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Comments for LED ZEPPELIN
Founded in 1968. London, England.

. Ingredients:

. Robert Plant
. Jimmy Page
. John Bonham
. John Paul Jones

. The critics hated them, Top 40 radio not notice them, but Led Zeppelin achieved incredible success in the '70s, both in terms of selling records and in his concert performances
. After their collapse in 1980 because of the death of drummer John Bonham of fame has only grown, . through an elaborate series of albums and reprinted hundreds of hard-rock and metal bands, . still processing the old stuff famous quartet,

Biography Led Zeppelin began when guitarist Jimmy Page decided to start his own team after two years of work in the Yardbirds. By that time acquired a reputation for Paige invited the guitarist (he could play with the Who, Kinks, Donovan, and many others), and its status is strengthened by the fact that his predecessors in the Yardbirds were Eric Clapton and Jeff Back. Paige met with bassist John Paul Jones, when they both worked with over Donovan "Hurdy Gurdy Man" in April 1968. Then they decided to try to play together. That same summer, Paige went to Birmingham to hear and possibly invite a young singer named Robert Plant, who was then his own group Band of Joy. The trio is now lacking only a drummer, and Plant recommended his friend to take on the Band of Joy John Bonham. In September 1968 the Quartet met in London on their first rehearsals, and calling more New Yardbirds, made a short tour of Scandinavia. Name Led Zeppelin group received a light hand of John Entwistle of the Who (some argue that it was Keith Moon), once joked that the new project Page's "fly like a lead balloon".

In January 1969 the group received from Atlantic Records unusually large advance in the 200 000 dollars and released their first self-titled album. Recorded in just thirty hours, . Led Zeppelin I presented himself as a heavy blend of folk, . blues and rock and has not risen high in the charts, . but some songs with him, . such as "Good Times, . Bad Times "and" Communication Breakdown "can still be heard on the radio, . and "Dazed and Confused" has become one of the crown concert numbers Led Zeppelin,

To unleash the album, the group toured. With fame, Jimmy Page, the fans there are practically since the beginning. Led Zeppelin II came out when the team was in the road - a company which Page later described as "ludicrous" - but the impact was huge: "Whole Lotta Love" rose to fourth place in the charts of Billboard magazine. In October a group for the fourth time during the year went to America, where she performed with Santana, and James Gang.

Led Zeppelin III appeared in October 1970. Unusually contrast to its sound, the album marked a departure from the group of blues roots and dive into new musical structures. "Immigrant Song" represent a veritable hard rock machine working on all four tselindrah: "sobbing" Planta, muffled murmur of the bass, alternating rhythm and lead guitar and staccato-bit. Suddenly, the delicate "Tengerin" - a gentle voice mandolin and guitar sound very different - calm and beautiful music by Led Zeppelin, is also perfectly able to perform. The result - new tour, and now a group with ease selling tickets, collecting 15 000 - 20 000 gyms in America.

The next album, although it did not shine new sound findings, was a milestone in the history of rock. Officially, without names, the fourth album (for simplicity, generally referred to as Led Zeppelin IV) included "Stairway to Heaven", which will long remain one of the most popular songs of rock. Fourth album, released in November 1970, not only had no name - it was not even the names of the musicians on the envelope. Only domestic centerfold were listed mystical symbols of each of its creators. And once again begun a tour. During one of his trips group first visited Japan where he gave a charity concert in Hiroshima.

"Houses of Holy" (1973), next work Led Zeppelin, was one of the most interesting studio recordings of. In "The Crunge" they again remembered the blues, and "D'yer Mak'er" became a successful walk in reggae. Album thumbs up to the seats in the chart Billboard, and the group opened a tour of the United States two grand concerts in Tampa and Atlanta, each of which was attended by more than 50 000 people. Last show pobilo record Beatles, established in 1965, the number of the audience, who came on a solo show of a group. The following speech in Madison Square Garden in New York in the same year were used to create the film and the concert disc "The Song Remains the Same", issued three years later.

For Led Zeppelin firmly established reputation for "concert band". Possessing an explosive temperament, they brought to the stage their unbridled energy, usually by arranging three-hour presentation. Musicians easily change direction, then stretching for 45 minutes of "Dazed and Confused", then with amazing grace performing slow pop songs like "The Rain Song". In contrast to the Who or the Rolling Stones, the group was surrounded by a mystical aura. Covers plate, it seemed, kept in secret, full of hidden meaning, they were given relatively few interviews, and they never appeared on television - and that meant that the only way to see the group could get to her concert.

