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photo Alina Kabaeva Maratovna

Alina Kabaeva Maratovna

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Biography Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
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 Alina Kabaeva Maratovna

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Irina Tchachina
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  • Sasha for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Alina, we cheer for you stared to gold will keep the cams for you and believe in you vperd to victory
  • igrhaggi for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Alina, you wrote that she has found her sweet, if I see something else something like this, I am very offended at you waiting for an answer and get sick for Rossiyskuyu Gymnasts from Uzbekistan honeyed only in Baku, taste is not too late
  • malles93 @ www for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Alina Hi, my name is Marina. I am 14 years old. You are my idial. I want you to Tell A that I also do artistic gymnastics in Ukraine. I started with 3 years. I have already performed in Kiev, Kharkov, Lugansk and other gorodah.Vy I can answer some questions? How have you achieved such success? Mozhite you tell me how can I be like the famous Alina Kabaeva? And the last question. Do you have a formula for success? While.
  • Zhmakk for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Alinochka I'm sick of you and I was to accept that you are in the top nine stylish and strong girls 2006 vobschem I am happy for each of your victory! WISH YOU SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY ALINOCHKA
  • Tolyasik for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Hello Alya.Dolgo searching for opportunities to communicate with you. Only he could not or did not know how to make it enjoyable and interesting not only for me but especially for you. Topics may be different from the sport and to the humor, but in general everything that is interesting. Will tell about yourself on the city which was born. What feelings were for him from the moment of departure? When was it last? What's new in sunny Tashkent? Not going there to visit? In his free time training and policy (if any) is engaged in the reading of Pushkin? Or your interests have changed over time? At the time I left an imprint, . but I just like before reading classics at zahleb, . and that even memorized,
    . Now is your favorite time of year as you spend it? Write to me if you can or answer something. It is difficult to communicate when not meet ......!
  • Cox for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • About a girl as ALINA can only dream of ((((
  • korifanski666 for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Course Kabaeva great athlete! Well, against Komissarova.Iosi Kobzona.Rozenbauma and Rabinovich in the State Duma of the new convocation expect no less from her success in politics!
  • 694240 for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • пёп╪п╫п╦я┤п╨п╟ ! ! ! ! ! ! 1,
  • igorj for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • vesjolaja devchnka smejetsja mnoga; trudna poveritj cto nety molodogo celoveka; podskazite kak uznatj kakoi u neje nick; pochta (napisu pisjmo sebja prislju)
  • erali for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • I'll obozhayu.Ty for me the most beautiful in the world.
  • Anonymous for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • igrhaggi DOLBOEBINA
  • Anonymous for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • H U D O ! ! ! ! ! ! 1,
  • Anonymous for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Otsosesh?
  • Anonymous for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Otebat into all the cracks. There was a sperm spurted out of his ears.
  • Anonymous for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • set of 4 dice and to fuck up blue in the face
  • Anonymous for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • otsosesh?
  • ChristyM. for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Wow - did not know you destroyed 2 marriages. Don't Russian women know NOT to date married men - even old, fat, bald, breasty rich ones? In the west, we know a puta when we see one and 2 illegitimate kids does not give you a reason to kill the heart of another woman. Think about her PAIN after 30 years. Putin just wants to stick "it" in every female he can and he'll end up cheating on you too just as he cheated on Lyudmila with you. All home wreckers think it won't happen to them because they keep themselves sexy - but it does happen - always. So, you have destroyed any good "KARMA" you had - now it WILL come back to haunt you.
  • Caroline HAMILTON WELLS for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Kabaeva is well known around in Moscow as a tough 'intriguant woman' looking for rich powerful men, no matter married men or no ! as 35 years old, Kabaeva, who stopped intensive training years ago, gained lot of weight - how will she look at 45 - heavy ugly make up, tends to look very vulgar and cheap. Rumored lover of President Putin ?! well, Kabaeva, be careful, Vlad is a very seductive man....collecting young pretty girls. Caroline Hamilton W., Moscow
  • Marina Sokolova for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • This one time attractive athlete now looks 20 yrs older & a100 lbs fatter, like Caroline said she has a reputation as an opportunist slut who used her so called lover of Putin for publicity,she was never married to him & never had kids ,,in 10yrs of this nasty rumor there has NOT been one pic of them together,not one pic of her pregnant & she worked so not like she could hide it .In this day & age of 24/7 news & people with camera phones how is that even possible??TA president wouldn't marry & have kids with a woiman who poses nude in a dirty bathtub showing her butt as well as other porn she has done..If its young pretty women he wants ,..she is not it lol
  • Marina Sokolova for Alina Kabaeva Maratovna
  • Oh ,I see these pics ,where are the more currents ones?? I would say these are 10 yrs old at least...I am 32 ,you are 35 ,lets compare ,,lol why n recent pics?? You can get wide angle lens ,,,lol
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     Alina Kabaeva Maratovna Alina Kabaeva Maratovna, photo
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