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Biography Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
Shakira and Antonio de la R?a Shakira and Antonio de la R?a Shakira and Antonio de la R?a
Shakira and Antonio de la R?a Shakira and Antonio de la R?a Shakira and Antonio de la R?a
photo Shakira photo Shakira photo Shakira
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  • germany for Shakira
  • If possible, I would like to receive any information about this wonderful girl (Shakira). She is a standard musical abilities, the owner of the amazing voice, looks, his energy, which really could lead the. And just beauties!
  • OlSo for Shakira
  • Shakira - sheep! It infuriates me!
  • Natali for Shakira
  • Shakira is the best singer in the world! I just adore her and especially the lyrics Shakira-Foreva!
  • Artxxl99 for Shakira
  • Go to: www.shakiramedia.com Nepozheleete!
  • zijka for Shakira
  • I really like Shakira, as a singer and person, all my friends say that I oocheen like her.
  • Bentley for Shakira
  • I like Shakira. She's beautiful and sings nothing.
  • Zyuzyuka for Shakira
  • but I do not ???) her voice like a sheep) Meme) fans do not hit much))
  • Lenka for Shakira
  • Shakira classroom pevitsa.U her good voice, I love all her songs;). 2Zyuzyuka, and she does not sheep .=)
  • Zyuzyuka for Shakira
  • Lenka !;) I'm not saying that SHE sheep), I talked about her voice), it has a couple of good songs, do not argue '| = 0)
  • Sergey for Shakira
  • How are you.
  • Sergey for Shakira
  • l What is your e mail -
  • Evi for Shakira
  • normal, ???? ! nothing more to say! the way I like her, and it infuriates me, because in school they call me "Shakira? 2
  • sorwigolowa for Shakira
  • Shakira I love because I am afraid that she might not have time to give birth to us (fans) to hurry her, I'm so afraid, but if someone does not like to go to another site!
  • Skornjakova for Shakira
  • And I like her and the internal, external small, but looks like!
  • stefani for Shakira
  • Shakira the best! And close your filthy mouth! "It is not a sheep! ?? you are doing here ???? freaks! Find you uroyu! Abasrali Shakira: Do not go you would have my ass bitches!
  • stefani for Shakira
  • Although races I hear about Shakira shtota bad UROYU! Bastards!
  • Julia39 for Shakira
  • Shakira is the best singer in the world! Most beautiful and talented!
  • Kisa for Shakira
  • Shakira is better in this world there is no one-even if the aliens live on Mars, then they look at Shakira with pleasure! "Personally, my opinion: Shakira, clever and beautiful ! Although she is no longer so young, she still looks 18 years! Shakira ?????!
  • Kleo for Shakira
  • Shakira-most zhostkaya singer in the world ! and whom she does not like that ... .....
  • Avril Gauze for Shakira
  • Shakira the best singer in the world !
  • hia for Shakira
  • Shakira just sexy !
  • GOD for Shakira
  • Shakira-my favorite, she always lift your spirits, for that I love her so much
  • Tigrena for Shakira
  • Shakira-COOL !
  • SHAKIR for Shakira
  • SHAKIR VERY good singer. She's one of those who sing. Shakira-lad!
  • Sutener1 for Shakira
  • Hello
  • Extranjero for Shakira
  • Shakira - a model of modern women. You can write all kinds of filth, but you should know: Shakira are the best! "La Estrella de todas las Estrellas"
  • kw for Shakira
  • I ?? shakiru.ya itself with four years of dance, belly dance and is very similar to it, and who calls it a sheep then you went to ...
  • kw for Shakira
  • I ?? shakiru.ya itself with four years of dance, belly dance and is very similar to it, and who calls it a sheep then you went to ...
  • La-Moore for Shakira
  • I think that were he who calls SHAKIR sheep, just jealous ITS talent, beauty, compassion, and in general to all!
  • Shakira for Shakira
  • SHAKIRA best she just super! epli I have ever hear that someone said about her bad I came. I ?? Shakira, I've danced in school all the tale truly a SHAKIRA and we odenakovie interests ! !