In 1974 the group founded its own record company Swan Song. The function of distributor took over Atlantic. Led Zeppelin's first album with new label was called "Phisical Graffiti" (1975), a rather rough double, consisting of both new records, and from the extracts of old records. Among other things, it came Arrangement "Kashmir", perhaps the most exotic of all song prospectus Led Zeppelin. While detractors constantly accused Page's in that he borrows blues riffs for their songs from other artists, "Kashmir" presented himself as a completely original work.

Tour 1975 was another huge success group, culminating in the five triumphant evening in Earl's Court in London, the only one in England, a closed chamber, comparable in capacity with the emergence of the U.S.. First Zeppelin to take full advantage of their light effects and sound systems at home in England.

Led Zeppelin going back to American stadiums in the late summer of 1975, but all the concerts were canceled, due to the fact that Robert Plant is seriously injured in car crash. The accident cast of musicians in the state of anxiety and concern, and this could not be reflected in their next album "Presense". It was recorded during the 18-day marathon studio in Munich, with Plante is still not able to walk without assistance and was released in March 1976. While "Presense" inevitably came to Б■░ 1 in the charts, rumors began to unravel, that the group can no longer go on tour. Fortunately, the Plant began to recover, and although delayed, Led Zeppelin yet started his own, as it turned out, the last American tour. The first concert took place on April 1 in Dallas. The tour has been very successful, but suddenly was interrupted - Plante learned that his son is terminally ill Karak. All performances are canceled, and Led Zeppelin was plunged into a state of prolonged depression, which many were inclined to consider as sunset group.

Three years passed between the "Presence" and the next album. During this time, punk rock broke into the musical world of England. Led Zeppelin, however, remained true to themselves. "In Through the Out Door" (1979), recorded at the studio ABBA Polar Studios in Stockholm - a multi-faceted alom, in which the first group of wide use keyboards. Well proved to John Bonham, which accounted for to maintain a clear rhythmic pattern during these experiments, while the keyboards and electric stringed Jones greatly expanded the range of sound possibilities of. "In the Evening" became a classic composition of late Zeppelin, . "All My Love" - taking in consideration for the soul of the song-dedication prematurely deceased son Planta, . a lively rhythmic "Hot Dog" testified that, . that the quartet, . despite everything, . not lost his sense of humor,
. In August 1979 Led Zeppelin has marked his final return to their former positions in the world of rock music, becoming a "highlight of the program" Nebuortskogo Festival in England, where the band played two concerts for more than 100 000 people.

In June, 80go, preparing for the first three years on a U.S. tour, Led Zeppelin performs "warm-up" tours in Europe with fourteen stops in different cities. It seemed that all alarms are in the past, and "Lead airship" flies swiftly into the new decade. But Sept. 25, 1980 once all hopes dashed, and the group ceased to exist. Drummer John Bonham died from udshya caused by an overdose of alcohol. He was thirty-two. In December, Swan Song announced that the group finally disbanded. "Coda", a compilation of old unreleased tracks, was released in 1982.

Solo career of ex-members of Led Zeppelin developed differently. The biggest success has, perhaps, Plant, produced a string of solo albums and participated in the Honeydrippers. About Paige first heard nothing, until in 1984 he teamed up with former Firm in Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers. They released two albums together, but Jimmy showed little interest in this project, and after a couple of years the band split. Then he took a bad decision and began working with ex-Whitesnake singer David Coverdale, by any measure a complete imitator Robert Plant. The project did not last long - one album and one tour in Japan, and Page realized their mistake. Plante, although teased strange hobby of his former guitarist Coverdale, must be deeply experienced in the soul, because shortly after Jimmy finally understood what was what, he immediately agreed to working with him again.

The first result of their reunion was the album "Unledded" (1994), interesting work, combining the new with a touch of oriental music recording Page and Plant and the reprocessing of old songs from the repertoire of Led Zeppelin. One has to wonder why they were not invited to his draft Jones. That too all this time did not sit idly by, a very successful working as a producer and oranzhirovschika with musicians such as REM. and Diamanda Galas. He, moreover, made no secret of its desire to cooperate again with old friends, but somehow or other, the duo went to their very successful tour in 1995 without

. You can count on the fingers of those few cases, . When Led Zeppelin came together: it was at a charity concert in 1985 and three times with Bonham's son, . Jason, . including 1995, . when the group was awarded a well-deserved honor to take their place in the Hall of Fame rok'n'rola,
. They were multimillion dollar offers, but the complete reunification of the group seems to have not been forthcoming. Page and Plant, rumored to be working on a new album, and yet still just as well sell the old records of Led Zeppelin.

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LED ZEPPELIN, photo, biography
LED ZEPPELIN, photo, biography LED ZEPPELIN  Music Group, photo, biography
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