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WAIST (Thalia)

( Actress, singer)

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Biography WAIST (Thalia)
photo WAIST (Thalia)
Mexican princess and Queen of Carnival, a popular singer and favorite actress cherished telenovelas.

This WAIST - young, beautiful, talented, replete with the desire to work

. Name: Adriana Thalia Sodi Miranda (Adriana Thalia Sodi Miranda), a child called relatives - Yuya
. Date of Birth: August 26, 1972
. Height: 1,67
. Weight: 50 kg
. Place of Birth: Mexico, DF
. Sign: Virgo
. Parents: Ernesto Sodi Pallares and Yolanda Miranda Mendzh (Ernesto Sodi Pallares, Yolanda Miranda Mange)
. Sisters: Laura, Gabriela, Federica and Ernestine (Laura, Gabriela, Federica, Ernestina)
. Education: Thomas Alva Edison School, The Franco-Mexican Highschool and Rossland College
. Favorite food: Mexican and Japanese
. Favorite drink: mineral water
. Favorite color: black, white and red
. Preferences in music: The Doors, Madonna, Juan Luis Guerra.
. Favorite actor: Pedro Infante
. Favorite actress: Marilyn Monroe
. Personality: "I'm very good, affectionate woman who is there to protect women and children"
. Favorite clothes: jeans, shirts and pants
. Favorite holiday: New Year's
. Dignity: the belief in the words of people
. Favorite pastime: sleeping, watching TV, reading and spending time with friends
. The biggest fear: not to become a mother
. The key to life: integration with the group Timbiriche
. Through participation in the theater project Vaselina, Talia has an invitation to the aforementioned groups, soloists which became known in the Latin American world

. Like one of the muses that inspired the poets of antiquity, the Mexican singer and actress Thalia captivates millions of fans around the world
. In the 90 years from Argentina to Yemen, the queen of soap operas, performing only the main roles are at the very top of rating melodramas TV, and also manage to captivate all with her voice, releasing album after album.
. Now, in the new millennium, Talia again took the throne, being on top of music charts with new album ARRASANDO, available from EMI Music Mexico - the best music producers.

. Adriana Thalia Sodi Miranda (Adriana Thalia Sodi Miranda) was born August 26, 1972 goda Hospital Espanol, Mexico
. At the age of five she was a terrible tomboy and preferred to play in the boys' games outdoors. Women's half nature manifested itself in girls, when at a later age, she was enrolled in the School of Classical Ballet. All her efforts and acting career prompted her elder sister Talia, that dreams of glory are not so far. It was from the moment she decides to become a famous person.

After school, playing the piano in the Music Institute of Mexico, at the age of nine years, Thalia joined the music group Din-Din, which participates in various festivals and vypukaet four albums. From this group, starlet gained tremendous experience, puteshestvuyuya the country and living the life of these artists. Life, which needs more work, dedication and patience.
. By the end of 1984, Thalia was made in the female chorus in the musical comedy "Grease", on behalf of the famous at that time the young group Timbiriche, which later became very popular in Mexico
. Her own star talent was undeniable, and every time he appeared on stage, she made aware of this. Producer Timbiriche, Luis de Llano (Luis de Llano) was very impressed by the talent of the girls and invited her to join Timbiriche in 1986. With them she recorded the albums "Timbiriche VII," "VIII" and "IX."

At the same time singing career, Thalia did not forget about his desire to be and acting break. Starting from the bottom, she paved her way to glory in small roles in telenovelas "Pobre Senorita Limantour" (1987), "Quinceanera" (1988) and "Luz y Sombra" (1989). Along with "Quinceanera" Waist remained in the eyes of his loyal Mexican fans forever young and naive girl.
. To learn English and to hone their talents, singing and dancing, as well as learn to play guitar parts with Thalia Timbiriche in 1989 and moved to Los Angeles for a year
. It was there, she absorbed all areas of music from and to.

A year later, Thalia returned to Mexico City-born again with new outlooks and fresh ideas, which it sought to convey in her solo debut album "Thalia". It was the young singer's first collaboration with producer Alfredo Diazo Ordaz (Alfredo Diaz Ordaz), with whom she subsequently recorded two more successful album "Mundo de Cristal" and "Love".

Nevertheless, many fans were not ready for such a drastic change of image of your favorite actresses. They could not believe that their little Talia grew up, bared navel and began to sing rock. Poisonous zhalila actress criticism from all sides. But in spite of that album "Thalia" was a success, and Talia, the woman taught not to rest on our laurels, was to continue. It was a bold step, which she managed to do since years later, popularly known as a superstar, Thalia was to make a variety of gossip and rumors about her. So it was thick or too thin ... Talia laughed at all this and continued to work. She knew that life can not be despatched this seriously.

