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GRANDMOTHER Nikolai Petrovich

( Artist)

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Biography GRANDMOTHER Nikolai Petrovich
photo GRANDMOTHER Nikolai Petrovich
Born in 1950. He graduated from the Moscow Higher Industrial Art School named. S.G. Stroganov 1976. Member of the Union of Artists. Creativity in the easel, applied, and book illustrations, as well as printmaking and painting. Exhibitions held in the country and abroad.

Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Germany, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, USA, Korea
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1978 Youth Exhibition of Moscow Artists, Moscow;
. 1978 Moscow Exhibition of prints, Moscow;
. 1979 Youth Exhibition of Moscow Artists, Moscow;
. 1980 Zonal Exhibition, Moscow;
. 1981 National Dog Show "by his native country", Moscow;
. 1982 All-Union exhibition "Artists - People", Moscow;
. 1983 15 Youth Exhibition, Moscow;
. 1983 Group Exhibition, Moscow;
. 1984 All-Russia exhibition "Land and People", Moscow;
. 1985 Exhibition - Competition in Hungary;
. 1985 Zonal Exhibition, Moscow;
. 1986 12 Biennial
. Brno, Czechoslovakia;
1987 Exhibition of Moscow Artists, Moscow;
1988 Exhibition "The Sign". Poland;
1989 17 exhibition of Moscow artists books, Moscow;
1989 IV All-Russia Exhibition prints, Moscow;
1989 Moscow Exhibition of the font, Moscow;
1992 Exhibition "Letter to Bulgakov", Moscow;
1995 Exhibition in Moscow schedules. Prague.

Autobiographical notes

One recollection. A huge pile of heaped sand near the construction site. At the top of reddish - orange mountain sits a boy and trying that - to do something out of the sand with his hands. He holds his hands on the wet loose weight, squeezes, pats: And, suddenly, within the next round of pits and bumps there someone - that person:
This impression of the process of creative work remains for me an important. I am grateful to any kind of activity, which gives the opportunity to experience this painful pleasure. And for me it does not matter that it would be: the schedule with its various manifestations, painting, sculpture or design.
The division on the basis of the shop find very conditional. : What - that brings together all my various classes and interests, perhaps, is the picture. He, as an instrument of self-knowledge, lets look at themselves, for their experience, on their state.
I was attracted by the synthesis of the theater, and in the book: interested in the problem of "grand style", when you need to organize all the elements in the definition is formed. In this regard, with respect I can not remember such masters as Tabor and Gaudi. In the easel chart recently draw attention to the properties of spontaneous manifestations, in the "flow of the subconscious".
: It is an important and exciting moment at work when trying to find the correspondence between an idea, technique and material.


About Applied graph. In the works of Nicholas Grandma's obvious minimalist definition of solutions does not impoverish not easy, but it helps the expressiveness. In the labels, logos and style decisions noteworthy skill and elegance of form of ownership in achieving the plan. Artist with love and understanding for the font as an art.
M. Badge.

Variant of it to Russia, proposed by the artist Nicholas Babushkin, was declared the winner in the contest. He became widespread in its use of Russian banknotes and coins. This version of the emblem is different from other bids the nature of traditional ornamental.
From the report.

On the easel chart.
The whole direction of easel artist's work are a metaphor - a contemplative nature. A picture of ordinary objects are filled with determination and a lyrical sense.
B. Ruzhins.

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GRANDMOTHER Nikolai Petrovich, photo, biography
GRANDMOTHER Nikolai Petrovich, photo, biography GRANDMOTHER Nikolai Petrovich  Artist, photo, biography
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