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Trofimov Nikolai

( General and Chief Designer of `Federal State Unitary Enterprise Special Design Bureau of Machine Building`)

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Biography Trofimov Nikolai
photo Trofimov Nikolai
The Director General and Designer General of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Special Design Bureau of Machine Building" (LACA), a renowned expert in the field of start-up equipment space rocket complexes, . State Prize laureate, . member of the Academy of Astronautics,
. K.E. Tsiolkovsky and the International Informatization Academy, Corresponding Member of the Russia Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences and the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy. Born May 16, 1935, Mr.. G. Kolomna, Moscow region in a military family. After leaving school he entered the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute, and graduated in 1958. and was sent to work in the CDB-34, as it was called by LACA. Starting the design work in the position of senior technician, he was later appointed head of department, deputy chief designer of the complex, chief designer of the complex, and since 1987 head of LACA.
Under his leadership and with his direct participation, developed, tested and commissioned many unique items relating to the field of space-rocket systems, including S-300 PMU and rail launch system.
For services in the creation of special equipment awarded the Labor Red Banner (1971) and the October Revolution (1976). Has 32 patents. Honored Engineer Russia. Honorary railroad. He is married and has a grown daughter and two grandchildren. Rare leisure spends behind the wheel, and horticulture
. Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Special Design Bureau of Machine Building" (Federal State Unitary Enterprise "LACA") created the Resolution of the USSR State Defense Committee March 8, 1945, . and intended to create a naval artillery weapons,
. It was called in those days - Marine Artillery Central Design Bureau and led them to a famous designer of artillery, Lieutenant-General I.I. Ivanov.
Developed now and the adoption of marine and coastal self-propelled artillery units in their tactical and technical characteristics superior to the foreign samples, and for a long time were in the Navy.
Since 1960, Mr.. LACA is the parent company for the design of equipment start-space-rocket complexes for different purposes, and today is part of Rossiyskogo Aviation and Space Agency
. Among the developed and put into operation starting systems - the country's first launch complex Sheksna and rail launch complex, . launchers for surface and submarine launch cruise missiles, . and among the anti-aircraft systems known in the world IP S-300 PMU,

. This LACA is one of the main developers of structures of optical and radio telescopes with a mirror diameter of 1 m to 70 m, . antenna systems and short-long-wavelength range, . stationary and mobile home for space communications, . radiokosmicheskih research and Television,
To create a single circuit connection, Earth-Space LACA have designed a ship-borne antennas, high-precision guidance in the tossing of the ship. These antennas are mounted on the research ship "Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin", . Cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev ", . Cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov ", . Cosmonaut Georgy Dobrovolsky ", . Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev ", . Akademik Korolev ", . Marshal Nedelin ", . "Marshal Krylov",
In 1978. commissioned radio telescope with a mirror diameter of 70 meters - RT-70, whose design was developed LACA. After more than twenty years of operation it meets all modern requirements to such astronomical instruments
. Over the past 40 years, LACA was involved in the implementation of domestic and international space programs:
. Vostok, Soyuz, Salyut, Soyuz-Apollo "," Venus, "" Vega "," Buran "," Pomegranate "," Astron "," Mir "," Phobos, Mars, "Modernization", "Resource", "Interball, Sea Launch, Dnepr

. Apart from the design of antenna installations LACA participated in the creation of special equipment for testing and testing of spacecraft on the ground, including:

. teplovakuumnaya camera TSS-10000;
. aggregates manipulators for assembling blocks of carrier rockets of space applications;
. Furthermore LACA develops and delivers unified system of protection and defense industries, damper system to protect against seismic disturbances ecologically dangerous objects weighing up to 1000 tons
LACA was awarded the Order of Lenin, Order of Labor Red Banner and the Order of the October Revolution.
In 1989. LACA becomes self-supporting enterprise.
Despite the reduction in public order, LACA has not only survived in the new economic conditions, but also able to occupy new niches in the industrial markets of Russia and CIS
. Currently, LACA, . remaining parent enterprise Rosaviakosmos to create ground equipment of space-rocket complexes, . develops and supplies hardware devices to manage the distribution of traction substations, . sealed drives tramway turnouts, . involved in the execution of export orders for India and Egypt, . developing and supplying railway cranes with lifting capacity of 80 and 150 m,
. LACA developed and tested by the rules of the GAN and the IAEA transport packaging with metal-concrete casks for long-term storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear plants and nuclear power plants for nuclear submarines Russia,
The company was awarded two gold and two silver medals for exhibits presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions "Brussels Eureka" in 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2000.
In 1999-2000 i.i. LACA has successfully participated in international programs for Sea Launch to launch space rocket "Zenith" and "Dnepr" launch of the English satellite in Baikonur
. Years of experience in designing, . manufacture, . assembly, . tests and guarantee supervision of special equipment for the army and navy, . skills, . unique experimental base, . powerful bank of technical solutions, . structural flexibility and multi-given right to approve, . LACA that can quickly deploy work on the creation of complex technical systems for nuclear power, . oil and gas, . tram, . lifting devices, . Agriculture, . textile industry, and commercial launches of satellites,
Certified quality products and service, reliable co-operation are the key to further development of the enterprise in a market economy.

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Trofimov Nikolai, photo, biography
Trofimov Nikolai, photo, biography Trofimov Nikolai  General and Chief Designer of `Federal State Unitary Enterprise Special Design Bureau of Machine Building`, photo, biography
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