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Biography Cameron Diaz
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(genus. August 30, 1972)

The excitement was certainly. When Cameron Diaz was standing in the light of the projectors at the 1996 ShoWest Awards ceremony, . held in Las Vegas, . Her voice trembled with emotion, . was her victory in the category of "Female Star of Tomorrow" ( "Female Star of Tomorrow"), . won for her excellent debut in the film,
. Kemeron passed through the twelve samples on television to play the main female role and became a star overnight. Rostral Columns woke up super star in Hollywood, after she performed the role of seductive nightclub singer Tina Carlyle (Tina Carlyle) in Comedy 1995 "Mask". Her days as a model in magazines and catalogs over, because she chose to actress. At age 24, blonde and beautiful Cameron Diaz from Long Beach, California, became the leading personality in the world of show business and the biggest and richest of the world - a world called Hollywood.
Kemeron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972 in California, USA. Parents were of different races. Her father, Emilio, a Cuban-American in the second generation, was a brigadier-known Californian oil company, and her mother Biliya (Billie), was polunemka, poluanglichanka and worked in import-export broker in America. Father decided to name her daughter Cameron, and its source - Gelskoe expression meaning "Crooked Stream". Nevertheless, her name down to a Kami. "My dad always chose the best names," - says Cameron. - "If I was born a boy, he would call me Menache El Genio or Sebastian Emilio. Thank God that I was born a girl ".

Diaz was a family house in a suburb of Long Beach, was a modest, two-storey gray, stucco home. Her parents worked hard, that would raise his two daughters, and to support them in any decision. "When parents were young," - says Cameron - "if they were not a party to friends, they took us with him. All adults treated us as if we were also older. "When Cameron was a child, a lot of time with her sister accompanied her Chemeni. "I admire her and love as anyone else," - says Cameron. - "But we often quarreled when they were children. We are known throughout the district so that no where does not deviate from the planned. We were like two devils. But she took care of me, took care of me was a great older sister. "

The interests of youth, Cameron still has not changed, loves to listen to hard rock. Her mother supported the interests of the young daughter, accompanied her on the show Van Halen, when she was only 13 years old. Remembering those days, Cameron calls himself a "problem child in jeans, a flannel shirt on the issue, a comb in his back pocket." "It was terrible," - laughing Cameron. - "I saw every concert, which took place in Long Beach. It was Metalika (four times), Ozzy Ozbrn and many others. "

B school, Cameron was confident child. "I came to school with different children," - she corrects. - "They had a tattoo at age 13: I took care of themselves. My dad always used such words as: "Right, if you can kick it's ass now, then why is postponed until later - when I was fighting after school". She spent a lot of time shuffling with a crowd of teenagers on skateboards, and gathered various kinds of abuse. "My father spent a lot of time to wean me swear.

Its Latin heritage was of great influence in her life. "I grew up with Cuban food and music. I grew up with hospitality, warmth and passion of the Latin family. But I also grew among Mexicans. But since I did not know and did not speak Spanish, people said, "You're not a Spaniard!" If you do not speak Spanish, how can you be a Spaniard ". There were always problems because of my name, and it comes from people who speak Spanish. One good when you have a Spanish surname, is something that I could go to any school in which I want in my neighborhood, so we have chosen a better school. But then it sounded like this "Wow, how did you do it the white hair and blue eyes."

