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Svetlana Zhurova

( sportswoman, skater, world champion)

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Biography Svetlana Zhurova
photo Svetlana Zhurova
In his native St. Petersburg "ice queen" Svetlana Zhurova is not often - events, fees, travel. But the breaks in the season when you can afford to visit the city on the Neva, still occur. It happened this time - after the next World Cup of Light for a few days arrived home.
On the interview with her was not difficult to agree. The only problem was time - after all athlete usually comes to town for long, and therefore its schedule of communication with the press is dense enough.
Still not do without surprise. Found in the latitudes of the prospect Enlightenment desired address, easily found the front and an apartment, I rang the doorbell. I opened - and stood before me ...
- I would Svetlana - moving away from the shock, in a strangled voice faltered, I.
- Girl, why you are frightened glazaN - asked the young man. - Yes, there is Svetlana. But it is television, so you'll have to wait. You pass.
Waiting until fellow journalists "enjoy" society "stars" of skating, I carefully observed the young man, trying to understand if I was not mistaken in their conjectures. But then he picked up the cat and said tenderly:
- How good that your name is the same as me.
- And you that Murzik zovutN - I asked. And then he explained. - Simply, cats are usually called Murzik.
- No, his name is subject, like me
. Now there was no doubt, visual memory did not fail me, in front of me was really a famous tennis player Artem Chernenko.
. Light, R and Artem
. Svetlana briefly recounted everything that happened while she filmed for television, I asked: "And where is Artem ChernenkoN"
- Here is "tackled" - laughing Zhurova. - We are with him since May along. True, met much earlier, about two years ago but only began dating in spring.
- Soon to be expected that your marital status izmenitsyaN
- I now, as they say, a girl betrothed. Artem proposal did, I gave a positive response, we can only set a date for wedding.
- At what time planirueteN
- We are going to build a house, where we live. The place has already been defined - this is Yukkah, there is a small village, there lived many famous and not so famous people. House foundation laid, it remains to construct. How to build, so once the wedding and play.
- The area will be some extravagances type basseynaN
- Aha! And tennis, track and ice! All of you good! (Laughs) High - there will be a garden, but no garden. But delights ... This theme, the proposal to make a tennis court, said categorically: "No!".
- You - konkobezhka, Artem - tennis player. Tennis play not probovaliN
- No, to tennis, I have no relationship, but I have the attitude to Artem. He - my tennis. However, do not deny that sometimes torment: "Come on, come on, show how to apply supply!". Once an hour Subject taught ...
- UspehiN
- No. I have a general progress in other areas in athletics. Sometimes, even joking about it - that will end with skates, baby face and become athletics. This - my love. Maybe I secretly somewhere regret that I did not devote himself "Queen of Sports".
- You say: baby face. Does this mean that after the Olympics in Salt Lake City you with a great sports zakonchiteN
- Most likely, yes. I'm going to take the gold medal of the Games and leave the sport. Because I want a normal family, the child ran around the apartment. It is time. For a woman salvation - in the family. In this respect, the woman is going through withdrawal from the big sport is much easier than men. Because it cares once more appears - children, husband ... The men in this respect, most vodka. A yaN has not yet decided. It will be necessary to finish graduate school, and even video calls.
- By the way, has always believed that the athletes for a long time to leave the city, animal does not turn. Do you have a cat.
- Just Artemij B. appeared together with the cat. And the cat's name is also subject. And so, in our family for life were always cats. As a child I never said: "Mother, buy a dog!". Always - "Cat me!". Very often brought to the streets were washed out and said that he will live with us. Then my sister went to school, my mother opened the door, the cat ran away. We came back: "Mom, where kotN". And she says: "Oh, I do not know, walk away!".
Addiction "Ice Queen"
As a child, Svetlana had lived in the Kirov, and therefore the choice of where to go, was small: skating or rhythmic gymnastics. Tried his hand at gymnastics platform, a girl, who was interested almost from infancy, figure skating, went to do what is "closer to the body" - skates ... But figured. After ... Ice Skating in Kirovsk was. And the possibility of transporting the child to a distant Leningrad to train parents simply did not have.
- But a year you still spent on gymnastics. Why is it something rasstalisN
- I was stretching both legs. I was little and impressionable, none of this had not told. Just stopped going to training, I thought that terminally ill, and I do not engage in sports. Then to our school came to coach skating, looked at me and said: "What a good girl!" Come to skate!.
The most "ridge" country of the world - Holland. They become a skater - it's like a footballer. And that is where the stadium-desyatitysyachnik to competitions in skating routinely collects sell-out. And in Holland there are traditional competitions of cities - the legendary 12-hour run along the rivers and canals, which is attended by up to 10 000 fans of this sport. The winner becomes a millionaire. Yes, this is not Russia.
If one compares with average Russians, then I live a normal. But it was "normal" ever end. For while I speak, a win, though slightly, but pay. This is not a lot, but more than get my girlfriend - a teacher in school.
- Some time ago in one of the metropolitan journals will have your picture with a bird - a fairly good picture. There was a desire to retrain from konkobezhki in fotomodeliN
- SnimokN Yes, I remember. It was a press conference before the Olympics in Nagano, in the restaurant Hunting Lodge. It is full of all sorts of stuffed. And the photographers were asked athletes to pose with different animals, and they offered me a bird. I say: let us, I kiss her. That's turned out this picture. And so, now I try to "give birth" its homepage on the Internet, yet there has put a lot of their shots, may soon start to write something.
- A "Playboy" N
- There was an interview with Julia Chepalova (known skier - note. ed.), she was offered fifty thousand dollars for the fact that she starred in this journal, and she refused, said that her husband forbade. I think Artemij B. I also will reject even fifty thousand dollars. But it all depends on explicit pictures. Those images, which is in Russia's "Playboy" - really beautiful, and fifty thousand for those can be removed.

