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Khristenko, Igor

( Comedian.)

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Biography Khristenko, Igor
Igor Khristenko - artiste Yevgeny Petrosyan 'distorting mirror', was born in 1959 into a theatrical family in Volgograd.

The brainchild of Evgeny Petrosyan 'distorting mirror' thoroughly pushed 'Anshlag' Regina Dubovitskaya. There were new faces. One such person was a humorist Igor Khristenko.
- I used the voice of cartoon about a parrot Kesha instead Gennady Khazanov. In the middle of the cartoon Kesha says is my voice. I also worked in the 'Dolls', which, in principle, also a great cartoon. There my voice saying twelve characters, such as Boris, Vladimir Zhirinovsky Zyuganov, Novodvorskaya, Shandybin.

. Igor Khristenko frequently appears on television: in the 'distorting mirror', 'Smehopanorame', 'jokes a joke' and other comedy programs
. A talented actor and parodist known for leading many concerts on stage and television in his native Volgograd comes a couple of times a year to visit my mother and go fishing.

. Igor Khristenko, not only a popular humorist, but also successfully debuted in acting skills, she appeared in two feature films
. In 1982, Mr.. in company with Alexander Shirvindt, Michael Pugovkina a director Vladimir Gorikkera in the tape 'Silver revue'.

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  • sanadol for Khristenko, Igor
  • You have coped well with the role of the wolf in the cartoon "Well, wait!". Will the continuation of this favorite of all the movie?
  • Olga Saygina for Khristenko, Igor
  • And you do not B19-th school study?
  • Victoria for Khristenko, Igor
  • Thank you Igor for your talent! I'm from the city Schyolkovo you came to us the concerts of "trick mirrors". Just super! I know your first wife!
  • nat for Khristenko, Igor
  • Victoria: The first wife?? Did Igor divorced Elena??
  • Jan for Khristenko, Igor
  • Igor Khristenko just super)).
  • Nastya for Khristenko, Igor
  • Well, Sherlock Holmes was just a class!
  • Alexandra for Khristenko, Igor
  • Good day to you, Igor! October 19, 2009 I first came to your concert in the city of Grodno (Belarus). (A month ago, my beloved husband died. I'm not coming out, and I felt that joy, laughter and a smile - all these are now unavailable to me. At least now. But to avoid going to your concert I was unable. Was too great a temptation. And, perhaps, this case would no longer be imagined. I, . closed eyes to the fact, . that my funeral, . took and came to the cinema "Star in a cinema" October "!) What can I say, . besides, . had received pleasure from your work? say, . I did not expect to see you in person, . which to me seemed a distant star, . absolutely no "celebrity,
    . You and me were once deeply likable (a talented actor and handsome man, and apparently pleasant conversation in person), but now I just conquered your sincerity. In our small town does not often come to the stars of this magnitude. Do not spoil us, so to speak ... because it was doubly surprising and genuinely pleased to see that you do not have the star arrogance. the concert was super! My son laughed so that I had always pushed him with his elbow, so as not to attract the attention of neighbors. And he answered the same thing: well, mama! Well funny indeed you fellow! You are professional! I am glad, . that fate gave me this "meeting" with you, . two and a half hours of enjoyment to your work, . Your attitude towards us, . Your audience! I will be proud and tell the grandchildren, . that was photographed with you, . standing quite close, . side by side! (it seemed, . that you have a cold,
    . Get better! Let nothing prevents you continue to enjoy your course, we need to all things!) Sincerely, Alexander.
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    Khristenko, Igor, photo, biography
    Khristenko, Igor, photo, biography Khristenko, Igor  Comedian., photo, biography
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