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William, Prince of Wales

( The son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Frances Spencer-Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.)

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Biography William, Prince of Wales
(p. 21.06.1982)
He was born on the morning of June 21, 1982. And the first day of his life was sunny, and that rarity in the foggy and rainy country almost always. The countries called England.
A few weeks later he baptized one of the grand hall of the ancient palace. If baptism was given the name: William Arthur Philip Louis -. Long a generic name that holds a memory and the grandfathers and the more distant ancestors, such as Knight of the Round Table, King Arthur. His parents loved him to distraction - both, although the father managed, for all his attention to the first-born, to keep a stern look.
He grew quiet, almost did not cry at night, as if regretting his delicate, fragile mother. He calmed down on her hands, placidly sucking his finger, stared at the strange monster huge, flashing every five minutes glare of sunlight - cameras and cameras. He began to photograph the first days of infancy. You bet! Fabulous Crown Prince.
. He will understand it later, and the whole burden of ancient name, . debt, . title gradually fall on his shoulders, yet fragile, . and yet he just curious, . what is happening around him: he is trying to crawl over the green grass lawn, . but the warm hand of his mother stopped, . Then he sees, . it slowly creeps followed, . he heard her gentle, . as always a little nerve-vzvolonovanny voice, . He used to it ..,
. And almost immediately the power notes in his father's voice: "Willie, . back! Diane, . that takoeN! He soil oneself! And the soft whisper, . almost to himself: "Stop pampering! Do not shoot viditeN Again! And the strong hands of his father caught him and stop the creeping childish curiosity,
. In something quietly justifies his mother, he sees her smile. The father tries to turn away, pretend to get angry, but his eyes that smile once tepleyut, as if melting. Willie many times have seen such an impact his mother's smile - that shining like the sun, then a little bit guilty, naughty, through laughter, tears, sadness ...

. It will be sad more often, will increasingly try to ensure that he never noticed her tears, turning away, whispering to him, nesmyshlenomu: "All right, Willie, all right!" - And clung to her, embracing her.

. He grows up and carry on
. Like all the boys. Hides the new shoes in the toilet father and laughs, . when he sees, . as a servant with his mother knocked down in their search! He likes to fiddle with his father in the garden, . back filthy, . anticipating the pleasure of a warm bath and the, . that mom and dad will work together to try to wash off the dirt from it and forget, . least an hour, . about, . you need to quarrel, . find out all the time something, . talking in loud voices, . sometimes, . and dishes breaking ....,

. It matures
. When he turns 11 years old, he received first communion, and he was officially assigned to a generic title of Prince of Wales and the right to possession of the castle in County Kornouell. This is his hereditary lands. He had been there many times with his father and saw the severe beating of the sea cliffs, like screaming gulls ... The sea can be gentle, it changes color as the eyes of his mother ... His beloved mother.

He feels that his mother was unhappy, but pochemuN ... That she and her brother Harry - the one two years younger - can not possibly understand. They are just frightened diminution in their beds, trying to escape with his head not to hear the screams and sobs annoyed father's mother. They know that by the storm in the morning there will be no trace, she held her quiet shade only in the huge blue eyes that always anxiously watching him, and Harry and see everything.
. Why are unhappy two most favorite on earth chelovekaN matured, he increasingly thought about it and could not find the answer to the question ..
. With his father is so interesting to climb on the rocks in Scotland, . caught in the icy brook trout, . chasing butterflies, . cycling, . ride a car! He knows so much, . and so fascinatingly tells about the ancient towers, . castles and chapels, . he himself has constructed more than one building, . he's not only the Prince, . and even an architect! In his room should include only knocking, and in any case not to raise scattered on the floor of magazines and books.,

. He can carry a variety of conversations on all topics of interest for young boys, but he is rarely home, and on the weekend goes and does, often with a loud slamming the door behind, they remain three
. With my mother, who weeps. His heart was torn with pain, when he sees her tears. It wants to protect her and save! That would be the police and protect her so that no one dared to offend. But Harry, having heard about this dream he said: "Well, yes, no police, thou shalt be king!"

