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Kurt Cobain

( Guitarist)

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Biography Kurt Cobain
Seems, . Kurt Cobain was the least surprised, . when serious specialized guitar edition, . like 'Guitar World' or 'Guitar Player', . drew attention to his modest person, . a giant 'Fender' condescended to, . to make a signature model guitar 'this underdeveloped',
. The funniest thing is that the leader of 'Nirvana' has repeatedly spoken out in the spirit, they say, I don `t care that, until his own music. Inventory. As we understand, this is nothing more than a pose. Cobain was not even 'wrapped' in collecting the rare instruments.

Nevertheless, his arsenal may envy many shestistrunniki. One-sixth of the land so the more. And treated Cobain to his guitar economy with no less awe than to experts 'Gibson Flying V' 58-year issue.
Over the years Doers Cobain overgrown with the most incredible rumors. Talked as if the studio used special processors or if all parties were performed by someone else. Now is the time to dot the 'i', to make adjustments, as they say the party bosses.

In Cobain's idea, probably would cause an attack of spasmodic laughter. But for the hundreds and thousands of our teenagers (strange, . but their minds Kurt Cobain - no more, . no less, . and 'is not dead') battering 'Chernigovka' and 'URAL trucks' 'ebautgerlami' and 'smellslayketinspiritami', . think, . be interesting to know by what means he did his music,
Toying a naive thought that after reading this article the meeting as some young 'granzhershu', but she could not find words of gratitude, treat, for example, a beer, they say, thank you, old man, now I know what a humbucker.

Years young

Kurt Donald Cobain was born Feb. 20, 1967-th year in the town of Aberdeen (Wash.).

His first instrument - a second-hand electric guitar - was a gift to the 14 th anniversary of Uncle Chuck. Little over a month it took Aberdeen lad, . to learn 'Back In Black' 'AC / DC', . whose trehakkordovaya grammar gave rise to a reasonable thought: 'And what I huzheN' felt their songwriting inclinations, . he begins to write songs and think about creating your own team,

Once friends invited Cobain podzhemovat at an abandoned meat processing plant, which served as a place Aberdeen hangouts of young. Relying on friends, Kurt left his guitar, and when he returned, discovered that Uncle Chuck's gift is not without the help of Aberdeen enthusiasts turned into a useless junk. Had to change the neck, accessories, electronics, in the school shop cut out a new deck.

When Cobain went 17-th year, his mother married Pat O `Connor, who indirectly contributed to the history. And it was so. Once, after a quarrel with her husband Kobeyniha senior, a woman, I must say, some character, brought together a collection of shotguns Pat and threw them into the river. Kurt, watching her that maneuver, persuaded neighborhood kids catch Arsenal. Shotguns were sold and the proceeds went to purchase an old combo 'Peavey' with two 12-inch speakers.

In early 1985 the first, our hero moves to his father. Classes are children of music is not aroused to enthusiastic. Cobain Sr. tries to persuade his son to surrender guitar in a local recreational Labaz. Kurt INEC parent word, but a week later, when he bought the tool from the commission store, leaving her father's house. One for the debts of drug dealer he was about again bye with a guitar. But to get an agreement amicably. Thus, 'loshadny peasant' Kurt Cobain, with 'Peavey' and electric guitar, the first knock together your own team, called 'Fecal Matter'.

'Peavey' disappeared from view somewhere between 1986-1987-m years. According to Chris Novoselika, Cobain gave him a combo for a week. Dahl, so to speak, with the sight, trying to lure the group. Novoselik same bug that has appeared: the unit is picked up, but to participate in 'Fecal Matter' in every way shirked, answered vaguely. After this historical combo disappeared in most mysterious circumstances. For what - history is silent.

In late 1987 the first Novoselik gave the same 'good'. Drummer Aaron Burckhard, and have identified themselves as 'Skid Row'. Photographs of the period Cobain can be seen with right-handed guitar 'Univox Hi-Flyers'. Established power 'Fender Champ' wash 'Univox Syperfuzz' (later it was stolen straight from the rehearsal).

