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Rahm Emanuel Israel

( American politician-Democrat)

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Biography Rahm Emanuel Israel
photo Rahm Emanuel Israel
Rahm Israel Emanuel was born on November 29, 1959 in Chicago in a family of Jews. His grandfather worked as a pharmacist in Russia Empire and fled from the pogroms in Palestine. Rama's father - Benjamin Aeurbah a pediatrician, . former member of the Jewish paramilitary organization Irgun, . emigrated from Israel to the United States in the second half of 1950, Benjamin changed his name to Emanuel after the death of his brother Manuel in the 1930,
. Rama's mother was born in the United States in a family originating from Moldova called her Martha Shmulevich, she was the daughter of a trade union leader, worked as a radiologist and a psychologist for some time was the owner of the Chicago rock 'n' roll club, involved in politics. In Rama in the family of Benjamin and Martha had two sons - Ezekiel, who became a medical oncologist, and Ari, who founded Hollywood agency Endeavor Talent - as well as the adopted daughter Shosanna.
. Education and the war in the Persian Gulf

. In Chicago, Emanuel attended a Jewish day school Bernard Zell Anshe Emet and after his family moved to the outskirts of the city, district Vilmett (Wilmette) was studying in secondary public schools and attended the ballet circle dance
. Emanuel graduated from New Trier West High School, he offered to go to ballet school, but he chose college. In 1981 he graduated from Sarah Lawrence College (Sarah Lawrence College) in New York and in 1985 received a master's degree in rhetoric of Chicago, Northwestern University. Even before graduation, Emanuel has actively participated in the life of the Jewish community in the U.S. and the Democratic Party. In 1989, he was chief electoral adviser Richard Michael Daley at the mayoral election in Chicago.

. During the Gulf War in 1991, Emanuel went to volunteer in Israel, . but did not serve in the IDF, . and participated in a special program of assistance to the armed forces - engaged in repairing trucks at one of the Israeli bases,
. Contrary to rumors, Emanuel lost part of finger on the hand than during the Gulf War: injury he received while in high school because of careless handling of a knife.
. Careers with Bill Clinton

. Returning to the United States, Emanuel joined the presidential campaign presidential candidate Bill Clinton
. Thanks largely to ties to the Jewish community Emanuel Clinton managed to collect a record at that time $ 72 million donation. After Clinton's victory in the election, Emanuel was appointed the first chief political adviser to Clinton, and from 1993 to 1998 he was senior advisor. In this position, Emanuel paid much attention to Middle East policy of the United States. He participated in the preparation of the Oslo Accords between the Government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. He was responsible for the details of the ceremony of signing of this agreement, in particular, has prepared a script of the famous handshake of Yitzhak Rabin (Yitzhak Rabin) and Yasser Arafat (Yasser Arafat). In addition, he was responsible for the drafting of the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) has not implemented the project of universal health care in the United States and other programs.

. Fame was expressive behavior Emanuela during the presidential elections in 1996
. After the election of Clinton's second term during a festive dinner, Emanuel got a list of his rivals in the campaign, . laid on the table and began to chop with a knife, . saying, "Died, . croaked, . croaked! "According to eyewitnesses, . table after that resembled the lunar surface,
. Known and another case: Emanuel sent by mail rotten fish to his former ally and friend, who did not support the elections in 1989, Richard Daley. For hatred of the enemies Rahm Emanuel got the nickname-bo (Rahm-bo).
Careers in finance

In 1998, Emanuel left the White House and hired investment bank Wasserstein Perella & Co (now Dresdner Kleinwort). In 1999 he headed the Chicago branch of Bank. Emanuel acted as a mediator in a number of major acquisitions in the industry and communications. In addition, in 2000, Emanuel was appointed by Clinton to the board of directors of the largest U.S. mortgage agencies Freddie Mac. The bankruptcy of the agency marked the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008: then it was discovered that from 2000 to 2008, the agency for attracting investors distort their financial statements. During his career in the financial sector Emanuel earned 16.2 million dollars and left with all the posts after the election to the House of Representatives in 2002.
. The House of Representatives

. In 2001, Emanuel decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives of the 5-th electoral district in Illinois
. In this constituency candidates of the Democratic Party has traditionally enjoyed the support, so the main rival Emanuel was a Democrat Nancy Kezsak (Nancy Kaszak). One of its main allies, the head of the Polish American Congress Moskali Edward (Edward Moskal), struck Emanuela with anti-Semitic accusations, saying that Rama dual citizenship. As Emanuel was the son of an Israeli citizen, he had Israeli citizenship, but reliable data about whether he kept it or not, there is. Despite this criticism, Emanuel was able to win elections and get into the House of Representatives. His post he retained after the 2004 elections, 2006 and 2008, and the last time he received the support of more than 70 percent of voters.

. Unlike the majority of the representatives of Democrats in the House of Representatives Emanuel supported the war in Iraq
. In 2006 he headed the election committee of the Democratic Party in elections to the Congress. The elections resulted in success for the Democrats. Emanuel other places of the party organizer of the House of Representatives, but he refused the post, becoming chairman of the Democratic Caucus.

. In 2007, Emanuel supported the candidacy of Barack Obama and participated in fundraising for his campaign
. After winning the election in November 2008, Obama suggested Emanuel to head the administration of U.S. President. Emanuel must enter into this office January 20, 2008.

. In 2006, Emanuel co-authored the book "The Plan: Big Ideas for America" (The Plan: Big Ideas for America): in it he urged the U.S. to introduce universal military service on three-month conscription.

. Emanuel called the perfect polit-strategist, former President Clinton spoke of him as "one of the best political minds in Washington"
. In mid-1990 years, Emanuel has lectured at Harvard University. Emanuel was the prototype for Lehman, Joshua (Joshua Lyman) - character of the American television series The West Wing.
. Private

. Emanuel professes Judaism, belongs to the Chicago congregation Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel and is considered an active believer.

. Emanuel is married to Amy Ruhl (Amy Rule), convert to Judaism shortly before the wedding
. They have three children: son Zachariah (Zachariah) and his daughter Ilana (Ilana) and Leah (Leah). Emanuel enjoys swimming, ballet and triathlons.

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Rahm Emanuel Israel, photo, biography
Rahm Emanuel Israel, photo, biography Rahm Emanuel Israel  American politician-Democrat, photo, biography
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