B career as an actress these days did not worry the young Cameron, instead, she amused herself playing the ball and taking care of animals. Actually she wanted to become a zoologist. "I have always loved animals. When I was little, I had two snakes, "- says it, laughing -" the big one was about six - six and a half feet, I have bred mice to feed their snakes. Also, I had three dogs, three cats and five birds ". "I love spending time with his cat, relaxing after a hard day of shooting."
The first romantic date with Cameron Diaz was a guy from high school, Laurensom Meem. "We played a computer game Pacer," - says Cameron. - "I said Laurensu," If the monster Pacer win for us, I'm not going with you to meet. I tell you about this whole school. "We won. But it shows a magnifying glass wretch I was. "
Her first car was a VW Camper. "It was the first year when they invented the automatic transmission, so I learned to ride a machine. He just flew. I sprint to 80 miles per hour on the fast streets. He was so big that no one could go near you, it was so convenient, "Let's go all пҐп°я?я€п?пҐ out of my way!"
When someone Cameron was about 16-17 years old, she discovered that the night life of Los Angeles is something attractive. She was coming home early in the morning. How it at a party, she met a photographer Dzhefom Danas (Jeff Dunas). It was a typical Hollywood party, where there was loud music, fun, dim light, and the air filled with a variety of illicit substances. "I look ugly," - she recalls in horror. - "I wore a long dress and wearing shoes with heels. And then there squalid group of guys and one of them says: "Hey baby, want to be a photo modelyuN I'm a photographer!" But one guy really gave me a business card and said that could take me to the studio Elite. "
. The days passed, she only thought of the proposal, which she did at a party
. Career models it is very interested and very excited. She spoke about it to his family and close friends. There is no doubt in the modeling career she has seen travel, and separation from the people whom she loved and with whom grew. Long Beach has been her home for 16 years, and she knew that would have to leave it. A new beginning, new life!
Father accompanied her to the studio models of Elite, and signed a contract in which his daughter obedet floor globe. "I am a long time or who did not talk about it", - says Cameron. - "I went to school with a girl who was a model. And I knew how people speak about it, because of the fact that it is a model. I really do not know if I want to be a model, I do not know what will happen next.
Mir Fashion - demanding and extremely competitive place for teenage girls. The fashion world is fundamentally changing the behavior of those who seek fame. And also a very strong effect on those who have already achieved success or who are desperately seeking to maintain its position in the modeling business. The physical condition of the body must be perfect, because the camera has a strong tendency to find and highlight any deficiencies. Cameron has always understood this, but it is completely satisfied with her body and figure.

B a few months after the conclusion of the contract with the studio Elit, she did not have any work. Her first job was as a model for the magazine "Teen" for which she received $ 125. After graduating from Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, Cameron traveled to Japan, where she and his girlfriend rented an apartment, and spent his days taking a lot of offers from different agents.

. B 16 years old, naive Miss Diaz was photographed naked
. "For me it was easy. I worked with this photographer before, and he was a friend of my girlfriends. "Photos were later published without the consent of Cameron, in June 1995 in" Celebrities "I was just devastated when it is discovered" - she explains. - "My mother treated this well. I thought it was just a friendly for the photographer. He did not have any rights to sell or transfer these pictures to someone else. "Photos originally intended for her album.

Kemeron was another important lesson, which took part in the shooting advertising video for Coca-Cola in Australia. "I mixed champagne, vodka and something else. I almost destroyed myself. I woke up the next morning so ill that I did not want to live. I walked only five hours. "

B 17 years, she worked as a model with American and European fashion magazines and katalogax, while keeping a good salary. She successfully worked with such manufacturers as Coca-Cola and Nivea, her salary reaches $ 2000 for one day of shooting.

Cп?п?пЄя?я?я?п?п? what Cameron agreed, was shot in the plastic tubes. "They wrapped me in plastic pipe, and it was wildly. I was like a part of some structure. I did not even know what I'm doing, and do not imply that advertise. We did so two hours later I said: "Well, I'll do anything, but if anyone may be from you to explain to me what we are doing here." I'm not going to refuse, at the time I needed the money. "

. B while others seem to be decisive, show her latin temperament, opposite Cameron was modest and ..
. While all around wasting their low earnings are not very fast, she put capital into savings accounts at a time when she would leave the modeling business and engage in new careers.

. It was a time when she met and fell in love with video producer Carlos De La Torre
. Relationship lasted five years. "I met him at work. I fell in love immediately and everywhere appeared with him, "- says Cameron. - "He is - a great man, we are still friends." "He had a strong influence on me, I am indebted to him alone."

. Hachalo promotion Cameron Diaz to the heights of Hollywood fame, placed the script, which she found on the desk in the office of its commercial manager
. This scenario is a new comedy in which a woman's role of nightclub singer named Tina Karlael. Without training and acting Diaz stated that it could play this role. Request this role was made. "When I was shot in" Mask ", I was filled with only 21. It was really cool "she says. "I think that would be unable to play because in 16 years. It would be a solid failure. "

. Despite the fact that all evolved against it, despite the absence of the slightest acting experience, despite the fact that she was unable to sing or dance, Cameron was in 12 plays in the studio and got this role
. The film's producers called her the girl of their dreams. At the audition she had to say just eight words: "Excuse me, where can I open a new bank schetN". And she said them so that everyone was in love with her and love on the current day.

