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Tera Patrick

( Porn actress)

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Biography Tera Patrick
photo Tera Patrick
Aliases: Tara Patrick, Brooke Thomas, Sadie Jordan, Sara Jordan
. Date of Birth: July 25, 1976
. Place of Birth: Montana, USA
. Hair: Brunette
. Volumes: 92-61-92
. Height: 176 cm
. Breast: Natural
. Tattoo: No
. Piercing: No

. Biography:

. Specifically, Tera Patrick is beautiful and remarkable
. She was born July 25, 1976 in Montana, USA. As a child she dreamed of becoming a nurse and a specialist in infectious diseases. But later changed their dream career model. Modeling career she began very early. It happened in San Francisco. At that time, Tere was 13 years old. She posed for fashion magazines in various U.S. cities to 18 years. In 18 years, Tera derailed the career of a top model in order to enter the State University in Idaho. Upon completion of studies, Tera moved to California, where she met the famous photographer of the magazine Penthouse - Suze Randall. This acquaintance led to the fact that making a series of successful pictures, Tera was named Penthouse magazine model of the month and gained the status of Penthouse Pet.

Instant popularity came to Tere through the night show Playboy's Nightcalls 411. The success of this show led to a huge number of offers from Playboy magazine.

However, sexual in nature, Tera, always thought about a more candid videos. The result of her desires is the contract with the studio Digital Playground, and her most famous work - video "Virtual Sex with Teroy Patrick (Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick)". This film even now remains in the 100 best-sellers

. In May 2000,, . 6 months after the appearance in the pornography business Tery, . She returned to the Cannes Film Festival with the award "Best aspiring actress! With its participation with us, you can purchase videotapes "The Sixth Sense (The Awakening)" / Aroused / Andrew Blake (here only lesbian scene) and "A haven", . where almost disappearing from the screen throughout the film, . She showed all his skills the hard sex,


Question: Hello Tera, I think we'll start with the standard issue. As it so happened that a girl from Montana, is going to become a doctor, got into business for adults?
Terra: Oh, all happened within a year. I came to Southern California to finish school and obtain the status of bachelor's degree in microbiology. At that moment, when I started to do the practice work as a nurse-anesthetist, I decided to return to the modeling business.

. Q: You began to pose again?
. Terra: Yes, I met Suze Randall and started filming for her.

. Q: What do you remember about your first shooting in an erotic film?
. Terra: Oh, it was cool
. It turned out that my knowledge about sex is not great. I even learned how to make a member of the partner firm, before they start shooting.

Q: Your favorite movie?
Terra: The one where I was shot? Then of course "Virtual sex with Teroy Patrick". With its establishment, we used a lot of new concepts and technologies.

Question: How many movies have you done?
Terra: 12. I do not know where people take the figures that I make 50. I have not done so, I did not even co-starred in 20. (in the adult business, scenes from the movies can be sold, bought, licensed. usually without the knowledge of the star itself).

Q: Are you going to leave the business?
Terra: Yes, my contact with Digital Playground has been made for three years. Upon completion, I will return to its primary work - the medical profession. I have a house in Montana, and a large family, with whom I spend a lot of time.

Question: When you lost her virginity?
Tera: In 13 years, it was with the Persian guy. I did not like. I remember that I was hungry and wanted everyone to quickly ended.

Question: 13. That year did you start modeling career?
Terra: Yes.

Q: Your picture was on the cover of Vogue?
Tera: Six times. I stayed in the fashion world 5 years, mostly filmed in Europe. It was a wonderful life, I earned a lot of money. But it was not what I wanted. And I went from the world of L'Oreal and Vogue and was admitted to the school nurses.

Q: Do you have a huge chest. This is impressive.
Tera: And she's a natural. The same people who say that I co-starred in 50 films, claimed that I had done breast enhancement operation. But I never did. You see what nature gave me.

Q: Do you not very usual figure, person. Who are your parents?
Terra: My father met my mother in Vietnam during the war. My mother is from Thailand, and the father of England. So, I'm half-English woman, half-Taika.

Q: Why are not you doing for sex from the fact that she wanted to do?
Terra: My dream, that I was blindfolded and two men fuck me at the same time. And I never would have learned their after sex.

Q: Describe your ideal partner.
Tera: I like sexually aggressive and confident people.

Q: How do you think of someone living men the sexiest?
Tera: Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood.

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Tera Patrick, photo, biography
Tera Patrick, photo, biography Tera Patrick  Porn actress, photo, biography
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