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Nikolay Kalinin

( People's Artist of Russia, State Prize Laureate, Professor, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the orchestra of folk instruments Natsionalnogoakademicheskogo Russia behalf Ossipov)

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Dazzling! Inimitable! Fantastic! - Such rave reviews, which awarded nearly every performance of the State akademicheskogorusskogo National Orchestra. Ossipov led hudozhestvennogorukovoditelya and chief conductor. People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Kalinina.Imya maestro NN Kalinin and his band now know and love in all regionahRossii and in many corners of the globe.

Creative activity leader Orchestra. Ossipov on redkostobshirna and diverse. It began in 1959, . when 15-year-old Kolya Kalininsumel organize, with choreographic ensemble "school years" Orchestra, . who later became known, . as Moscow Youth orkestrrusskih Folk Instruments, . and which he led for 20 let.Vypusknik the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory poklassu percussion instruments, . he voluntarily changed the prestigious title artistaGosudarstvennogo symphony orchestra conductor, a profession and vernosluzhit her for 35 years,
. His skills grew and polish in mnogochislennyhvystupleniyah with professional teams - Academic orkestromrusskih folk instruments and Symphonic Orchestra Vsesoyuznogoradio and Central Television, . it can be seen for dirizherskimpultom Orchestra of Cinematography and the orchestra of the famous Bolshoi teatraSoyuza SSR,
. For several years he was music director and dirizheromKrasnoyarskogo Dance Company of Siberia. During these years, N. Kalinin constantly naznachaetsyamuzykalnym leaders of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Berlin, Havana, Moscow, Olympics-80, music festivals in Hungary, Bulgaria, Mongolia and Romania. In these mass celebrations N. Kalinin takes masshtabnoemyshlenie and brilliant organizational skills.

In 1979. Nikolai Kalinin invited to Orchestra. N. Osipova. Imennozdes truly reveals his talent. Developing best, . that his predecessors byloperedano, . N. Kalinin, identified the basic principles svoeyraboty-highest level of performance team, . his soloists and unikalnyhansambley, . and the creation of the bright, . distinctive and original repertuara.Naryadu Osipovskaya with the famous "gold reserve" in repertuareorkestra a large number of works by contemporary composers, . written specifically for orchestra led im.N.Osipova N. Kalinina.,

. Nikolay Kalinin, to realize their creative plans, stanovitsyainitsiatorom and organizer of the huge-scale concert and prosvetitelskoydeyatelnosti
. This is a great list of the Moscow Philharmonic concerts, tours in Russia and abroad, music festivals and competitions, rabotas Union of Composers, soloists - singers and instrumentalists, zapisina radio, television and recording studios. With orchestra im.N.Osipova iego artistic director closely remarkable masterarossiyskoy culture - Z. Sotkilava and Hvorostovsky, . I. Arkhipova and T. Syniavska, . A. Eisen and A. Vedernikov, . L. Zykina and O. Voronets, . M. Rozhkov and A. Tikhonov, . Semenova P. Necheporenko and V. Gorodovskaya, . and many others ..,

The last two years of creative activity of People's Artist RossiiN.Kalinina and orchestra awarded a special creative enthusiasm. New bylproveden Festival of professional Russian folk orchestra, . nachatazapis first in the history of the genre of the "Anthology of Music for orchestra russkihnarodnyh tools", . held landmark concert in Bolshomzale the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory - orkestrai Young Singers of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia, . with great success have been monumental concerts - "Parade laureatovRossii", . "The song is flying over Russia", . "Flowers of Russia", . "In a single family and others, . held a series of programs on radio itelevidenii of the huge 75-year creative life of the orchestra,
. Only sezone1993/94 gg. were prepared 10 new programs with a variety of cultural uchastiemvydayuschihsya Russia.

Today, the creative activity of Artistic Director and Glavnogodirizhera State Academic Orchestra im.N.Osipova, Narodnogoartista Russia received a high assessment of the state - in 1994. He bylnagrazhden Order of Friendship of Peoples "- for the tremendous work on the conservation, development and promotion of national culture and its main source - russkoynarodnoy songs and Russian folk instruments.

In 1996 awarded the State Prize of Russia

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  • Protsifer for Nikolay Kalinin
  • I just assembled hour video concert. This is the first concert on the Great Kohl Colichi. He passed the House in the Sevastopol naval officers. I photographed the operator VGTRK Eugene Korolkov. I assembled - Protsifer (www.realmusic.ru / protsifer). Ludmila QUEEN, conductor National Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of Sevastopol Palace childhood and youth, will soon bring this copy format mini-Divi, in Moscow.
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    Nikolay Kalinin, photo, biography
    Nikolay Kalinin, photo, biography Nikolay Kalinin  People's Artist of Russia, State Prize Laureate, Professor, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the orchestra of folk instruments Natsionalnogoakademicheskogo Russia behalf Ossipov, photo, biography
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