Name newfound trio changed almost every day: 'Ted Ed Fred', 'Pen Cap Chew', 'Throat Oyster', 'Windowpane', 'Bliss'. V, finally settled on 'Nirvana'. Burkhard proved himself as a highly irresponsible friend, and the guys gave him a lapel-turn. He came to replace Dale Krover (EX-'Melvins'). It took a couple of weeks - and 23 January 1988, the 'Nirvana' recorded their first demo in the studio 'Reciprocal Studio' c Jack Endino for remote control, . which has recommended itself to work with local celebrities, . such, . as 'Soundgarden', . 'Green River', . 'Tad' and 'Mudhoney',

The era of 'Bleach'

Once Endino met Jonathan Ponermena of firms 'Sub Pop' and gave him listen to 'nirvanovckoe' demo. Ponermenu liked it and he did not hesitate to offer the group contract. Three songs recorded during the first session, entered the album called 'Bleach'.

The children agreed with Endino. Within a year, they used its services. As a result of another change in the compositions place the drum installation took somebody Chad Channing. And when the relationship with the 'Sub Pop' were documented, 'Nirvana' appeared on the threshold of 'Reciprocal Studio'. Recording started 'Bleach'. In all about all it took $ 606.12, the amount of knowledge which then sported many wriggler journalists. What is not included in the album-farming collected (not disappear as good!) And released a few years later on the disc, 'Incesticide'.

- When recorded 'Bleach', power 'Randall' Kurt was in the repair. I borrowed my 'Fender Twin', - says Endino. - But the problem is that I slept dynamics. Kurt somewhere obtained a cabinet with closed backs and two speakers 'Celestion', a 70-watt. Then he had this orange box - distortion 'Boss DS-1' - and the guitar 'Univox Hi-Flyers'. I told him once: 'Kurt, you have to acquire spare sensors is that it'. To which he responds, of course, one I already have. This is all that remains of another broken guitar. I had to stick together and rewind. It turned out quite tolerable. Of course, not the upper class, but liked Kurt.

We recorded in three waves.

First - 23/1/88 - with Dale Kroverom drums. Chris plays the bass guitar borrowed from a friend 'Hohner' '(although by that time he had sung acquire' Fender Jazz Bass' white falshpanelyu) through the amplifier 'PMS'.

At the next session of 11/6/88 were recorded 'Love Buzz' and 'Big Cheese'. It appears untitled wah. From Chris - 'Ibanez Black Eagle' and 'Twin Reverb'.

The last session took place somewhere in between 24/12/88 - 24/1/89. Recorded 'Blew', 'About Girl', 'School', 'Negative Creep', 'Scoff', 'Swap Meet', 'Sifting' and 'Mr. Moustache '.

According Endino, guitar combo podzvuchivalis microphones 'Shure SM58'. Album 'Bleach', became a reference point career 'Nirvana', a hearty mixture of disordered 'metal' drunk 'punk' and pop music of the seventies. A masterpiece of modern punk, from which the fountain ragged guitar riffs, lyrics and unkempt teenage folly, which would be more than enough for 10 'Kiss', as later critics say.

In 1989, 'Nirvana' went to the first American tour

. According to Ernie Bailey, . siettlovskogo luthier (one Novoselika, . borrowers are often the responsibilities of guitar technique), . onstage Cobain used a red 'Epiphone ET270', . power 'Randall', . column 'BFI Bullfrog' (4x12) and distortion 'Boss DS-1',
. I got the same on the 'Coca-Cola' nuts 'sabpopovskim' Comrades!

- People from the 'Sub Pop' often complained to me the devastating quirks Cobain - recalls Endino. - And he used to call me in the night and said: 'I do not know what came over me, but I just broke a guitar'. I do not think that every time this was done on purpose. Probably spontaneously, as a response to audience reaction. And the people from the 'Sub Pop' had to sweat for the antics Cobain. The poor, they call up all whom they can in search of guitars' Univox!

In between tours Cobain often drop in to the stores 'Guitar Maniacs' and 'Danny `s Music'. According to the owner 'guitar maniacs' Rick King, Cobain' bought in bulk 'Univox Hi-Flyers'. Within 5 years prices have changed: $ 100 for a guitar '.

Although humbucker version 'Univox Hi-Flyers' was a favorite of Cobain, in 'donevermayndovskie' days, he went on stage and with other guitars, among them - the blue 'Gibson SG' and left-sided 'Greco Mustang Sunburst'.

