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ARTYOMOVSK-Gulak Petr Petrovich

( Talented Ukrainian poet)

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Biography ARTYOMOVSK-Gulak Petr Petrovich
Born January 16, 1790, in the village of Settlement, Cherkassy district, Kiev province. First, he studied at the Kiev Academy, . then in Kharkov University, . where he taught Polish language, . Russian history, . Geography and Statistics; defended his master's thesis: "On the usefulness of history in general and mostly domestic and the manner of teaching the last", . took the chair of Russian history, at one time read the statistics, from 1841 to 1849 was rector of the University,
. There was also an inspector of the Kharkov Institute of noble maidens. Died Oct. 1, 1866. His stories in verse: "Ban the dog" (printed in Ukrainian Herald), . "Solopov ta Khivrya", . "Tyuthy ta Chvanko and others brought the author great fame among Ukrainians, . especially the first, . which shows the arbitrariness of the lord to the serfs peasants,
. Despite the fact that the poems were written pentameter, not typical of Ukrainian folk poetry, they are very resonant. In the journal "Slav" in 1827 placed the translated AA-Gulakov from Mickiewicz ballad "Twardowski". In the Ukrainian literature of the VA-Gulakov recognized the merit of Little Russian words, after Kotlyarevskogo. His works were published in full in 1878 in Kiev, under the title: "Kobzar Gulak-Artemovsky", edited by Professor Potebni and more complete collection in Lviv in 1904 under the editorship of Romanchuk. In "Pan the dog" and "Suplike to the Kvitky A., Gulak was strongly opposed to serfdom. Sending Kvitka his satire "Ban the dog," AA-Gulak directly posed the question "Why daughter bude us evil п©п¦п+я¦я-п¦п+ znevazhiti". A.-Gulak found, . that he Kvitka "butsim Ban bakrivivs" but, . however, . he recognized and appreciated in Kvitka his desire Populist, . his deep democracy, he praised this writer for, . that he was "not strayed W pantalyku", . that nobody in the village of him not crying,
. Protest-AA Gulak against serfdom is one of the earliest time, he did not remain without influence on the future of Ukrainian writers, . in particular the same Kvitka, . which sensitively reacted to the expressed AA-Gulakov yet in 1818 the request: "do not let us zaginut, . do not let us kepkovati W (t,
. e. mock), and vigorously set about compiling the stories and dramas in the Little Russian language. In general, literary, and personally, A. Gulak had influence on development in the 1830 - 40-ies Ukrainian Kharkov school of scholars and writers: Metlinskogo, Kostomarov Sreznevsky. Metlinsky lived in family-AA Gulak and enjoyed his support for admission to the university. Kostomarov was his guest. Another valuable feature of the personality and literary activity of AA-Gulak was his sympathetic attitude towards female education. In 1819, in the story "she Cherevik Khivrya, A., Gulak hit the enemies of women's education in such sharp terms:

. Forget it, the heart, in addition, hto Toby said,
. What Is God butsim Zhinkov haired dovche giving
. For those scho Rozum of shortening the least,
. That trash so verzla, shkolyarstvo so yelp ..

Verse A. Gulak, strong, expressive and beautiful. A.-Gulak in this respect than even Kotlyarevsky.

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ARTYOMOVSK-Gulak Petr Petrovich, photo, biography
ARTYOMOVSK-Gulak Petr Petrovich, photo, biography ARTYOMOVSK-Gulak Petr Petrovich  Talented Ukrainian poet, photo, biography
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