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Yurii Pavlenko

( International Academy of Informatization, Director General LLP Comstar ``)

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Biography Yurii Pavlenko
Born September 12, 1947 in g.Floreshty Moldavian SSR.

Graduated from the Leningrad Medical Institute (1971) and the Diplomatic Academy (1983).

From 1971 to 1974. worked as a senior surgeon in the surgical department of Clinical Hospital of Leningrad. In 1974 he joined the Department of Space Medicine of the State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation for the post of senior researcher.

. From 1978 to 1989 was in the diplomatic service in the Soviet Embassy in the UK (until 1981) and Canada (until 1989) as an adviser on science and technology.

. After returning home was the head of the department to establish joint ventures in the Government of Mr.
. Moscow (1989-1992 yy).

In 1992 Yurii becomes general manager of the limited liability company "Comstar. It is from this time began the most fruitful period in the life of Yuri Pavlenko and company Comstar.

Yuri Pavlenko has actively participated in designing the first and only in the USSR and then Russia in the digital communication network. Comstar creating their own digital network of communication and on this basis provides dozens of telecommunications services to the public and the business sector in Moscow and Russia, reaching the level of annual income of $ 100 million

. Merit of Zhivago is the organization of investment in public infrastructure - a network of public communication by Russia to attract the target product Russo-British Intergovernmental credit (Government of Russia Resolution 23-p of 09.01.1994),
. That is very rare case of preparation and use of credit resources in the economy of modern Russia, where large investments (75 million U.S. dollars) give high socially significant impact. Found 170 000 phone numbers in Moscow and Russia's markets have virtually a full range of communications services, goes past the concept stage to the phone

. Comstar is a company with highly competitive rates for their services and the most modern technologies: data transmission system on the principle of the synchronous hierarchy at 2, . 5 Gbit / s, . digital telecommunication systems "System X", . fiber-optic cables and much more,

The major area of activity Pavlenko - Regional Strategy, the provision in the regions of Russia such as services (quality and volume) of communication and information, as in Moscow. In 78 regions of the country (from Sakhalin to Togliatti and St. Petersburg to Sochi) is already functioning network of Comstar.

As head of Comstar, Yurii contact with the administrations of communication almost a hundred and fifty of the world, develops and supports international business relations. Solving the problems of providing communications services major international companies, . banks and embassies (such, . Coca-Cola, . Ford, . Chase Manhattan Bank ", . U.S. Embassy, . Germany), . Comstar has earned the right to provide communications services to virtually all of the visits of foreign heads of state and government,

The team selects the President of Russia Comstar as the operator of the "line of confidence of the President, the Kremlin established line of communication web Comstar, a special communication system is established for the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. Comstar acquires a solid reputation as the leader of Russia's telecoms market.

Merit of A. Pavlenko and that Comstar is gaining a solid social image. In Moscow, the company has telephones in neighborhoods Nikulino (3 000 rooms) and Sretenka (4 000 rooms), provided material support and assistance in communications with disabilities (Foundation for the protection and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities). Many projects in the field of culture, spiritual life, sports are implemented with the direct financial support from Comstar. The company is a sponsor of the Slavonic Fund of Russia ", , . International Ballet Competition, . Miss Russia and Miss Universe, . Moscow International Film Festival, . Art Festival "Art-Moscow", . closing ceremony of the celebration of 850-fly grounds of Moscow,
. Company Comstar provides considerable support for the sport, being the sponsor of the Kremlin Cup tennis, the Russian Cup Tennis, basketball team of CSKA and Spartak.

. The company's staff "Comstar" - an absolute model of effective labor, highly motivated, with his trade mark, - a real "star" in Russia's economy
. General Director Yuri Pavlenko in-law was awarded the most prestigious non-governmental award - the Order of the White Eagle (for services in the field of joint ventures), . and won formal recognition by the Governments of Great Britain and Canada for their contribution to the development of scientific and technical relations, . marked by the Moscow Government.,

. Zhivago is a significant scientific, technical and social activities
. He has published over 20 books on economic aspects of creating a digital network in Russia, . Foreign Investment in the development of telecommunications in Russia, . is a member of the Advisory Board of the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Information, . elected an academician of the International Academy of Informatization.,

. A. Pavlenko Hobbies: theater, sports, hunting
. Especially love - tennis. A strong friendship with tennis Zhivago goes back to his youth. See the famous Wimbledon Championships was his cherished dream. That dream came true when he was sent to the diplomatic work in the UK. But there, in the way of its implementation have trouble. Here is what remembers Zhivago: - "I can not forget the disappointment when all my attempts to get at least one ticket to Wimbledon ended in failure. And suddenly came good news: the Soviet Embassy received two tickets. After much debate, decided to trust the lot. I was in seventh heaven when he found himself among the lucky ones. Wimbledon made a stunning impression on me. My love for tennis, as the wife, "jumped to the boiling point and maintained for all subsequent years."

Lives and works in g. Moscow.
Address: Russia, 125047, g. Ul. 3-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, 39 / 5.
Tel: (+7-503) 956-00-00, (+7-095) 956-02-38

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Yurii Pavlenko

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Yurii Pavlenko, photo, biography
Yurii Pavlenko, photo, biography Yurii Pavlenko  International Academy of Informatization, Director General LLP Comstar ``, photo, biography
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