Rostral Columns aware that he knew little about how feature films are shot with special effects, and indeed to create any type of films. While the movie "Mask" is in preparation for release, she asked the Director if he knew in what theater could be seen in the film along with her family when he was released in the rolling. She recalls with a laugh: "I could not even think that the film will be shown in 2,000 theaters in one day." Film was a huge success, and the address of Cameron Diaz have been an enormous amount of accolades. The newspaper "USA Today": "Cameron Diaz - the real opening in the film, a genuine sex bomb with a beautiful face, wonderful smile, and endowed with a great sense of humor. This - her first movie role, after a brief career model. And probably not the last. "

Camoe great concern after the "Masks" for Cameron was the inability to pay the rent, because she decided to leave the modeling business, and concentrate on the career of actress. To prove that the "Mask" was not a single role, she deliberately chose for the role, low-budget black comedy, "The Last Supper" (Last Supper) director Staysi Titlo (Stacy Title). "I agreed to appear in" The Last Supper "to get the opportunity to work with other actors," - says Cameron. - "I never had the opportunity to play with other actors, except those with whom she acted in" Mask. "
. Bskore after filming "The Last Supper", Cameron has agreed to another big kinoproekt "Mortal Kombat", but lost that role after a broken hand during training karate
. Then she chose the role of Freddy in "Feeling Minnesota", Cameron was one of three contenders for this role. Vincent D'Onofrio, on whose going to make a movie script, acted as a screenwriter for the first time. Then came Keanu Reeves, who has just finished to appear in the movie "Speed" with Sandra Bullock and searching for a drama about the relationship between two people. After reading the script he immediately agreed to withdraw. Cameron also sent a copy of the script, but it has not given him much time. "I thought that role was already taken by someone else," - she says. - "When I read the script, I just love him." A week later, Cameron has agreed to participate in the shooting of the picture.

Kinofilm tells of two brothers who have not seen each other for a long time, Sam and Jax, played by Keanu Reeves. Both brothers lost his head from the bride Sam - Freddie, played by Cameron Diaz, she runs away from corrupt police, assassins and Sam, along with Jax. On the first day of filming, Cameron dyed his blond hair, so that would have seen the dark tips of the hair, as if she is not a natural blonde. Film has not received good reviews from critics. Nevertheless, it should look.

While the movie was "Feeling Minnesota", Cameron met with the actor Matt Dillon. "We stayed at the same hotel as he was," she recalls. At that time, he worked on the movie "Beautiful Girls". They exchanged phone numbers, and Dillon said that would call her when he returns to New York.

In the movie "She's The One" Cameron Diaz plays Heather, a ruthless woman, career woman, who uses people to achieve. She - part of a strange triangle involving two brothers, Irishmen, one of whom, Ed Bern, severs all ties with Heather after he found her in bed with her lover. The other, Mike MakGlona - a stockbroker, Heather ruthlessly used as a toy, manipulating them.

. Before shooting began, Cameron insisted that the writer has changed the way Heather Burns, of housewives angry at something a little more sympathetic character.
. "Initially, Heather was pretty ruthless," - explains Cameron. - "I have something that suggested that Eddie was a little fix so that the story sounded better. He liked my ideas and even rewrites scenes to set as Heather more attractive, without affecting the main storyline, and the integrity of the image of Heather. "

. She added the experience of acting skills, playing in the "Keys To Tulsa" (minor role), and the female lead of the first plan in "Head Above Water", where she played the bride Harvey Keitela
. It was the story of a judge, his wife, her ex-lover.

Some scenes had to shoot in the water, it is very effect on the actors, namely, Cameron Diaz and Craig Schiffer, the water temperature was approximately between 50 - 60 degrees (Fahrenheit). Cameron explains that she felt when she worked in the water with a temperature: "It is so cold that you can not even feel this chill. It goes straight to your bones, piercing cold, your muscles ... "

Travel and shooting of films was fascinating, but Cameron wanted to put in order your life living and summer of 1996 she moved to Los Angeles. Apartment in the center of the city had a modest size, and it was a good place to hide themselves from reporters. The first couple of months living in this apartment, Cameron lived almost without furniture, ie. with the set of furniture with which she received this apartment. wondering how she would like to beat her.

When you walk into a room where Cameron Diaz, the first thing you notice - that it has the most beautiful smile in the world. That smile that fills her face, all the way to huge, bright blue eyes. Her oval face emphasizes laying blond hair. Taken from her modeling business behavior and elegance, . done their job, . or who was surprised that she so easily made a career actress, . constantly in demand by directors, . because the minimum requirement at the pass in the society of Hollywood - is a beauty,
. There were rumors that she had a relationship with Witold Clooney and who helped her break into show business. But Cameron completely denied the allegation, saying their purely friendly.