Career has always been for the girl in the first place. In 1991, Talia was invited to work in Spain on Channel 5, where she was co-owner vaudeville show called "VIP de noche". The program was a success and Talia felt very comfortable in the new environment. But six months later, she agrees to another offer and is returned to Mexico. The proposal was part of a stellar trilogy telenovelas, where Waist embodied the character of Maria (Maria). First telenovela "Maria Mercedes" appeared in 1992 and quickly broke all records for serials ratings. Two years later, was released "Marimar" and he headed the lists of top-sheets of TV in the U.S.. Colossal hurry came with the release of the third part of the project in 1995 - "Maria la del barrio". Due to the risky decision to take part in these telenovelas Thalia name has become synonymous with Mexico over than 120 countries, overcoming any barriers - language, age and geographical.

International position as an actress Talia has opened for her a lot more doors, and as for the singer. On this basis, in 1995, Thalia returned with the album "En Extasis". This was the first album from Thalia EMI Music Mexico, which was produced by Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio Estefania, and Oscar Lopez (Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, Oscar Lopez). Album yielded gold and platinum, creating a sensational single "Piel Morena" and the video for this song. He was released in more than 20 countries where tropical rhythm and ocharovyvanie ballads performed by Talia bought a special charm.
. Since Thalia visited at international festivals around the world, from Vina del Mar in Chile to the Eighth Festival of Miami Calle, and everywhere it has always been the queen of carnival
. Awards, fame and insignia taken by it with all my heart. Publications in the press descended upon her a continuous stream. But despite the fact that Talia was caught in a network of fame and adulation, she remained the same - continued smile and kindness of the soul not leave the hearts of the actress for a minute.
. After "En Extasis" soon followed Assault albums "Amor la mexicana" (1997), as well as the famous album "Nandito Ako" in the Filipino language, as in the Philippines Thalia is more than a star - it is a phenomenon
. It also showed his skill in languages, writing in English, French and Portuguese. And if that's not enough, you can also add that in the same year, Talia took part with three songs on the soundtrack animated film "Anastasia" (Anastasia).
. World worship the talent Talia reached such heights that the April 25, 1997 in Los Angeles celebrated the "Day of Thalia, a couple of months later in Mexico City was created a wax figure of actress
. Last year, Thalia starred in his next telenovela "Rosalinda" (Rosalinda), and also took part in the Hollywood movie "Mambo Cafe".

And finally, in the new millennium, Thalia released her new album "Arrasando", which is accompanied by a resounding success, and consists of more than 10 songs, which include the hottest musical genre of our time. Impeccable singing with a unique style singer can feel when it is immersed in pop, dance, ballads and even rap. This can make it alone.

Lyrics and music for the new album Thalia wrote myself, because nobody but her could not describe what it feels. But it turns out this is not the first experience of the singer in this field - in the beginning of his solo career, Thalia also wrote the music. But as her fame grew to immense size and it had at the peak of fame, Mexican princess hardly had time to rest, not to mention composing. At that time the life of the star leaked out of suitcases in hotels, where she stayed between the successful release of the album, telenovelas and the execution of its advertising and artistic commitments. Circulation "Arrasando" reached two million copies, breaking all musical reytigi on TV and radio. June 21, 2001 in one of the favorite cities Talia - Miami, Florida - was arranged by a grand night speech. Getting up at five Waist worked until ten o'clock at night and still could not stop smiling. What fills it with such vitality? "My fans. They are everything to me - I sing and dance just for them! ". Album "ARRASANDO" received a Latin Grammy award in two categories - best pop artist and best pop vocal album, and was nominated for Best Pop Album in Miami. Through promotion album Waist traveled with his tour of many countries.
. December 2, 2000, Saturday, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, Fifth Avenue Thalia and her impresario Tommy Mottola (Tommy Mottola), celebrated a splendid wedding, which would be honorably wore the title of "wedding of the year."

. "With all my heart, I am grateful to my fans who have many years proven to me their love and sincere interest in my career
. They let me into their homes and I feel a part of their family warmth. That is why with all my love to you - my family, which are all Mexicans, I have to announce their wedding to be held the second of December in New York, and I ask your blessing ... "
. St. Patrick's Cathedral: This Gothic cathedral can accommodate 2 200 people and has three body absolutely guarantee, . that wedding hymn hear people and not get to the festival, . even through the ultra modern stereo system, . was used in 1989 during Christmas in Massachusetts,
. This great celebration of life the couple met in a close circle of friends and acquaintances. Later, in Mexico City and Miami joined the others.

