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Krasnolutsky Mitrofan Petrovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Krasnolutsky Mitrofan Petrovich
photo Krasnolutsky Mitrofan Petrovich
(3. 6. 1906 - 11. 3. 1987)

By rasnolutsky Mitrofan Petrovich deputy commander of the 65 th Attack Aviation Regiment (55 th Composite Air Division, Air Force 7 th Army, the Northern Front), Major. Born June 3, 1906 in the village of Red Zagore now Kalachevskogo district of Voronezh region in a peasant family. Ukrainetz. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1931. After graduating from the 8 classes in 1939, worked as a repairman on the railway, then on the farm. In the Red Army from 1930. He graduated from the military-theoretical Pilot School in Leningrad in 1932, Borisoglebskij Air Force Pilot School in 1936. Member of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940.

. H as the Great Patriotic War from June 1941.

. August 12, 1941, he flew at the head of the seven I-15bis to attack a column of enemy infantry in the area Panilly
. When approaching the goal in the Shotozero, the group was attacked by six Me-109. Dogfight ensued. At Krasnolutsky attacked by two "Messerschmitt". Sharp turn, he drove one, but it sped toward the second. Soviet aircraft and fascist approached head-on. Krasnolutsky produced a long line, the enemy, too, responded with fire. When the planes closer, the Germans could not resist and tried to unscrew the side, but did not have time - the lower plane of the I-15bis cut off the tail of Me-109. "Messerschmitt" turned into a disorderly fall. Despite the plane received damage (broke off the end of the plane), Krasnolutsky continued to fight until the end of the fight and landed on its airfield.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Mitrofan Petrovich Krasnolutsky awarded on Jan. 16, 1942.

. In April 1942, Major Krasnolutsky was appointed commander of the newly formed 828 th Attack Aviation Regiment (Karelian Front)
. In 1944, Lieutenant Colonel Krasnolutsky became deputy commander of the 260 th Composite Air Division (7 th Air Army, Karelian Front).

Fter the war he continued service in the Air Force. In 1948 he graduated from the postgraduate courses commanders and chiefs of staff of Air formations, in 1954 - higher academic courses at the Military Academy of the General Staff. In October 1957, Major General Aviation Krasnolutsky - in stock. He lived in Voronezh, then - in Kiev.

. H agrazhden 2 orders of Lenin, 4 orders of the Red Banner, Order of Kutuzov of 2 degrees, 2 orders of the Patriotic War of 1 degree, Order of the Patriotic War of 2 degrees, the Red Star and medals.

. In action 11 March 1987.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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Krasnolutsky Mitrofan Petrovich, photo, biography
Krasnolutsky Mitrofan Petrovich, photo, biography Krasnolutsky Mitrofan Petrovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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