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John Waters

( Director)

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Biography John Waters
Date of Birth: 29/04/1946

U.S. director John Waters, unsurpassed marginal genius, dear, and much more respectable colleagues in the profession, was born on 29 Apel, 1946, in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout his life, John maintained privzyannost and love for his native city, real urban landscapes serve it as a permanent and unchanging backdrop, and the people of Baltimore think Uotresa his main pride.

Already in early childhood, Johnny was not like his rosy peers. Even as a boy he was fascinated kinohorrorami abounded sepulchral terrors and violence. But Waters has always entailed not only cinematic, but nepridumannoe violence. One of the most pleasant childhood experiences, he believes the memory of this blood on the seat of the car crushed in the accident. Until now, a good half of his home library occupy a volume dedicated to all sorts of crimes and mental. In his spare time Waters likes to go all across America and visit the numerous trials of the murderers and rapists

. Before, . as in 1994, Waters' film "Mother-killer" created a sensation at the Cannes Film Festival (perhaps, . this is the show finally authorized the inclusion of hooligan director to the pantheon of leading contemporary artists), . he has consistently shot insanely funny movie, . characters which were all kinds of riffraff, . degenerates, . maniacs and perverts,
. At first this movie was underground, but in times of Andy Warhol, . Student unrest and a variety of experiments both with psychedelic substances, . and with cinematic language, . Finally, . at the time of the birth of postmodernism, . removed the rigid hierarchy of values, . pathological tape Uotresa - curves, . ernicheskie mirrors, . which reflected the real America - have not gone unheralded.,

. The first experiments Uotresa at 8 and 16-mm film date back to mid-60's
. Even then he made friends with people stavishimi a kind of "gang of Waters" - constant companions in realizing the most wild and reckless fantasy. Mary Vivian Pearce, David Locarno, Mink Stoul, Edith Massey, and, of course, great transvestite Divine traveled from one film to another Waters. The real bomb was the tape in 1972 "Pink Flamingos", depict the bloody rivalry between the Divine and spiteful spouses Marble (David Locarno and Mink Stoul) for the right to be "the most disgusting people on the planet". Gross shoddy gegi - not for nothing that every other imenute Waters "King kitsch" - not to obscure any malicious parody of the then flourishing independent film or ironic references to deeply affect the Waters, Andy Warhol. (As published in 2000 in the brilliant ugliness "Mad Cecil B." group obsessed bezbyudzhetnogo movie-lovers "perforashek" pray it is "holy" Andy). The climax is the "pink flamingo" was an episode in which Divine eats dog ekskrimenty. Many years later, Waters, not without bitterness, joked: "I wanted to make a sequel to" Pink Flamingos ", which would have eaten dog shit Divine, but his death did not allow me this".

In the following, more "underground" (or "independent"), Picture Style Waters remains the same divinely vulgar and shocking, appealing, and the sight is becoming more epic. Say, "Women's Problems" (1975) - is not just ultra-durnovkusitsa for jaded aesthetes, and the quintessence of the meaning of life by John Waters. History Dawn Davenport (Divine again in performance) from school years to the glory of the most beautiful woman in the world (including such important biographies, . marriage, . joyful fatal strangulation of her daughter and etc.) from the bloody peak of one divine show - "who wants to become famous and die for the sake of art?".,

. "Scary existence" (1977) - nauseating black comedy inverts the traditional fairy-tale motifs
. Rich housewife (her role was played by Liz Reney, . whose life is worthy of independent film - the daughter of religious autocrats once washed off from the house, . to participate in the contest twins Marilyn Monroe, . became the mistress of a gangster and spent three years in jail, . after the liberation discovered her talent strippers) for a couple of fat black maid accidentally kills her husband is and hiding from police in the fictional town Mortville, . refuge of criminals and vagrants, . managed cruel and lustful queen Carlotto,
. Ironically, in "naoborotnom" Waters film modern society seems more believable than in other social realist accusation.

In 1981 Uotres took his first "legitimate" film, a satirical comedy "Polyester". Only seven years later he released the musical "Hairspray" (starring his new discovery, . full ugly Rikki Lake), . and in 1990 withdrew a retro-chic styling "Cry-Baby" with no less provocative cast of - the star boy Johnny Depp, . former underage heroine hard-porn Traci Lords, . as well as Iggy Pop and Willem Dafoe on vocals,

Main role in "Mom-killer" Waters gave Hollywood star Kathleen Turner, able to take risks. And in "photographer" (although the original name "Pecker" can be translated and more playful) Waters invited the most brilliant of the younger Hollywood, Edward Furlong and Christina Ricci. While favorite actor is John Waters, Jeff Stryker, the real star of gay porn. Waters once said of him: "All the porn stars dream to leave his business and removed in a decent movie, but Stryker not only does not want to appear in" decent "movies - when we met him, he tried to persuade me to rent porn ".

Of course, Waters does not remove the porn, but even working within the studio system, he manages to make not just a movie, but a real dynamite. From time to time, he appears in episodic roles in other directors, for example, in 1999 the year it can be seen in "sweet and disgusting" by Woody Allen.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Filmography (director)

. 1964 - "Hag in a black leather jackets" / Hag in a Black Leather Jacket
. 1966 - "Roman candle" / Roman Candles
. 1967 - "Sozhri your makeup!" / Eat Your Make Up!
. 1969 - "Rubbish world" / Mondo Trasho
. 1969 - "History of Diane Linkletter" / The Diane Linkletter Story
. 1970 - "A lot of maniacs" / Multiple Maniacs
. 1972 - "Pink Flamingos" / Pink Flamingos
. 1975 - "Women's issues" / Female Trouble
. 1977 - "Scary existence" / Desperate Living
. 1981 - "Polyester" / Polyester
. 1988 - "Hairspray" / Hairspray
. 1990 - "Cry-Baby" / Cry-Baby
. 1994 - "Mummy - killer" / Serial Mom
. 1998 - "Photographer" / Pecker
. 2000 - "Mad Cecil B." / Cecil B
. DeMented

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John Waters, photo, biography
John Waters, photo, biography John Waters  Director, photo, biography
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