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Ferguson, Matthew

( Actor)

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Biography Ferguson, Matthew
Matthew, tell us how you came to the set series "La Femme Nikita"?

- The usual way. In Toronto, the actor went through a difficult selection. However, if more than one failure, perhaps, in the First Division was sitting in front of a computer by someone else ... The fact is that before I fell flat on the casting of the film 'Keepers of time'. I was told that I was not a fit for the role of soldier. I went from anger to a nearby barber shop and hair cut almost in lyso ... As it turned out, the creators of 'Nikita' saw Seymour Birkoffa exactly like me.

Many are concerned about the issue: Actor Matthew Ferguson with a computer on the 'you'? He is also aware of modern technologies, as Birkoff?

- No, to me it is far. I sometimes open up the script and think: 'Shit, how am I going to say all this and what is the point in these sentences? " I do not know much about computers, but I have a lot of advisers who help me to understand in terms of. I - an ordinary home computer users. I have an old 'Mac Classic', which needs serious modernization.

Began to shoot, you have watched films, which formed the basis for the series "La Femme Nikita"?

- Yes, I have seen both films. However, despite the fact that I admire the work of the actor Bridget Fund in the U.S. version of 1993 'of No Return', I'm a fan of the original French movie by Luc Besson's 'Nikita'. This film is in my personal list of 20 best films of all time. Even in this list includes the trilogy 'Star Wars', a film by Jean-Jacques Benes 'Diva', 'The Godfather' Coppola ...

Do you like Peta Wilson as Nikita?

- Peta? It is a fantastic actress. It such an incredible energy. Her Nikita simply can not love ... While during our first meeting, she frightened me. I called to her: 'Petty!', And she literally barked: 'My name is Pe-ETA' - and passed prance ... Then I thought: 'This girl will not tolerate turmoil on the set! " But soon we became good friends. I enjoy working with her.

In a television world, there are rumors that on the set you often become the victim of jokes Miss Wilson ...

- Ha, ha, ha ... Let me think ... In fact, we are ordinary, hard work. But, perhaps, with regard to pets, so a word she does not enter into his pocket, so we all walk around on tiptoes ...

. What character traits in Birkoffe come from you personally, and which are specific to your hero?

. - In real life I can be a bit cynical, as Birkoff, but I'm never going to be so paranoid as he
. After all, it literally 'burns' at work. He is afraid of open spaces. I am physically more active than he. He has more than seven years living in isolation, I'm in such a situation, without contact with different people, with the outside world would have gone mad.

. Do you have any ideas on why Birkoff hit the first section in adolescence?

. - I do not know ..
. In my opinion, the authors do not answer you on this question. But, as I think someone figured out his computer skills and in the form of an ultimatum forced to work in the Division, threatening otherwise of deaths. Perhaps at first he was scared, but then carried away by all this fantastic technology, and decided that in future, be able to play on your computer in 'toys'.

. I know you lot to act in films and playing in the theater, but what attracts you to the series?

. - Regular work with a constant team, an opportunity every week to learn something new and ..
. big salary, of course!

Your first big purchase when you become a star?

- When I starred in 'lilies' and came from Italy with filming 'The English Patient', then bought a house not far from the house of my parents ... I still strange to hear when they call me a star. But it's nice when someone thinks of me.

You are a child dreamed of becoming an actor?

- Yes, I was still playing at kindergarten. By the time I enrolled in the School of Performing Arts, I already beat all the main roles in school productions and was involved in parallel and in the performances of professional theater.

. Matthew, what are your priorities in life?

. - This is a difficult question ..
. Perhaps the most important - the health and success of my relatives, friends, and everything else will follow.

. * Matthew Ferguson was born and lives in Toronto, Canada.

. * Nerd-lover: on the window sill have been successfully grown tomatoes.

. * As a child often spent holidays with his family in France and Italy.

. * In his spare time playing football, hockey, golf, tennis.

. * She likes sweet things, a connoisseur of chocolate, prefers dark varieties.

. * The most unusual Christmas gift - an ancient powerful telescope, which he grandfather brought back from Scotland.

. * Driver's license received from the second attempt.

. * Motto: "Be honest! '.

. * Active participants in demonstrations, political meetings, support fighters worthy of health and welfare of citizens.

. * Favorite music: the Beatles, jazz singer Nina Simone.

. * Acted in films: 'Club' (1993), 'Freedom Elaine' (1996), 'The English Patient' (1996), 'Lilies' (best Canadian film selected by the Canadian Society
. Best Film International Film Festival in Montreal-1996. Best film of young filmmakers at the 49 th International Film Festival in Locarno, 1996), also appeared in one episode of 'Psi Factor'.

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Ferguson, Matthew, photo, biography
Ferguson, Matthew, photo, biography Ferguson, Matthew  Actor, photo, biography
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