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Rogvolod Borisovich

( Prince of Polotsk)

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Biography Rogvolod Borisovich
Rogvolod Borisovich - Prince of Polotsk, then Drucki, son. directing body. kn. Boris Vseslavich. He had, apparently, a lot of Polotsk. In 1129, Mr.. was sent Mstislav Vladimirovich the Great in Byzantium, where he stayed until 1140, Mr.. Ok. 1144 g. began directing body. Prince. Shortly afterwards, the Prince of Polotsk-ve started feuds between the different branches of the descendants of Vseslav Polotsk, as well as between the princes and local boards. In 1151, Mr.. Polochans rebelled against Rogvolod Borisovich, looted his 'life', but most were sent to Minsk to his enemy, dvoyurod. Rostislav Glebovich brother, who locked him in temnidu. At the request of Yuri Dolgoruky Rogvolod Borisovich was released and went to Chernigov to book. Svyatoslav Olgovich. In Ipatenskoy Chronicles (1159) says: 'Ida B. Rogvolod from Svyatoslav from Olgovich search sobe parish, . sing Regiment Svyatoslavl, . Zane did not favor him stvorisha his brothers, . vzemshe underneath his parish and his life all, . and came to Sluchsku and began to send to dryuchanam ',
. They accepted him into his reign in Drutsk and Knyazhego they Gleb Rostislavich expelled. Following these events Polochans approached Rogvolod Borisovich with a proposal to resume directing body. reign. Rogvolod B. entered Polotsk, expelling their rivals - Rostislav. Rogvolod Borisovich made several attempts to unite the Polotsk land under his rule. He made a campaign under the Minsk and Gorodets. After an unsuccessful siege Gorodets and destruction of the army of Prince. izyasl. Vsevolod Borisovich Glebovich Rogvolod gone to reign in Drutsk, and 'do not mix Polotsku ichi, zanezhe mnozhstvo deflection polotchan'. Then on Rogvolod Borisovich there is no record. references.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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Rogvolod B. (knee IX)

Of the genus Drucki princes. Son of Boris Vseslavich. Kn. Drucki in 1140-1146 he. and 1158 g. Prince of Polotsk in 1144-1151, 1159-1162 gg.

Wife: from 1144 g. daughter Izyaslav II Mstislavovitch.

In 1151 Polochans Rogvolod seized, and sent to Minsk and imprisoned in this city, and to his adopted Rostislav Glebovich. In 1158 Svyatoslav II of Kiev Chernigov gave Rogvolod shelves and helped return the parish. Arriving in Slutsk Rogvolod began to send people Drucki; are delighted to see him, began to call to him: "Come, Prince, do not delay, we are happy for you, if necessary, let us fight for you and with children". And in fact, more than three hundred boats came out to meet him, with honor druchane took him to his city, and Gleb Rostislavich fired, ransacking his court and retinue. When in Polotsk learned that Rogvolod sat in Drucki, many wanted to take him back to the princes. Rostislav went against druchan, but Rogvolod strayed. In the same year Polochans conspired to drive Rostislav and sent secretly to Drutsk Rogvolod said: "The Prince of us! We have sinned before God and before thee, . that embarked on you without guilt, . thou hast, and all your squads looted, . and most caught, . given Glebovich to a great meal, if you will forget all that, . that we'll have done his madness, . and kiss for us to cross, . we are your people, . and thou our prince, Rostislav give up your hands, . do with, . what you want ",
. Rogvolod vowed that he would forget all the past. Rostislav is, learning that Polochans conspired against him, left the city. Rogvolod, at the call of Polotsk residents, came to reign in his place and, gathering a great force, drove from Izjaslavl Vsevolod Glebovich, and then ten days besieged Minsk. Glebovichi otbilos and in the same year, regained Izjaslavl. This led Rogvolod again to go to Minsk. This time he was besieging the city for six weeks and concluded a peace on their own. In 11 B 1 year Rogvolod the third time was besieging Minsk, and in 1162 went to Gorodets against Volodar Glebovich. Volodar did not fight during the day, but made a sortie at night and inflicted severe Polochans defeat. Rogvolod fled to Slutsk and, after spending three days there, went to his old parish Drutsk and Polotsk have dared to come, killing as many there the ratification by Gorodtsov; Polochans put in its place Vseslav Vasilkovich.

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Rogvolod Borisovich, photo, biography
Rogvolod Borisovich, photo, biography Rogvolod Borisovich  Prince of Polotsk, photo, biography
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