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Irina Rodnina

( sportswoman, figure skating)

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Biography Irina Rodnina
(genus. September 12, 1949)
Legendary Irina Rodnina. She idolized the people in many countries. Watched her athletic career and enjoyed successes. And the results have been amazing. Three-time Olympic champion, ten-time world champion, champion odinnadtsatikratnaya
Muscovite, the girl with Taganka to school eleven times ill with pneumonia, was registered in the Tuberculosis Dispensary. Irina's parents - father a soldier, born in Vologda, Mama doctor - and found the only sure way to cure his daughter. In 1954, Ira led to the rink in the Park of Culture named Pryamikova.
Five-year-Il riding for hours, gradually gained strength and love skating. Her first coaches were Czechs, who worked under contract with CSKA in 1963. A year later at Il drew attention Stanislav A. Zhuk, who said:
- Like her not!
In 1969, Ira became a European champion. A month - a world champion. At that time, she worked in pairs with Alexei Ulanov.

In 1972, in Sapporo, they won the Olympic Games. Three weeks later, the day before the World Cup, in training-Il has fallen from the support got to the hospital with a concussion and intracranial hematoma. For two hours was unconscious. Many argued then that Ulanov dropped it on purpose, because at that time was married to a famous figure skater, Lyudmila Smirnova, and obviously wanted to ride with her in a pair.
. Ira liked Ulanov, as any woman like a beautiful, intelligent, confident man
. After parting with him, she is not trained Month. Lay at home after a concussion headache. I read Pushkin and listened to the Beatles "- her favorite band. And suddenly she called the coach and said:
. - I kid you find here, come see.

. Since May 1972, Soviet audiences have new idols: Irina Rodnina and nobody even then not well-known Alexander Zaitsev.

. - I was comfortable with him riding in a pair
. I extend my hand and looked. This is an amazing feeling! Do not look back. Give us a hand, and it picked up by. Always with you the power of some sort!

A year later, after Rodnina and Zaitsev began to skate together, they won the European Championship. These were momentous events. For the first time in the history of figure skating for the presentation was delivered as many ratings "6.0". A month later Rodnina and Zaitsev became world champions in Bratislava. During the short program music was cut short ... But still they won.
It was in 1974. After celebrating his birthday, Ira left Stanislav Alekseevich Beetle. He was imperious and rude, and Ira - a strong and matured ... Peculiar conflict between fathers and children was inevitable. Many years later they met and forgave each other, but Ira prefers not to remember a time when she was training at the Beetle ... And with new coach Rodnina continued to win.

In 1975, the European Championships and World. And in 1976 - Olympics in Innsbruck. And the next three years in all competitions Rodnina and Zaitsev was only the first. Zaitsev was in love with Irina, and they were married.

Twenty-third in February 1979 after eight months spent in the supine position in a hospital, Rodnina son. It was a Soviet Army Day, and Alexander Zaitsev, Jr., has long believed that the flags on the houses on this day are posted in honor of his birth.

. Exactly one year later, in 1980, Rodnina, once again won the Olympic gold and left the big-time sports
. About her write the book, her records are recorded in the Guinness Book of ... She began working in the Komsomol Central Committee, then a senior coach at Dynamo, taught at the Institute of Physical Education ...

Began another life, poisoned by envious and ill-wishers, who seemed to have decided to settle with her for her victory in sport. Once one of his fellow coaches, she heard: "PozvezdilaN And now scooped the shit with us ..." In addition, with the earthly life came and the earth, everyday problems in the family Rodnina and Zaitsev.

. - You have been faithful muzhemN - I ask Zaitseva
. - When a third felt lishnimN
- Shortly after the ride ended, Ira somehow came and said: "I fell in love."

- Nobody knew that I fell in love, - said Irina. - I have soured relations with his mother, and until his death, she took offense at me.

Irina daughter Alena thirteen years. Alena - a symbol of love, which many women dream of a lifetime ... She was born in 1986. In the same year, Dynamo guidance offered Irina fully experience the feeling of motherhood, and Rodnina resign from coaching on their own ...