  • shahzod krasavchik for Shakira
  • shakira ya xachu teba jenitsa ya xachu shto ti mena traxnula i ubila shazod
  • JB for Shakira
  • Shakira the best! Stefani ???? you! Who does not like Shakira - bring down from the site until I tell you my head is not pulled. everyone who likes Shakira - my compliments to you cr. And who said that Shakira's voice like a sheep that complete odiot and RAM!
  • JB for Shakira
  • Shakira in most of the songs perfect. Shakira's voice is excellent, and sings it perfectly. I just adore her! Shakira is the BEST !
  • M for Shakira
  • You fucking himself a sheep. I would have snapped eggs bitch
  • Akilbek for Shakira
  • Hello perch in May as you are beautiful Navot good etc. if utebya Parrend napeshy I will be very preznatelen you I panravelosya etc.
  • salomat_89@mail.ru for Shakira
  • Shakira-forever
  • Shakira (Sveta) for Shakira
  • Shakira-a very talented singer, and she dances better than anyone else! Itself Shakira brought me good luck in Turkey in ottele AQUA PLAZA, with her choreography and her songs, I became famous throughout Turkey! Thank you!
  • Anita for Shakira
  • You're right. ejtranjero. you're absolutely right! Shakira es una estrella. Ella canta bonito y con toda alma. And all who do not ponimaetispansky language and belongs to Shakira, like sheep to the mediocre, even rolling on all four sides! You do not have half of what she could.
  • vpvy for Shakira
  • Dura
  • McLaren for Shakira
  • excellent photo. SHAKIRA very beautiful.
  • McLaren for Shakira
  • who writes about SHAKIR bad, the position he (she) envy her
  • Anonymous for Shakira
  • mne ochen nravitsya shakira''''
  • ventura for Shakira
  • Very beautiful girl with a good voice and that is great dancing.
  • Anonymous for Shakira
  • Erbol for Shakira
  • Yes, I adore her
  • Natasha for Shakira
  • RESPEKT! Most sweet, sexy diva this time !
  • Fan for Shakira
  • Shakira-Plow for Shakira
  • yyy.shkolniki you burn) Shakira is one of the cattle-pevits.pet she can not quite ...
  • ))))))))))))))) for Shakira
  • trichome-bang !
  • Mariam'S Gr for Shakira
  • OISo, are you a sheep (or ram). You're petty insignificance, but she man with an IQ of 141 (if you do something says, which I doubt, because brains from thee, I see virtually none), her whole world knows, but you only can something low for the monitor !
  • Lara for Shakira
  • shakirasamaya cool. Her dances zazhigatelny.ee wonderful voice. I love it !
  • Nastya for Shakira
  • What I like Shakira, . so this is, . that she has obvious talent, . it does not own trumpet because she so loved by all and always demanded the audience, . at their concerts Shakira collects huge halls, . her albums are sold with astonishing speed and for that she did not do anything special, . she just does what he likes.,
  • Anonymous for Shakira
  • Shakira simply a goddess or an angel, INE vulgarise this straitsu disputes and dirty rugatelstvai
  • Eugenkru for Shakira
  • Talent is talent, that goes without saying ... I would like to wish her for more beautiful songs and musical ideas.
  • Nail for Shakira
  • Shakira talented and well-known pevitsa.Ona excellent dancing and singing. It is a pity that her songs in Spanish are popular mainly in Spain and Colombia, as well as in Latin America ... Time is lost popularity, physical appearance changes. Maybe she should sing in English. Occasionally on ispanskom.Ya not a fan, but noticed that the former glory of her uhodit.Starye clips practically put on MUZ TV. I bought a MP3, CD with the concert, with clips from many of the same old hits. Maybe she is dreaming in the film, until it became "Auntie." With best wishes M.N.R
  • Anonymous for Shakira
  • Agricultural Laborers for Shakira
  • If Shakira was living in my city, I would have with her in any way muddied
  • Real dude for Shakira
  • The best singer in the world for all times and is not discussed.
  • Real dude for Shakira
  • February 2 date of birth
  • Izaura for Shakira
  • Ludi, mne vse ravno na vashi mneniya ! no razve vy ne vidite, 4to etot 4elovek nastoya6ii talant ! Takih kak Ona po4ti net ! Ee muzyka vsegda le4ila moi rany! Ee golos ya uznau iz millionov !
