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Noskov, Andrey

( Actor)

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Biography Noskov, Andrey
photo Noskov, Andrey
Born in 1972, New Kakhovka, Kherson region, Ukraine

Childhood and adolescence

Andrei Noskov (brother of actor Ilya Noskov) was born in the Ukrainian town of Kherson region New Kakhovka. Already in school he began to engage in creative activities: participated in the recitation competition in amateur theater, was engaged in the clown group, set the school play.

. In 1989, after graduating from high school, Andrew entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema (later - St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art) of
. NK. Cherkasova the course aq. Andreeva.

Together with Andrew studied Yegor Druzhinin, known for his role Vasechkina in the famous children's musical film about Petrov and Vasechkina. They both adored tap and even made several joint numbers, which danced in nightclubs. And later, Andrew and Yegor a couple of shot a clip.


In the third year Theater Academy (ie. since 1991), Andrei Noskov started playing at the St. Petersburg Theater of Young Spectators. AA. Bryantseva. Among his works on the stage of this theater: 'Dream on Nera' (one of Berendeys), 'The Tale of Tsar Saltan:' (Guidon, Squirrel, Chernomor), 'Bad advice', 'RONJA - Robber's Daughter' (Birk), ' Ondine '(servant of Hans),' All the mice love cheese '(Shoma).

. Parallel with the work in TYuZe from 1993 to 1995, Andrei Noskov worked at the St. Petersburg television as the leading child transmission 'Multi-colored dog'


His future wife Nastya Andrew met in 1993. Then Nastia came in TUZ to visit his sister, who worked as an actress there. Andrew immediately liked the girl, and he, without hesitating, asked her to marry him. They are a little flirt and: split. Why did it happen? Sam Andrew explains: 'I was too young. On the one hand, felt something, but on the other: I have in my life was a mess and disorder, that I allowed myself to call Naste '.

. Nevertheless, Andrew continued to think about the girl liked him, constantly asking about her, conveyed greetings
. A year later they met again and realized that they love each other. After some time the young have played a wedding, and Anastasia moved from a comfortable apartment parent to Andrew in a hostel.

Currently, Anastasia is a manager in a major foreign company. The couple has a son Timothy.

1993-2000 years. Film and theater

In the same 1993 saw the debut of Andrei Noskov on the silver screen. He had a small role (Michelle) in the adventure tape producer Victor Titov 'Curse of the Durand'. This was followed by roles: Aleksei Balabanov in the thriller 'The Castle' (Secretary of the IOM), in a painting by Georges Bardawil 'Revelation with a stranger' (The Bird Seller), Fabrice Kazeneva in the film "Music of Love. Unfinished Love '(the groom).

The first work in film did not bring Andrei Noskov special popularity. First, all these movies for different reasons, have remained virtually unknown in Russia's broad audience, and to the same role that got in them, Andrew, were not central.

. Meanwhile, in 1995, Andrew left Pitersky TUZ and moved to Moscow, where in 1996-1997 he worked in the Theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
. This was followed by other theatrical projects in Moscow, working abroad, and, finally, the arrival in 1998 in graduate SPGATI the department of stage movement. As seen, the life of our hero was more than the rich (such, indeed, it remains today).

In the same 1998 Andrei Noskov (again returned to St. Petersburg) is an actor Bolshoi Drama Theater. GA. BDT. On stage, the theater, he appeared in roles: orderly Neiden ( 'Father' G. Dityatkovsky), Theodore ( 'Boris Godunov' T. Chkheidze), Bulanova ( 'Forest' A. Shapiro), Egmont Clausen ( 'Before Sunset' G. Kozlov), Hippolytus ( 'Fedra' G. Dityatkovsky) Klitandra ( 'George Dandin' Jacques Lassalle), and others.

At the same time he collaborates with the St. Petersburg theater 'Russian Enterprise' them. A. Mironova, which plays a major role in productions of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' in. Furman (1999) and 'My Parisienne' E. Romanova (2002).

In addition, since 2000, Andrei Noskov begins to engage in teaching activities. In his native SPGATI he worked as an assistant-teacher at the Department of stage movement.

Movies of the new millennium

As for the cinema, Andrei Noskov continued periodically removed. The wide audience, he was still unknown, since he was not invited to the role of gangsters and militiamen in the famous series. He's for it and did not seek. The actor is much more interesting was to appear in specific roles, which he was particularly good.

Among his works in 2002 - 2005 years: Vsevolod Ivanov in the film 'Its another life' director Alexander Rogozhkin, Vasya Tsiperovich in the comedy television series 'Web-camera' on 'Channel Five', Arkady spring into a movie Pavlova-Silvanskaya 'Paris'. A remarkable work of the actor is the role of Alexander Pushkin in the documentary film about this great poet, filmed in the cycle of 'the great companion'.

. Here with such baggage Andrei Noskov and walked to the role that made him famous all over the country
. This is a housekeeper Nikita Voronin in the comedy series "Who's the Boss?" As auditioned for the role of Nikita's been tried about 60 actors. Were considered candidates such popular actors as Marat Basharov, Michael Porechenkov, Vladislav Galkin, Ivan Urgant. Nevertheless, preference is given Noskov.

Sam Andrey Noskov proposal to withdraw in the series took after some hesitation - after all this work required a long stay away from home and family. He recalls: 'When I was confirmed in the role of Nikita in the series, I called Naste from Moscow, and asked her what she thinks about it. At first she cried. And then she said: 'This project needs you: why have the courage'. I sat for almost a year on this submarine, named 'Who's the Boss? ". Nastya <...> We decided it would be proper if they stay at home Timosha. I still spent whole days on the set, and Nastya work (it manager in a major foreign company), a child mode, classes teykvondo. Of course, they are hard without me, but what can you do - it costs the profession ... '

Plot the series was not extremely original. By this time on the screens of the country was coming to a close series 'My Fair Nanny' (shot by the foreign counterpart). 'Who's the Boss? " in principle was the same 'Nannies', but on the contrary. Despite this, a new sitcom immediately gained popularity among TV viewers. This could be achieved only brilliant work of actors: Andrei Noskov, Anna Neva and Ludmila Artemieva.

The role of Nikita Voronin brought Noskov numerous fans. Actor, has a beautiful physique, once dubbed the new 'sex symbol'. Andrew himself refers to this with some irony:

'No I'm not a sex symbol. While I understand that the directors and producers are dragging me into this direction. Changed hairstyle, ask 'flexing muscles'. When I first auditioned for the role, I thought that this would be the image of a la Pierre Richard, and it turned out that Belmondo. But still it's a comedy. In my opinion, the sex symbol for women - it is rather a solid man with a gun in their hands, rather than a comedian '

. Since 2004, Andrew is also the artistic director of Theater based partnership "Noskov and Company" and played with his brother Ilia at the Association of the performance of the "Journey".

. Filmography:

. 1994 The Curse of the Durand
. 1994 Castle (Russia-Germany-France)
. 1995 Revelation with a stranger (Russia-Italy-France)
. 1996 Music of Love
. Unfinished Love (Russia-France)
2002 Dancing on the waves
2003 Agent of National Security - 4
2003 Alexander Pushkin. 113th love from the cycle of the great companion
2004 Its another life
2004-2005 Web-camera on "Channel Five" (SPB) - TV series
2005 Paris
2006 Who's the Boss? - TV series

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  • Noskov, Andrey
  • Noskov, Andrey

Photos of Noskov, Andrey
Noskov, AndreyNoskov, AndreyNoskov, AndreyNoskov, Andrey

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    Noskov, Andrey, photo, biography
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