The invasion of reporters into private life very concerned about Cameron. "I think that these people are ruthless. I think that they are doing wrong. Neither those who can not cope with this scourge. When someone lives or their daily lives, . who spends time with his family and among friends, . they enjoy at your leisure, . and I do not like when people suddenly appear with cameras and cameras and take pictures of, . I just infuriates, . that they intrude into their private lives,
. This creates a very uncomfortable "- she continues. - "I think it is not true that just because your famous does not give you a pass, and constantly harassed, even when you're just relaxing. I think that the actors show themselves enough on the screen. This - their work, to show himself in the movies. Their work should not show what they are doing in your free time. "

Cameron is always very carefully chooses the role, because she prefers to play important characters, rather than the usual roles, which she believes already played. She suggested exploring a bad scenario, where it was supposed to play a major female role, as a genre movie - an erotic thriller, where the woman was wearing only a leather strap ... "I chose the role so that they would be very different from each other," - explains Cameron. - "My character in" The Last Supper "shared by millions of miles from the girl in" Mask "or the girl in" She's The One ".

"I always write, but only in their diaries. I have three: one for travel, . one home, . and one I fill out when I go to bed, . But in the future I think people will read this: None, . really, . Read in his diary entries year-old old, . or even later, . and look how you've changed,
. You watch what you say and what it means for you, then, and compare, so what does it for you now. I can not believe that when I believed in what he wrote. That earlier example, I thought that the greatest thing in the world is the loss of virginity. That plague! "

"I can spend hours in the grocery store. Just turned on, when I see food. I walk around like crazy. Trutch hours, placed food in baskets so that everything fits and nothing rumpled. I really can not explain it. "

At the end of each year, Cameron summarizes. It gives a promise that there will be more smoke, will spend less time shopping in stores, will be a bra. But these promises, she performs as a rule the first two months, and then everything goes back to this place: Cameron became a star for one night, playing the role of the singer in the movie "Mask": fame has changed her life forever.
. Ask anyone nor whether what they think about Cameron Diaz, and many will answer with the words of Jim Carrey: "The Cameron is not just pretty face, but she is still very witty and has an excellent sense of humor."

. 24 June 1994, a beautiful town in the morning Cozumel (Mexico), in his honeymoon, Mary McIntosh, a schoolteacher from Phoenix, met with Cameron Diaz
. At this time, the movie "Mask" was to be in the rental on a movie screen, and Cameron was still a little-known on the boat, which lay the path to a small island called Kantsum.

Mary recalls: "My first thought was about Cameron:" Damn it, what makes this magnificent blonde, here in my honey mesyatsN "Cameron and her friend Carlos had been together in the same boat as Mary. "It was a small boat," - recalls Mary. - "It was about 10 divers. Cameron was a poor diver, and the owner of the boat had to constantly monitor it. "" When everything came back on the boat back to the hotel, we talked a bit with Cameron. She told me that was a model, and that just finished filming the movie "Mask" with Jim Carrey. We talked much and so enthusiastic that the dialogue that went on family themes. She told me that her sister got married. I asked her if they have any plans with Carlos about his marriage, and her response was: "Not yet". "

A couple days later, had been scheduled another meeting - to swim. But for some strange reason Cameron did not come. Mary said: "I talked with her the next day. She was incredibly friendly, and very glad that he meets with Carlos. She just liked to be photographed and to see themselves on covers of magazines and catalogs. She had a good appearance and shape, and not when I did not remain without work. While all editions of magazines came out only in New York, it gradually began to recognize on the street. "Wow, now even more people know who I am" - she says.

Return Cameron on the screen happened in a romantic comedy with a big budget "My Best Friend's Wedding". In just four short years, she played in a pair with three of the most significant superstar-men, such as Jim Carrey (The Mask "), Keanu Reeves (Feeling Minnesota) and Harvey Keitelom (Head Above Water). And now she was going to work with one of the most highly paid female stars of the screen nineties, . which became famous thanks to roles in the film "Pretty Woman" and consolidated its position as a superstar playing in an exciting thriller "Sleeping With The Enemy" - it was Julia Roberts,

The essence of the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" is that nine years ago, Julian Potter, and Michael O'Neal podnadoev each other in college transformed from lovers in "just friends". They entered into a so-called a bet, if they or anyone they meet and fall in love before 28 years, they married. However, when it came this time, Michael found a life's companion a beautiful, rich Kimmy Wallace, played by Cameron. But Julian Potter does not want this to look up and realizes that she has only four days to return Michael back.

