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TAYLOR Elizabeth (Taylor Elizabeth)

( Actress)

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Biography TAYLOR Elizabeth (Taylor Elizabeth)
Born 27.2.1932 in London.
Really, if it were not for the reality of the actress Elizabeth Taylor, it should invent. For without this extraordinarily beautiful woman with violet eyes, velvety eyebrows, bright (and add - scandalous) character is difficult to imagine the history of Hollywood. Capricious, willful, sinful, cruel, dressed and hung with jewels, she personified the 'eternal feminine', so attractive in life and art.
. Elizabeth - from a family of British merchant of paintings and sculpture, but when she passed seven years, the parents moved to America, where the pope Taylor opened an art gallery in Beverly Hills - the most fashionable area of Los Angeles
. Already in childhood, Liz differ astonishing beauty, and the first invitation to play in a movie has aged ten years. Film 'born every minute so' (1942) marked the beginning of her career on the screen. Soon after she signed a multi-year contract with 'Metro Goldwyn Mayer', where her first major acting achievement was 'Velvit at the races' (1944) - the touching friendship girls and prize horse. (Elizabeth's childhood love of these noble animals: first pony she gave at the age of 3 years.) From children's roles in the films' Lassie, . Come back home '(1943), . 'Jane Eyre' (1944), . 'White Cliffs of the Louvre' (1944), . 'Courage Lassie', . 'Cynthia' (1947), Liz smoothly moved to romantic images of the maiden, . most significant of which was Angela from 'Place in the Sun' D,
. Stevens (1951) - a secondary adaptation of 'American Tragedy' T. Dreiser. Its heroine is the embodiment of beauty, wealth, joy of life, bewitched hero and pushed him to the crime. Is broken rare appearance young performer won over spontaneity and wonderful for beginners and has no professional education actresses naturalness.
Life Elizabeth always gave food for gossip. As soon as she passed 17 years, struck up a romance with millionaire Howard Hyuzon, who became a sensation years. And soon the marriage did not come with the owner of numerous hotels Nick Hylton. A few months gave way to a happy life quarrels, scandals, fracas, which became publicly. There followed a divorce and remarriage. Michael Wilding, English actor, was 'lucky'. This time, the marriage of Liz lasted for five years. Then a new romantic affair, . this time is so strong, . that Elizabeth accepts the Jewish faith, . and who knows, . as would have been her later life, . if not a tragedy: the third man - a film producer Mike Todd - crashed on a plane, . named in honor of the beloved - 'Lucky Liz',
. The closest friend of the deceased - singer Eddie Fisher was the latest 'victim' beauties. But this time, America was outraged: for Taylor Fisher went to a loud divorce with actress Debbie Reynolds.
But mistaken by those who think that violent novels Elizabeth hindered her creative career. On the contrary: they only create additional advertising herself and, of course, movies with her participation. Moreover, even skeptics had to admit that Liz is not only 'devilishly handsome', but 'devilishly talented'. Near-through roles, . that and did not require much effort from the performer ( 'Little Women', . 1949; 'Ivanhoe', . 1952; 'Girl, . which has been all ', . 1953; 'Giant', . 1956 and others) in the 'collections' Taylor a lot of movies and serious works: familiar to us 'Rhapsody' (1954), . 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' (1958), . 'Suddenly Last Summer' (1959) and others,
. In the last two - screen adaptations of plays by T. Williams - Elizabeth proved to be an excellent intuitive actress, who shoulder the most complex psychological role. In the 50-60's Taylor three times to provide for the highest prize in world cinema, but his first Oscar was not the most successful for its role in the film "Butterfield 8 '(1960). She played here nymphomaniac, which became the 'call girl' and fell in one of its customers - a married man (Laurence Harvey). Liz initially refused to play this role in pornography, in its opinion, the picture, but 'MGM' put a condition: not going to play Gloria, do not get Cleopatra. Taylor agreed, reluctantly, and was rewarded with Film Academy Award.
Again, the actress's personal life is closely intertwined with the creative. At the filming of 'Cleopatra' (1963) - have seen him and our viewers - she met with the talented actor Richard Burton, . with whom she immediately begins a torrid romance, . lasted - intermittently - for nearly twenty years, . during which Liz twice married him,
. Noisy scandals and drinking this couple for many years 'relished' in print. However, this alliance has led to artistic success: 'The Taming of the Shrew' (1966), 'Who's Afraid of Virginia VulfN' (1966), where for the role of Martha Elizabeth received a second Oscar. The actress was not afraid to appear thick here, . vulgar woman with gray hair, . double chin and dark circles under eyes, . whose loud voice, . sardonic sense of humor and endless quarrels concealed dissatisfaction with life, . no children, . emptiness in my soul,
. For the beautiful Elizabeth was acting the role of such a feat.
Like the sorceress of the 'Blue Bird' (1976) newspapers adjoin message: 'Do Elizabeth Taylor was born on the eighth grandchild' and 'Elizabeth Taylor's eighth time, is getting married'. Incidentally, this was preceded by a lot of violent and vivid novels: the actors, goldsmith, baron, and official marriage with Senator Jack Warner. Yes, and the fate of Taylor is unlikely that anyone would undertake to predict: as long as she is quite happy with Larry Fortenski - a former truck driver, whom she met in a clinic for alcoholics.
. But perhaps this is the main charm of Elizabeth: how you can not predict the fate of its next-screen work, so one can not predict its behavior in the life
. Only one Taylor is constant: it is really a phenomenon is truly unique ... It's just - Woman and Actress. And that's it.
. Filmography:
. "Life with Father", . 1947; 'A Date with Judy', . 1948; 'Judy misbehaves', . 1948; 'conspiracy', . 1950; 'small income father', . 1951; 'Kollauey get out there', . 1951; 'Love - this is the best', . 1952; 'Elephant Walk', . 1954; 'District Reyntri', . 1957; Faustus', . 1967; 'Otrazheshm in gold pupil', . 1967; 'Comedians', . 1967; 'Boom', . 1968; 'Secret Ceremony', . 1968; 'Anna thousand days', . 1969; 'So it opened', . 1970; 'His divorce, . her divorce ', . 1973; 'Night Watch', . 1973; 'Ash Wednesday', . 1973; 'That's Entertainment! ", . 1974; 'sketch', . 1974; 'Victory at Entebbe ", . 1976; 'A Little Night Music', . 1978; 'Winter Kills',
. 1979; 'cracked mirror', 1980; 'Nobody 1985;' There must be a pony ', 1986;' prim Alice ', 1987,' The Young Toscanini ', 1988;' Sweet Bird ', 1989.

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TAYLOR Elizabeth (Taylor Elizabeth), photo, biography
TAYLOR Elizabeth (Taylor Elizabeth), photo, biography TAYLOR Elizabeth (Taylor Elizabeth)  Actress, photo, biography
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