Wedding cake: it was so sweet, like a young couple. Guests savored each piece of wedding cake chetyrnadtsatisloynogo enormous size - creamy mass rose more than five feet in height hoisted on the table, which was three feet tall. Traditionally, the top of a cake decorated with figurines of the bride and groom. Cake covered more than 1000 sugar roses of various sizes and colors, as well as excellent chocolate with layers of vanilla cream.
. Dress of the bride:
. it developed the talented Mexican designer Mitzy, who works with the waist since the beginning of her career
. He also created the wardrobe of the bride and for civil ceremony. The dress was embroidered with a thin silver threads and was the embodiment of girlish freshness and heavenly beauty. Fabrics are imported from Italy, Germany and France. Shoes for the bride were oblitsovanny in silk. Mitzy and his staff have also created a model for the relatives of Thalia.

Now, the phenomenon of talented singer and actress is ready to expand to other markets. Nevertheless, Thalia has always been and will continue to be a patriot of his Mexican roots, its Latin nations, while also tirelessly to honor and with his other fans around the world, whose ranks are replenished daily.

. Discography:

. Thalia, 1990

. 1
. El baile de los perros y gatos
2. Libertad de expresion
3. Amarillo azul
4. Aerobico
5. Pienso en ti
6. Saliva
7. Un pacto entre los dos
8. Talisman
9. El poder del amor
10. La tierra de nunca jamas

Mundo de Cristal, 1991

1. Cristal (Instrumental)
2. Sudor (Partes 1 y 2)
3. El bombo de tu corazon
4. Te necesito
5. Madrid
6. Fuego cruzado
7. Jollie
8. Madam
9. Mundo de cristal
10. En la intimidad
11. Me matas
12. En silencio
13. Blues Jam

Love, 1992

1. A la orilla del mar
2. Sangre
3. La vie en rose
4. Love
5. El dia del amor
6. Flor de juventud
7. Maria Mercedes
8. El bronceador
9. No es el momento
10. Cien anos
11. Flores secas en la piel
12. No trates de enganarme
13. Dejame escapar

En Extasis, 1995

1. Piel Morena
2. Juana J
3. Quiero Hacerte El Amor
4. Amandote
5. Llevame Contigo
6. Me Erotizas
7. Gracias A Dios
8. Lagrimas
9. Te Quiero Tanto
10. Te Deje La Puerta Abierta
11. Fantasia
12. Me Faltas Tu
13. Piel Morena (Remix)
14. Maria La Del Barrio

Nandito Ako, 1997

1. Nandito Ako
2. I Found Your Love
3. Tender Kisses
4. Mariang Taga - Barrio
5. Tell Me
6. Chika Lang
7. You Are Still On My Mind
8. Amandote
9. Hey it's Me
10. Juana

Amor a La Mexicana, 1997

1. Por Amor
2. Noches Sin Luna
3. Mujer Latina
4. Amor A La Mexicana
5. Rosas
6. Echa Pa 'Lante
7. Ponle Remedio
8. Es Tu Amor
9. De Donde Soy
10. Dicen Por Ahi

Jugo De Exitos, 1998

Disc 1
1. Amarillo Azul
3. 2. La Vie En Rose
5. En La Intimidad
6. Sangre
7. Marimar
8. Pienso En Ti
9. Saliva
10. El Baile De Los Perros Y Los Gatos
11. Mundo De Cristal
12. Love
13. El Bronceador

Disc 2
1. Un Pacto Entre Los Dos
2. Fuego Cruzado
3. Aerobico
4. Thalisman
5. El Bombo De Tu Corazon
6. Libertad De Expresion
7. Cien Anos
8. Te Necesito
9. A La Orilla Del Mar
10. El Dia Del Amor
11. Madrid
12. El Poder De Tu Amor

Mis Mejores Momentos, 1998

1. Marimar
2. En La Intimidad (Riba Y Campos)
3. Un Pacto Entre Los Dos
4. Maria Mercedes
5. Mundo De Cristal
6. Talisman
7. Pienso En Ti
8. El Bombo De Tu Corazon
9. El Poder Del Amor
10. Amarillo Azul

Serie Millennium 21, 1999

Disc 1
1. Amarillo Azul
2. Un Pacto Entre Los Dos
3. Pienso En Ti
4. Mundo De Cristal
5. El Poder Del Amor
6. Jollie Madam
7. Te Necesito
8. Saliva
9. Sudor
10. Sangre - (Underground Mix)