. Oh, this kingdom! Much more interesting to play with mom in tennis, swim in the pool, visiting friends, especially a family friend's mother, Caroline - so fun to play with children!

. But he already knows that not all children can be so healthy and prosperous, as he and Harry
. The mother took them many times with him in hospitals and orphanages, where children - quiet, no noise, do not run frequently all day lying in bed or sitting in wheelchairs. Like Victoria, which they painstakingly wrote Harry a letter. My mother told them that the girl's kidney, she has to a serious operation, but she was smiling, not leaving the bed, trying to draw something. She has a wonderful smile! Mom showed photos. He and Harry have written that take pride in Victoria and admire her courage.

Just as little Daniella Stephenson. She has a bad heart, but who remembers this when he sees her dimples and mischievous merry eyes N! In school, where he learns, too many of these children, and he and his brother Harry is trying hard to help them.

. Somewhere deep down he always hid the fear that parents would part ..
. He caught sight of the newspaper, where next to the name of the father's name was mentioned Camilla Bowles. My mother was angry, his father looked away when he tried to ask questions.

. But later my mother would say to them, grown up, when the scandal surrounding the divorce: "Your father - a brave man! 15 years to love one woman and not be afraid to say so around the world - it's something!" But what a pain it is to say it!

. In 1995, he enrolled at Eton, is fully immersed in the serious study, sports, goes to the baseball team, swims, but the news of the divorce of the parents did not take him by surprise, as some teachers
. He first learned about this. My mother came and told him everything, without justifying or defending. She had told him that when the family breaks down - guilty of both. "But the human one who suffers more" - he tried to argue, but stopped himself in time. "My thinker!" - She smiled gently. She asked him, slightly agitated, as he react to the fact that it stop now called "Your Highness", he replied: "I do not care how you will be called. You - Mom! "A worthy future king.
They are still together will hold a vacation - often with her than with her father, - water-ski, the southern countries - Nice, Italy, Spain islands - Mallorca, Gibraltar. Or, conversely, screwing up his eyes from the blinding snow on the Alpine peaks. Or overcome the turbulent rapids of mountain rivers of Canada by canoe. It criticized the mother-a princess, because it risks the life of the children! He smiled and reading about it in the newspaper
. But two weeks vacation flew fast and I had to return to his native, but often rainy London, or to his grandmother, a royal residence Belmoral
. My mother, anxious and gloomy, then hurried to South Africa, then in Bosnia, where the mines were dying children. He read about. This troubled him. He was clutching a warm hand of his mother, staring at her huge eyes, which once was lost forever in his heart, promised to look after Harry, who hung around there, his father ... Its all excited, my father often neglected health, and because he had several times before hand and rib fractures - fell from a horse. He smiled to himself. Exactly the same thing asked his father, when they stayed with their mother or a vacation spent with her. And then he wandered alone through the rooms Kensington Palace, looking at the pictures on the wall, mirrors, which can be preserved even its reflection ... Here in this chair she was sitting, that's the phone that she picked up last night to call his father and asked him how he spent the day.

. How strange to have parents, stretching to each other, but not living together!

. However, the Crown Prince a little time for reflection
. Education and the various activities associated with the royal status does not give to relax. It is necessary to assist Harry, must take care of his grandmother, his college friends their problems - they tell him about them.

He tries to help, if possible. Much time-consuming sport.

Summer 97-second opportunity to make him happy holidays. He did not think much of the fact why they were invited to relax on the luxury yacht of the millionaire Al-Fayed, although my mother dropped her a couple of words about what they want, along with Dodi - as she called Fayed - a large humanitarian project. Newspapers then returned to his guesses and assumptions about the novel Princess of Wales, about her new friend. And the sons smiling. After all, they knew that whether it be a stormy affair, his mother would hardly have taken them with him on a yacht. They have always been brought up in accordance with the highest traditions, which were born, and the worst mother would tarnish their names in some sort of cheap scandal!