"OprometchivostN If only love!"

A year ago Zhurova linked professional contract with one of Dutch skating club. However, this season of Light fully "belong" to Russia.
- K Russian general attitude abroad special. We do not want to pay the salary, they think that we should read for the happiness that we simply called. On the other hand, you do not know for what purpose they invite you. Maybe they want you to no longer speak. They will be more profitable to neutralize you for their own athletes. So I said: if you pay me, then I'll come to you, but for just so I can practice at home.
- You once said that you do not have enough character to run longer distance than sprint ...
- I always felt that I had no character, the more sports. But when two years ago, I ran at the world championship with six stitches on his leg, the doctors smiled nervously, knowing what my injury, and opponents thought that I was just pretending: "One is running - meaning, it's all right!"
. - So, you are prone to reckless postupkamN
. - No
. I'm Capricorn. For me, everything that we first clearly sort, and then "commit". It seems to me that any woman can be reckless in only one - in love. Especially in youth. How we behave: two workouts a day, download infernal, and still - in the evening by numbers. That would be all the girls to build and explain what's what. And then I also did not understand that this is not good for anything, especially me personally. But how to explain molodezhiN!
- His first love pomniteN
- And how! Also skater. He is now studying at the institute of President Nazarbaev, may someday be the head of Kazakhstan.
- The feeling of first love is different from posleduyuschihN
- Actually, I love each better and better. But my biggest love - Artem.
- Marlene Dietrich once said that strong women marry weak men ...
- Personally, I need this (banging his fist on his chair and laughs) ... But seriously, I think that in any case should be harmony in relationships, do not be annoying. If something is wrong, then it ever erupts into scandal. In general, I believe that a strong woman, especially a Russian, should not be a man-mumbler. For her to bang his fist on the table, so much so that she "sat down and sat down."

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Svetlana Zhurova, photo, biography
Svetlana Zhurova, photo, biography Svetlana Zhurova  sportswoman, skater, world champion, photo, biography
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