Disc 2
1. Fuego Cruzado
2. Aerobico
3. En La Intimidad
4. Talisman
5. La Vie En Rose
6. Blues Jam
7. Me Matas
8. Madrid
9. El Bombo De Tu Corazon
10. En Silencio
11. Love - (1001 Night Club Mix)

Serie Sensacional, 2000

1. Marimar
2. La Vie En Rose
3. El Bombo De Tu Corazon
4. En La Intimidad
5. Sudor
6. Madrid
7. Saliva
8. En Silencio

Arrasando, 2000

1. Entre el mar y una estrella
2. Regresa a mi
3. Reencarnacion
4. Arrasando
5. No hay que llorar
6. Quiero Amarte
7. Suerte en mi
8. Menta y Canela
9. Tumba la Casa
0. Pata Pata
11. Siempre hay carino
12. Rosalinda
. Filmography:

. Telenovelas:

. 1987 Pobre Senorita Limantour
. 1988 Quincenera
. 1989 Luz y Sombra
. 1992 Maria Mercedes (Maria Mercedes)
. 1994 Marimar (Marimar)
. 1996 Mary from the suburbs (Maria la del Barrio)
. 1999 Rosalind (Rosalinda)

. Movies:

. Cafe Mambo 1999 (Mambo Cafe)
. Director paintings Ruben Goncales made an accurate shot at Hollywood, hitting right in the bull's-eye
. This is the first full-length Hollywood movies, and Talia is a successful embodiment of talents of this beautiful girl. Talia plays the role of a young woman Nydia, who falls in love with Cris (Kamar de los Reyes). This film has everything - an interesting plot, humor and romance - and, of course, Talia showed excellent results

. Other works:

. 1997 Anastasia (Anastasia)
. Waist participates in this animated film with three songs, one of which "Viaje Tiempo Atras" is used as the main melody.

. 1998 Cinderella (A Cinderella Story)
. The song "Es tu amor" is also used as the basic background compositions.

. Awards:

. As an actress:
. Placas conmemorativas for 400 and 500 representations of theatrical Vaselina '95
. Premium TV y Novelas, as the opening years of the series Quinceanera '88
. Calendario Azteca for participation in Quinceanera
. Estrella de plata, as otkrytie year for Quinceanera
. Senorita Star (Senirita Estrella), a youth magazine
. Premium TV y Novelas, television as "shot" of the year
. Premium TV y Novelas, as the best young actress of the year (Maria Mercedes) '93
. Premium TV y Novelas (Argentina), as the best foreign actress of '93
. Recognition Mara de Venezuela, as the best international actress '94
. Gold medal for outstanding play in the program channel Venevision '94
. Premium TV y Novelas, as the artist of major international projects
. Eres Award for the best career (path)

. Prizes for the telenovela:
. TV y Novelas award for the series with the highest rating in the States '95 (Marimar)
. TV y Novelas award for the series with the highest rating (Maria la del Barrio)

. Total Awards:
. Recognition Osterla Bracamontes (Spain), a distinguished personality
. Golden Palm as best actress and pop singer, the
. Queen Variety Club
. Queen of the Festival Vina del Mar
. Queen of Carnaval Maiami
. Queen of Fiesta Broadway
. Queen of Carnaval de Rio Janeiro
. 8 Star Street
. Handed the keys to the city of Los Angeles, CA and Manila, Philippines
. The Government of Los Angeles has named April 25 Day Talia
. Her figure appeared in the Museum of Wax in Mexico City
. Plate recognition, as the daughter of Marikina City, Philippines
. Godmother restaurant Renц? Muц?oz "El Mojarras"

. As a singer:
. Premium TV y Novelas, as the best band of the year Timbiriche'88
. Participation in the show grands Siempre en Domingo
. Awarding of America Musical for the big sales for the song Un Pacto en tres los dos '91
. Recognition of her work in the program La Movida '91
. Premium TV y Novelas, as the best singer '93
. Double gold and platinum disc for good sales of Mundo de Cristal
. Platinum and gold discs for high sales from the album "Love"
. Recognition of her work in the program "Y Vero America Va"
. Laurel de Oro for the high quality of work from Mexico, Spain
. Gold disc for good sales from the album "Love"
. Platinum disc for the album "En Extasis"
. Also for the platinum album "Nandito Ako"
. Premium Lo nuestro of the People, as the best pop singer

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WAIST (Thalia), photo, biography
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