. He was my football-fan, and the elder brother Robert - a professional player, I followed in his footsteps (now he is a professional agent of Ronaldinho, representing the interests of soccer in the transfer market - Notes. Ed.). The first gift that I received, just after leaving the cradle, a soccer ball. It is in the tradition of Brazil. With him is what I was asleep in an embrace, not separated and now. Later, with the exception of the hours spent in that school, I played football. Most did it with friends, but alone we watch juggled a tennis ball. Why tennis? Once saw Maradona juggling with an orange, and then tried to repeat. Then he invented for himself the fun: in the living room, I tried prokinut ball behind him, while by moving it across a chair, and After bypassing a chair, to catch. Generally favorite feint and techniques I have no. It all depends on how much space I have on the field, from the situation and movements of partners. But deceptive movements I have a lot of. My game is based on improvisation. Attack in general, without this it is impossible. Moreover, in order to make a decision, you have a second, rarely more. Contours, lunge, do a pass to the right or left - everything is solved automatically. Therefore, it seems to me that improvisation - the main thing in the game. I am flattered by the fact that my opponents see me as unpredictable. My goal - to confuse the opponent to take him out of equilibrium. I try to act on a situation which should be evaluated as soon as possible. Footballer - in some sense a chameleon: it is volatile and should not appear a box at one and the same form.

So it is all piled up in football, that the main objective - victory. But we must be able and drove up to do, and run, and even break the rules. This, of course, not dye football, but without it it either.

Photos of Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
  • Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)

Photos of Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)
Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)Ronaldinho (Ronaldihno)

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