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Pervolf Osip Osipovich

( Slavic)

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Biography Pervolf Osip Osipovich
(1841 - 1891)
Czech by birth, studied at the University of Prague. Already in his first journalistic work P. demonstrated attention to Russia: he wrote on the history of Little Russia, the origin of Russia, the Cossacks. Participated in editing "Fontes rerum Bohemicarum". Service in the Czech Museum alike in P. Prague with visiting Russian scientists and strengthened his interest in Russia. In the article "Snemy v nekdyzi Rusi" ( "Cas. Cesk. Mus. ", 1867 - 68) P. briefed his countrymen with the phenomena of ancient Russian society: veche the Zemsky Sobor and thoughts, the Cossack community and Ramadi (on the writings of Soloviev, Kostomarov K. Aksakov Chicherina and others). In "Vyvin idey vzajemnosti un narodov slovanskych" (in 1867) he followed the historical manifestations of reciprocity in the political and cultural life of the Slavs and recommends that reciprocity is currently. The idea of Slavic reciprocity has become the dominant idea of all future scientific work P. His "Slovane, historicky nastin" (1869) - the first and hitherto not replaced the experience of the general history of the Slavs (with Votselya and Erbena). In 1871, PA, at the suggestion P.A. Lavrovsky, took the chair of Slavic philology at Warsaw University and read the Slavic antiquity, historical ethnography, the characterization of the Slavic dialects. In 1874, P. received at St. Petersburg University, a master's degree for a thesis on the Slavic reciprocity (in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education "), . and in 1876 from Warsaw University, a doctorate degree for his book: "Germanisation Baltic Slavs" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1876),
. In 1886 I went out that his work "The Slavs, . their mutual relations and communication "(an essay on the political history of the Slavs tribes and their way of life), . in 1888 - II Volume (Slavic idea in the literature of the Slavs to the XVIII century), . in 1890 - part 1 ( "The Western Slavs") III volumes (Slavic idea in the political and cultural relations of the Slavs to the XVIII century, the manuscript, . the death of the author, . remained the head of the Polish-Russian relations),
. Volume IV - the revival of the Slavs - remained in the form of raw material. All this work gives a great abundance of facts, but suffers from imperfections of the plan and system. Questions on the Slavic reciprocity and articles devoted to the AP: "The Czechs and the Russian" ( "Conversation", 1872), "The Czechs and the Poles in the XV and XVI centuries" ( "Osveta", 1873 and "Cas. C. Mus. ", 1880)," Alexander I and the Slavs "(" Old and New Russia ", 1879)," Slavic movement of the Poles 1800 - 1830. "(" Osveta ", 1879)," Slavic idea in Russia "( "Osveta", 1879), "The Poles and Ruthenians" ( "Osveta", 1891). From the works of P., . on Slavic Antiquities, . issued: Varyags - Russia and the Baltic Slavs "(the negation of the Baltic and the theory Gedeonov Zabelina; in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1877), . "Slavische Volkernamen" and "Polen, . Liachen, . Wanden "(" Archiv "Jagic), . "Staroslovahcke rady a obyceje" ( "Slov,
. Sbornik "Jelinek, 1884) and the Slovenian language and its destiny among the peoples of the Slavic" ( "Collected Methodius", Warsaw, 1885). Many worked for P. and on the Eastern and the Austro-Slav: "Uhry a vychodni otazka" ( "Cas. Cesk. Mus. ", . 1869; processed in the Magyars and the Eastern Question ", . Journal Europe, . 1877), . Eastern Question - Slavic question "(" Osveta ", . 1878), . "Die Slavischorientalische Frage" (1878), . "Slavic movement in Austria 1800 - 1848 gg." ( "Russian Speech", . 1879), . "Slavic movement in 1848 and the Austrian Slavs 1848 - 1849." (Journal of Europe ", . 1879) and others,
. Wed. Article. K.YA. Grotto in Warsaw of University Izvestia (1892, III). N. I-in.

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Pervolf Osip Osipovich, photo, biography
Pervolf Osip Osipovich, photo, biography Pervolf Osip Osipovich  Slavic, photo, biography
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