  • Daria for Shakira
  • I adore her texts ! Too bad it's so long since I wrote the music ... because of her little Spanish is not taught ... We will reap the new album and the new hit She wolf)))
  • Rose for Shakira
  • She ???? but savneniyu Beyonc? she ??
  • not the last for Shakira
  • yes you posted Th sdes NOT ALL PICTURES SHAKIR I can tell you, SHOULD BE CAREFULLY!
  • artem for Shakira
  • Shakira classroom girl, she pleases me very much, I would have such ......)))))))). I love all her songs in particular (La tortura, Ojos Asi, Underneat Your Clothes, Whnewer Whirever!)
  • Hope for Shakira
  • Let all jealous!
  • Tyler for Shakira
  • Well, I'll start with the fact that I love Shakira, the world's best women simply do not, who do not agree, he is simply afraid to admit this rumor. It is the best, brightest, most talntlivaya, the most positive in the world. She never "maketh" on the lives of many of the "canary", she knows her worth, she never creeps into the scandals, it is protected by the Lord God! He protects her, and protects against all kinds of creatures who do not know her chase her all heresy. Therefore you all who are against it, and so against God, and forgiveness, you will not be. If anyone wants to challenge this, contact us at: kbyr2001@yandex.ru I'll tell you that yes as
  • Tyler for Shakira
  • And ..... She was born 2 FEBRUARY! Shame site. I wash my hands from here ......
  • Tyler for Shakira
  • Che "The truth rezhit. I tell shame site. She was born on Feb. 2. And you (the site) would have done better really bad commentary removed ..... That I warned you
  • magnolia for Shakira
  • i think sakira is one of the most interesting people in the world of pop music. she is not only great singer and dancer, also she is kind and humane woman. that is why i love and respect her.
  • Karina for Shakira
  • It is also very like me)) I love her as a singer and then as she dances well)))
  • obitel6 for Shakira
  • yesterday watching Shakira concert, this was cool, I liked the straight supkr was immediately clear that preparing for nimu just clever, some positive emotions !
  • Laura for Shakira
  • Shakira - a real singer, a very charismatic. I like her unusual voice and manner of execution.
  • Elena for Shakira
  • Handsomer Shakira no one in the world .... Even just beautiful girls can not compare with her, and externally and internally!)
  • Anonymous for Shakira
  • Shakira just ????? it SUPER !
  • Tyler for Shakira
  • And her new video "She Wolf" simply drive you mad! This young man, her new image and the song I liked, I'm happy for her, then continues in the same spirit. I wish her much success and happiness!
  • Anonymous for Shakira
  • I'm a fan Shakirochki .... it is simply charming, sings, dances, just a scrip can site! =) I kazhetsa that none so beautiful as she does not dance! Good luck to you all ! =)
  • l42 for Shakira
  • Prikol'naya girl!
  • Maxfire RIME for Shakira
  • Shakira has gods beauty
  • so sweet for Shakira
  • aaa for Shakira
  • She's the best!
  • Shakira for Shakira
  • She is a remarkable, . not like the others! "The only thing that ... some clips from her not very ... well ... not quality that I look ... on the cheap ... I think, . She deserves better! What's the music video she there? Surely for such a goddess can not think of something super perfect? And so - she just .... just .. well, no words! Simply the best! Way, . very proud, . that it looks like! Everyone talks about it) Even the same scar in the middle of the forehead there .... I'm certainly shocked .... but I like it! SHAKIR FOREVER!,
  • Anonymous for Shakira
  • I love Shakirochku! I have the same hair! her classroom! all agree with me?
  • tareq for Shakira
  • how she dances!it's really very tough for any other singer.but she does it easily. I think this dance is invented only for her.God bless her and grant her long life so that we can have more from her.
  • Ilkham for Shakira
  • I like your all songs, dances, your voice and of course YOU. I hope wherever, whenever we'll meet.
  • Ilkham for Shakira
  • Please, send me one of Your best wide photos to my e-mail.
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