. - How can I decide to give birth to thirty-five letN

. - This is my most precious medal.
. Father Alena - serious business
. In 1990, when the American International Center for figure skating Irina came an invitation to work, that he insisted on leaving. Ira did not mind, since the work of the Institute of Physical Education is not very happy with it, and the attitude to it in a sports environment continued to be difficult. Il suffered ...

- And one day my husband said: "Let's go. I'll tell you a different world ". And what woman would not go, if she so skazaliN

Happiness did not last long - just a year. And one day with Ira happened is what happens to many of us - her husband's girlfriend came.

- Actually really forgive betrayal, if lyubishN

- No, if you like, you can not. I always won, and now learned to play. I have often asked myself the question: if I can survive padenieN I realized: the fall can be stopped, but the wound is still ...

Il suffered a half years. Husband was trying all legal means to take a daughter. But in America the laws stricter. For example, children under the age of thirteen can not be left alone at home without adult supervision. If this law is violated, then the court instructs the upbringing of children a parent who is able to provide proper care for the child. At the insistence of her husband Irina police controlled the situation in the house Rodnina, and the children were alone. Ira had to earn money for life. They are sorely lacking, even on school lunches. Trials did not stop, the forces remained less and less ... And increasingly it caught myself thinking: "Why should I zhivuN"

- There were those moments when he wanted to sit in the car - and at full speed off a cliff. Sometimes, sitting alone and clinked glasses with his reflection. From this state I brought Sasha. He came up to me once and said: "Mum, look at yourself, who are you like. All gray was ugly ". I started, was to run, took up a. And out of that state, defeated.

She rescued the children and work. That terrible for Ira in 1992 in the International Center for figure skating came to Czech sportsmen. They wanted to train only at Rodnina. Radka and Rene, was the name of the Czech pair, in 1995, became champions of the world. And Rodnina began a new stage of life. She became a coach with a brilliant reputation. And now our American colleagues have experienced difficulty with her professional achievements. Rodnina worked fourteen hours. Despite the wild fatigue, bad look. She got stronger physically, but his soul ached unbearably
- It was a betrayal by the man whom you lyubilaN
- Betrayal. Not even for love - not love. Treason was in another, in human terms. If the relations in the family did not exist, we're both to blame. But what my children have suffered along with me, I forgive nor her first husband, nor the second can not ever.
Erin matured son Sasha Zaitsev this year - American student. Svekrov helped Ira Sasha buy a car - the envy of many friends. Sasha is not very well finished school, so il have to pay his college tuition, but she never reproached for is his son, realizing how much he had to endure.
- Sasha was a child, which in Moscow almost all knew. This "star" child. Sasha liked Zaitseva. He sat on the windowsill and waited for him to come. I remember how painful the son perceived my second husband. He said: "Even one bringest, I'm going home". For Alain, I do not worry, she has a father who adored her. But Sasha on me. I have no right either to hurt or become limp. Should pick it up, put on my feet ...
Today Ira in order. It produced a champion of America Championships in pair skating. And finally made the decision to build "Ice House" in its name - the place where people could relax and train the skaters from around the world. And soon she will come to Moscow for good.
- What are the mistakes you have today is not povtorilaN
- It did not happen to married ...
- PochemuN
- Maybe because I had two unsuccessful experiment ... The fact is that in his youth, we feel that whole life ahead. Even if we make a mistake, I can fix everything, to find someone. Now I think it is somewhere inside of us physiologically. We protect ourselves from these mistakes. I do not want any more stress, no suffering.

Every time when we tempt fate, we turn to God - for chtoN And why it happened exactly with mnoyN Unfortunately, for everything in life to pay ... And for success or a dizzying career of the more. And once again so want to believe that all our sufferings are over ...

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  • Marina for Irina Rodnina
  • I love you with school skamii (I am 47 years old) For me you are a symbol of our sport. I wish you all the best and health, let your dream come true "ice house".
  • Faith for Irina Rodnina
  • You are a wonderful athlete, man, woman !
  • Alla for Irina Rodnina
  • Irina you just nostoyaschaya Russian woman Because the more lives we bet, and puts a spoke in the wheel so we have more strength and endurance is very short you admire more the school somi and I'm 45 years old and tovot if the figure is necessarily Kotani Rodnina I want to wish you good health health and once again the health and let you all will be well,
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