It is likely that the first acoustic guitar leader 'Nirvana' was dvenadtsatistrunka 'Stella' (bought 12 October 1989 for only $ 31.21). With it, Cobain joined the studio 'Smart', to record a few demos. The tool, as we all are aware, was not particularly what the ultimate dream studio musician. Later on 'Slella' put nylon strings. It is on this guitar, performed guitars on the 'Polly'.

Year since 1990, Cobain bought chorus 'Electro-Harmonix Small Clone', which spoke in the best light before the end of his days.


Prior to the formal signing of the contract with 'Geffen Records' 30 April 1991, the band had received an advance of $ 287,000. The money allowed, they say, nothing does not deny. However, Cobain reluctantly parted with their punky habits.

- Kurt, once again came to our shop and bought a few guitars and effects, - says Rick King. - As usual: a few left-wing Japanese 'strata'. Yes, he did not particularly shell out a guitar.

It is likely that before the 'Fender' Kurt ripe shortly before 'Nevermind'. At that time, was acquired left-sided 'Jaguar' 65-year issue, on which stood humbucker 'DiMarzio Super Distortion' (from the upper Nut) and 'DiMarzio PAF' (in the neck) - Design a decision of the previous owner - and ' `69 Fender Mustang'.

Before you start recording, made additional acquisitions: preamp 'Mesa / Boogie Studio', power 'Crown' and several surgeries 'Marshall' (4x12). With all this good Cobain arrived at the studio 'Sound City Studios'.

- Kurt was 'Mesa / Boogie', but we also used the 'Fender Bassman' and 'Vox AC30', - says sound engineer Butch Vig. - Lamps give surround 'distortion' with a dense bottom. 'Small Clone' creates 'watery' sound that can be heard on 'Smells Like A Teen Spirit' and 'Come As You Are'. For the dark 'Lithium', we used the 'Electro-Harmonix Big Muff', which works in 'Fender Bassman' ...

Another interesting point - 'hidden' track 'Endless, Nameless' (it is not in the first 50 thousand copies of the album). You can hear Cobain splits Japanese 'Strath'.

- We recorded without overdubs, live, - says more Vig. - But some parties rhythm guitars were duplicated to complete the sound.

As microphones for podzvuchki cabinets Vig used 'Shure SM-57', 'Neumann U87', 'AKG414' and 'Senheiser 421', which were chosen for each song. 'Stella' has found its application in the 'Polly' and 'Something In The Way'. Vig wrote this song when Cobain played, sitting on the couch in the wheelhouse soundman. Guitar on 'Territorial Pissings', despite the protests of Viga, allowed to go straight, right into the remote.


Since 'Incesticide' modeled from recordings made at several sessions, it is difficult to say with complete certainty, they say, to a certain song involved so-and-so. All the same dare. Some of you will guess, some of it - to show the real things.

'Dive'. Recorded at Viga 'Smart Studio' at the same time as 'Polly' (April 1990-year). Favorite guitars are Kurt 'Univox' and 'Epiphone'. Chris probably played the 'Black Eagle'.

'Sliver'. Recorded July 11, 1990 with Danny Peters on drums. From Chris - Bass 'Tad'.

'Stain'. Recorded during a session for the EP 'Blew'. Chris neazdolgo before smashed his bass, and favorite kobeynovosky 'Epiphone' completely collapsed. 'Been A Son', 'Aneurysm'. Recording sessions in 1991 for 'BBC' Mark Goodyear. Kurt appeared 'Strat'. The group came to Dave with the installation of 'Tamas', and. Chris bought a 'Gibson Ripper'. Kurt used the 'Marshall' offices.

'Turnaround', 'Son Of A Gun', 'Moly `s Lips'. October 1990. Almost the same as in the 'Dive'. Only on this song, Chris uses the pedal 'Rat'.

'Beeswax', 'Downer', 'Mexican Seafood', 'Hairspray Queen', 'Aero Zeppelin', 'Big Long Now'. The same equipment as in the last session of 'Bleach'.

. Kurt Cobain and his guitar
. Electric guitar Fender JAG-STANG

Photos of Kurt Cobain
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Kurt Cobain

Photos of Kurt Cobain
Kurt CobainKurt Cobain

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  • And he will never forget the painful hours spent in this institution, to try to find the appropriate rhyme to the end of Men.
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