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Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys)

( Pop and soul singer)

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Biography Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys)
Alicia Keys (real name Alicia Augello Cook) was born January 25, 1981 in Harlem, New York. Mama Alicia (Nikki Augello) half Italian, half Puerto Rican, father - an African American.

As soon as Alicia turned 5 years old, my mother sent her to the prestigious School of Performance Arts School of Manhattan, learned to play the piano. My mother once gave her daughter to understand: 'You can throw everything that you want, but you never stop playing the piano ... ', But Alicia is not nearly frightened his mother's speech, the game got fun girl.

Alicia Keys took part in the active choir, and these lessons helped her learn how to use their voice. Now the singer remembers his first teacher with gratitude: "She brought me so much time, it was she who helped me learn everything that I know ...'.

. At school, she studied at the Alicia Keys 'excellent', and as soon as she graduated from high school, it took at Columbia University (Columbia University)
. At that moment the young talent was just 16 years.

. However, in less than four weeks, . Alicia Keys threw the University, . completely devoting himself to a career:''I was so heavily involved in music, . it seems to me, . I grew all these pressures and high school gossip, . I do not want this to continue. ",

. The girl continued to play and write songs (his first work of Alicia wrote at age 14): 'I've always been a writer, for me it was one way to be fair, honest, first and foremost with them and express, what I feel
. The life and experiences ... all that concerned me, forced me to write ... '.
Initial successes of Alicia Keys

In 1998, Alicia Keys has signed a contract with Arista Records. In 1999, when label head Clive Davis left Arista Records, Alicia went along with him. Clive Davis was the founding CEO of J Records (BMG), and Alicia Keys first performer to sign a contract with new label. The legendary producer who discovered the world such names as Janis Joplin, Santana and Billy Joel, was able to persuade talented young girl entrust his career in his safe and professional hands. Success was immediate. According to Clive Davis, for all the years of his 40-year career, he has never seen anything like it.

Being engaged in promotion of a Alicia, Davis gave her presentation on the famous show Oprah Winfrey.

Their debut album Songs in A Minor was released May 22, 2001. Driven by the first single Fallin, released in April, the album got first place in the world charts.

It sold over seven million copies of the album, he became a 5-fold, and platinum. Alicia herself wrote, produced and arranged all the songs on an album. 'I had achieved what he wanted - the album sounds exactly as it sounded to write in my head ...'.

Disc name 'Songs in A Minor' Alicia just invented itself, the tone in A minor is her favorite. The album includes 16 songs:

1. Lovin 'You
2. Caged Bird
3. Why Do I Feel So Sad
4. Butterflyz
5. Never Felt This Way (Interlude)
6. Mr.Man
7. The Life
8. Goodbye
9. Jane Doe
10. A Woman's Worth
11. Rock With U
12. Troubles
13. Fallin '
14. How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore
15. Girlfriend
16. Piano & I (Interlude)

As for the music, then Alicia Keys already has thought about his next album. Keyes wants to make a truly unexpected record. "I am confident that the new album should have a much more acute angles. I think that it is not without politics and guitar playing. The heart and soul of my songs remain the same, but the sound must change '.

The new album Alicia would like to work with John Mayer and not against cooperation 'with someone like Queens Of The Stone Age or The White Stripes'.

'I want something a hell of a strange, unexpected and interesting. I am always happy to work with people, able to move me in a fundamentally new conditions. I have a lot of strange ideas: '

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Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys), photo, biography
Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys), photo, biography Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys)  Pop and soul singer, photo, biography
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