Ctsena with karaoke was the most difficult part of the film for Cameron. She was supposed to sing a song "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" in the karaoke mode. "I was scared, I could not wait and when finished shooting this scene, no worse than what they could not simply be. There were moments where I took a couple of notes and PJ Hogan - the film's director - said: "It was a good idea Cameron! Now slightly modify it," was even a proposal to make a soundtrack that if someone was singing for me. I even broke with a karaoke machine, when the chosen rock song, so screamed that something was burned down, and detained shooting. But then summoned a specialist and he corrected. "

Wedding dress was made specifically for Cameron. "It was harder than I thought, almost thirty pounds of tulle. It required about five people to carry me from one place to another shooting, when I wore this dress. "

. Cameron Cп?п?пЄя?я?я?п?п№ project - a film "not such an ordinary life" ( "A Life Less Ordinary.") Film tells, . as Celine, . spoiled daughter of a billionaire industrialist, . played by Cameron, . was abducted by Robert (played by Ewen McGregor), . after, . her father gave him a job doorman,
. Celine naturally do not like that it kidnapped and she always beats Robert, swears, but then unexpectedly falls in love with him. "We laughed for two months in a row," - says Cameron. - Ewen - very talented. Everything he does in front of lens cameras, so truthful and believable. "

Directed by Danny Boyle has spent a lot of time to find an actress who would play Celine paired with McGregor. "I was looking tokuyu girl that could complement and respond to jokes Iven." After reviewing many of the hottest young American stars, he did not find a suitable candidate. Danny sent the script Cameron Diaz. He admired her after seeing the "Masks". After seeing Cameron scenario realized that this role is different from the other, a character sure, but at the same time vulnerable. While Cameron has worked in Chicago, she liked the script and the next day she flew to Los Angeles to meet with Boyle. "As soon as she came into the room, I realized that she agrees to withdraw," - says Boyle. - "It is different from any other actress I've met, very natural, very loving, fun and a great sense of humor. I knew that it will work with Ewen. Andrew, John and I usually consult with the casting, but at that time was not with me, I was sure that this role for Cameron. So I phoned them and said: "Let's give this role to her right now!" And they answered: "Velikole
Karlos De La Tore, grew up in Los Angeles and worked as a video producer. He met Cameron Diaz when she pursue modeling in Japan. They instantly fell in love and were always together. Relationship lasted five years. "After we parted with Carlos, a particularly difficult was the first year. A long time I could not get away from that, because our relationship lasted a very long time. But gradually everything passed, and I once again entered into a relationship. "

A few years later, Cameron suddenly faced with Matt Dillon during the shooting in Mineopolise. At the time of filming "Beautiful Girls" - in Dillon, and "Feeling Minnesota" - at Cameron. At that time, Cameron was in the company with a rising star Vincent D'Onofrio, so that there were no signs of another connection. However, there was some attraction between Dillon and Diaz, and he agreed to call her a month. Ring was a year. Matt Cameron and lived in different cities, Los Angeles - Cameron House, and New York - home to Matt. "We are not like they could not make appointments in TK. rarely at home, or very late. And sometimes call up the evening, "- explains Cameron. - "We have appointments in various cities, only when we have the free time. We talk every day on the phone, and in general were more interested in each other. Matt is best for me at this moment of my life. He was an actor for 15 years. He knows what the requirements for an actor, they have very little free time, and he has to admit it. I love him. "
3-year relationship with Matt has come to a sharp break at the end of September 1998. Many assumed several facts because of what happened this sudden gap, but Cameron and Matt deysvitelno know why they decided to leave.
. B 1996, Cameron won the prize "Female Star Of Tomorrow" for the perfectly played the role of nightclub singer in the movie "Mask"
. Cameron was pleasantly surprised by this award, and made no secret of joy and emotion.
After the first appearance of Diaz on the big screen, people in show business began to ask questions: "Who is this devushkaN" or a "Girl Of Masks". This label, and the name soon appeared in the A-list. This list defines the actress by the amount of money for the filming, she gets. The list is very hard to get, there will wear only the super stars of cinema.
. B March 1997, Cameron and Matt appeared together at Empire Awards Ceremony in London.
. B 1998, Cameron was invited to the prize MTV Movie Award, in the category "Best Dance Sequence" for the 1997 film "A Life Less Ordinary"
. In the same year she was a member of Golden Satellite Award nomination for "Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture - for the comedy" My Best Friend's Wedding ". And yet another award at the ceremony Blockbuster Entertainment Award in 1998, where she won in the category "Favourite Actress in a Supporting Role"

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