They have a wonderful rest. Harry learned to ride a water bike - my mother comforted him when he nahlebalsya water, and Willie finally succeeded with the help of her own to learn scuba diving!

He was so proud of it, but upset that he sees his father. She said nothing, but as usual, with his sverhchutkostyu, understood and invited to Saint-Tropez, a group of photographers to take pictures.

He did not know that they will be the last. The most recent, where it - Ziva.

They then returned to Scotland, to her father, she stayed for a few days in Paris. She had long dreamed of visiting in this city. She embraced them with Harry at parting, as if sensing something, she said: "Always listen to your heart and it'll never deceive. Do this, as it tells you ". They shook. For two days. They do not yet know that will never meet in this world. Never again ...

He will begin in September for his terrible black void! He will not believe in everything that happened, even going beyond the grave. The day after her death, he wakes up to adults. The world does not see his tears, which break through in seven days after the death of the mother at the funeral service at Westminster Abbey. As tears of all who were with him. World remembers sadly lowered his head and white, fists clenched as he walked behind the coffin, which was carried to a hearse.
In those days, when he and Harry buried the Queen of our hearts for their childhood is over. Forever.
Three years. I see him on TV. Crown Prince of the Royal House Windsor is celebrating its 18 anniversary. Huge room with bookshelves and antique furniture. The young man, slender, blond, something vaguely resembling her - a smile, gesture, glance, shyness, hiding behind the refinement of manners - bent over a book. Great how hard overturn the old page. Prince William of Wales, the son of Charles and Diane, graduated from Eton and King's College chose the specialty of the history of art. About him incessantly the newspapers.
It is for the young half of the globe (especially beautiful!) Something like advertising a healthy lifestyle. It turns out that it can maintain and possibly in our frantic, patient age drug abuse and AIDS! This is confirmed by bursting rosy cheeks of William and his champion title among college students in swimming and rugby. He was busy from morning till evening, . somewhere has already passed his first press conference, . which all were impressed by his tact and restraint, . He tirelessly organizes charity parties and concerts, . patronizes the student-diabetics and people with disabilities! It all supports brother,
. He sacks write letters to the young fans and asking for help the sick and infirm. Royal press office reflects the first attack journalists, curious about the non-existent novels of the young prince.
And he looks at the world with a slightly guilty, shy smile, carefully hugging the shoulders of his father's old -. Again, show him sitting at the table, and then I notice suddenly that side of the old yellowed books - a portrait in a frame. He throws a close look at him and pulls a little closer. I do not see his face, but I think that at this moment, his eyes grustneyut. In the second, for a split second ... PochemuN Guess themselves.

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  • Ol'ga for William, Prince of Wales
  • Meet with me! ;) I'm a good girl, I live п©я€п°п?пЄпЎ far ...
  • Madina for William, Prince of Wales
  • very interesting article, but, in my opinion, there's too many emotions. I doubt that anyone except the prince, may, with such certainty shovrit about his feelings. And the scenes of family life ... No offense, but not the most pravdopodbnaya article. But the amusing and touching. =)
  • Anonymous for William, Prince of Wales
  • WE and William are very similar fate ...
  • Julia for William, Prince of Wales
  • Hi William. I did not even know what you write. I will write you about myself. I Bulatov Rafailovna Julia, born 16.09.1987g.r., In the city of Tyumen. Now mlment work as a laboratory assistant at the Institute of Transport, laboratory. Very much like dancing. If you are interested in my letter, write to me. While.
  • Julia for William, Prince of Wales
  • Hi William. My name is Julia. I Bulatov Julia Rafailovna, 16.09.1987, born, born in the city of Tyumen. I love to dance. If you are interested in my letter, write me. While.
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