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Biography SVIRIDOVA Yevgenia
Born 01.02.1986, Volgograd
Evgeny Sviridov was born in Volgograd. Her father - a master, heating and watering of football fields, and my mother worked as a director of the cinema. Since his early years in Zhenya demonstrated musical talent. Parents, drawing attention to it, gave his daughter to a music school, where the girl was trained on guitar.

In twelve years, Eugene participated in the Volgograd contest of young singers 'little stars'. The girl successfully made, passing three rounds, after which it was aimed at an international competition in Finland. The competition was attended by children from Russia, Finland, England. Vocal Eugenia were appreciated jury - she won second place.

Another success is expected to Eugene in the same year. With a song Vadim Egorov 'Panamki' she took second place at the festival of bard.

Within five years, Eugenia Sviridov successfully performed at various festivals and competitions bard. In 2001 she won the nomination "Opening of the competition 'on Grushenskom Festival. Even at a festival, she was nominated 'Golden Voice'. And, finally, seventeen years old again took second place in the Volga festival.

. All these years, she performed the songs in schools and military units at various charity evenings for veterans.

. Talented person is talented in all
. Here Sviridov and Eugene as a child engaged not only in music. Good results it has achieved in sport, becoming the winner of Volgograd table tennis girls. In addition, Eugene has been active in public life, was a member of RSM. And with the education she was doing great - the school she graduated with a silver medal.

In Moscow

Who to be? Judging by the success of our heroine at the festivals, it is quite logical to pursue a career as singer. Eugene, in general, for this and inclined. The idea is to try their hand at acting break came to her only in the eleventh grade. After graduating in 2003, the school, she went to conquer the capital.

Eugenia filed documents in almost all universities in Moscow theater. With guitar in hand-to-toe in a long skirt, she came to the exams and sang a song about a fire-hag. Why in a long skirt? Female rightly believed that to win the sympathy of the Examination Committee should not their shapes and looks, and talent.

. As you know, the competition in all the universities of Moscow theater just a huge - 300 - 350 people in place
. Evgeni Sviridov often not even doslushivali the end. Luck smiled at drama school named Shchukin. The exam has a famous actress Nina Dvorzhetsky. She drew attention to talented girls and listened to the song until the end. But she did not fail to remark: 'Why are you in a long skirt? Do you have crooked legs? " Eugenia is not confused. 'No, I have normal legs' - she answered, lifting her skirt. Dvorzhetsky commended the courage to girls, but advised the next test to come yet in a short skirt and heels.

Having successfully completed two rounds, Eugene was in a dilemma. The fact is that by the time she managed to pass the exams in a drama school in Volgograd New Experimental Theater (NET). Just at this time, it then was called to the NET, where it has already been adopted by virtually. What to choose - a bird in the hand or a crane in the sky? Eugene decided to risk. Risk was justified - it was the last tour and was admitted to the Shchukin School.

Shchukin School

Evgeny Sviridov was adopted for a course in a remarkable actor and teacher, honored artist of Russia Pavel Yevgen'yevich Lubimtseva. A wide range of viewers, he is known primarily as the host of the 'Naturalist's Travels'. Furthermore, among teachers Eugenia such outstanding artists as Vladimir Etush, Vasily Lanovoy, Nina Dvorzhetsky, Yuri Avе?ar, Roman Ovchinnikov, Alla Kazan and others

. The first two years of study she could play a role in several productions, set in the walls of the Shchukin School
. In the performance 'Anniversary' she played a distinctive role - Tatiana Alekseevnu. This was followed by roles in 'Irkutsk history' (Valentin), 'without a Dowry' (Larissa), 'Money-place' (Pauline Kukushkina).

By the end of the first course Eugenia happened to debut on the stage of the famous Moscow Academic Theater named after Eug. Vakhtangov. In the play, Vladimir Ivanov, 'Mademoiselle Nitouche', where the main role played by Alexander Oleshko, Nonna Grishaeva, Mary Aronov and Victor Dobronravov, she appeared in the form of a student boarding house.

. Film debut

. In 2004, Shchukin School came to assistant director, who made the photo freshmen
. Photos were made in an acting basis, where Evgeny Sviridov and drew the attention of director Nikolai Lebedev, known for his films 'Star', 'fan' and 'Snake Spring'. Lebedev then set about shooting the new fantasy film 'Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs' based on the novel by Maria Semenova 'Wolfhound', and he needed an actress for the role Niilit. Eugene was invited to the casting and at the first meeting gave the play a scene from the movie. Samples were successful, and Eugenia was approved for the role.

The heroine of Eugene Sviridova Niilit - quiet and obedient girl. After the death of her parents, leaving an inheritance, sold as a concubine Ravenous. Saves the girl protagonist Wolfhound, whose role is performed by Alexander Bukharov. He became her protector, defender and elder brother:

Expected 'Wolfhound' will become a preferred one of the most Russian films in the style of a fantasy genre. Starting with five million dollars, its budget is already in mid-2005 according to official studio producer 'Central Partnership' has grown to ten. But at the same time dragged on and the end of filming. The premiere, originally scheduled in 2005, is postponed to early 2006.

Already today there is tremendous interest of the audience as the new blockbuster, and the actors who starred in it. And if today the name of Eugene Sviridova yet little-known, it will not pass and the year, as people speak about it the whole country.

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SVIRIDOVA Yevgenia, photo, biography
SVIRIDOVA Yevgenia, photo, biography SVIRIDOVA Yevgenia  Actress, photo, biography
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