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Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys)

( American singer)

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Biography Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys)
American singer Alicia Keys was born in New York in 1982. She plays the piano and yarkovyrazhenny soul vocals have earned comparisons with the legendary 70-ies of the last century, Roberta Flack. Alicia drawn to music since childhood, studying at New York's School of Performance Arts School of Manhattan. In 16 years, continued her education at Columbia University, and then in 1998 signed a contract with Arista Records. The following year, when label head Clive Davis left Arista Records, Alicia went with him to be among the artists of his new record company J Records. The debut album by a black performer Songs in a Minor came out in 2001, when she was barely 19 years old, and was a huge success, debuting at once on 1 site of the American hit parade. Russia's television viewers could see this young performer among the U.S. stars in a charity telethon to help victims of terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

. Growing up on the old Soul, while living in New York where he dominated the Biggie and Jay-Z, Alicia Keys has grown talent in an unusual combination of hip-hop, Soul, RnB, and penetrating, wise beyond his years style of songwriting
. Add to that the extraordinary strength of the vocals and professional knowledge of the piano and Keys can be considered our generation's Roberta Flack.

But the road to success was not an easy. She was born in the family of Terri Augolo white mother and black father, Craig Cook, and grew up in New York. 'It was cool spot, but 42nd Street is clearly not a paradise. There were going to prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers' - recalls Alicia Keys. To escape from street life, Alicia Keys began taking piano lessons at the age of seven. The main pillar of its Alicia says her mother, who always supported her. Despite the fact that they were constrained in the means (his father left the family), my mother Alicia worked hard actress / lawyer, to ensure that Alicia could take piano lessons.

. As a child, Alicia Keys became a member of girl group called 'Embish'n'
. Was a vocal coach Conrad Robinson. Alicia was a soloist and played the keyboards. But it soon became clear that the manager's more worried about how the girls look like, what kind of music they write and perform. Then Conrad introduced Alicia to his brother and manager Jeff Robinson, with whom she still works. His first song called 'Butterflys' Alicia Keys wrote, when she was 14 years old, the song later became a debut album 'Songs In A Minor'. Later, her songs were the soundtrack of Shaft and Men In Black.

Among the musicians that influenced the Keys, she said Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, as well as the Notorious BIG, Tupac, Jay-Z and Wu-Tang Clan. She gathered together all these genres and created its unusual style.

At the age of sixteen Alicia managed to finish school as an external student through different estimates. Immediately after school, it took at Columbia University.

But the desire to make music surpassed. Alicia Keys has signed its first contract with the record company Columbia Records. But soon she left the company due to creative differences. She thought that they infringe on its creative freedom.

19 year-old Keys Dreams come true when she said Clive Davis, who at the time headed Arista Records. He bought Alicia Keys at Columbia Records and signed to Arista Records. On this record company prevailed spirit of such geniuses as D'Angelo and Prince. There she began the process works, producing and recording their debut album.

. But in late 1999, Keys followed Clive Davis-ohm on his new record company, J Records, where she truly celebrated its arrival in the world of music
. There, she created a commercial monster melodic, deep, soulful album, which brought her international fame. Most of the songs in the album was Produced by itself Alicia Keys, . including the famous' Fallin'', . but it also attracted to working Jermaine Dupri to record the song 'Girlfriend' and Isaac Hayes-a record for 'Rock Wit U' from the soundtrack to the film Shaft,
. Her debut album entitled 'ongs In A Minor' was the platinum and brought the Keys 2 Awards Billboard, 2 awards American Music, 3 awards Soul Train, World Music 2 awards, and finally, 5 awards Grammy.
In December 2003, Mr.. 22-year-old Alicia Keys released her second album 'The Diary Of Alicia Keys', which now enjoys great success. The first single was the track 'You don't Know My Name', produced by Kanye West-st. It chuvctvuetsya influence of old school '60s-'70s period. I would like to also mention singles 'If I Ain't got You', 'Karma' and 'Diary' (a duet with Tony! Toni! Tone!). Album won 4 Grammy awards and numerous other awards.

. In 2005, Alicia recorded the album MTV Unplugged, which included songs and remixes from her previous albums, as well as new track 'Unbreakable'.

. For lovers of Soul and R & B music special gift is that the young star has invested so much talent and soul in the recording of their album
. Alicia Keys, no doubt, very special singer.

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Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys), photo, biography
Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys), photo, biography Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys)  American singer, photo, biography
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