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Vyacheslav Fetisov

( Hockey players)

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Biography Vyacheslav Fetisov
photo Vyacheslav Fetisov
Vyacheslav Fetisov, a long time will remain the standard Defender. In Russia. Maybe in Europe. A pity, not in the NHL, where he had gone already being in the 'old' hockey age. And it would definitely justify the title of 'Second Orr'.
Hockey Midfielder
That is an epithet bestowed Fetisov in his time North American experts. Bobby Orr for the New World - a figure so large that earned him a comparison is worth a lot. And to so not talking about Aboriginal people, but the European players - is doubly valuable. However, most Vyacheslav Fetisov, and warmed my soul, if these analogies, it is only partly. During his hockey life, he has achieved everything, what can only dream of hockey. And unlike Orr - not in a single league, and throughout the world ice hockey.
As Lev Yashin once opened a new understanding of soccer goalie art, Fetisov led a different look at the game of hockey defender. Let's leave the NHL alone - remember, just one of our defenders to play in attack as well as any forward, recruit a lot of points for the season and at the same time creating a reliable bulwark in the defense? No. Vyacheslav Fetisov managed everywhere. He was the master of hockey box.
And since childhood. Since 1970, when he joined CSKA hockey school. Even then, a well-worn hockey coaches puzzled - how does he play? And the defender had no defender, and striker - do not forward. Most new role for him have to think - nobody midfielder. At one time Fetisov even had problems with the archaic-minded coaches. Its even on the bench for a long time seated, from which the player even tried to break away from hockey. I believed him, and, most importantly, did not prevent disclosing their great talent, but the first coach - Yuri Chebarin.

The great victory and bitter disappointment
And rightly believed! In 1978, the 20-year-old Vyacheslav Fetisov for the first time included in the USSR national team at World Championship. Tikhonov insisted. And in Prague defender played so that no one then to coach more questions did not arise. No wonder - his protege recognized best-in-Role. At the World Championship! And this in 20 years!
And away, went. How any titles like a magnet attracted to this player. And the champion of the country, and the best hockey player of the Soviet Union, and 7-times World champion, and 2-time Olympic champion: By the way, before Fetisov ever player of Defense did not bother to rank the best player of the country. He also managed to become such double. And this is also a unique phenomenon.
However, to speak only about the achievements of the great players of his triumphs and victories - wrong. In fact on a number of them were bitter disappointments, drama and even tragedy. Do you remember who that Vyacheslav Fetisov, in fact, re-learned to walk? But it was and is - just shortly after the triumph in Prague. Then, making a tour of Holland, he received a back injury so serious that after this layer lying over a month. And all sorts of bad thoughts crept into his head: not something to play hockey, then move to self.
And a family tragedy, when his eyes lost younger brother Anatoly - an extremely talented hockey player, with great, as many believe, the future. There was a conflict with Tikhonov - and not even with him, and with the leading hockey system of Soviet times, Vyacheslav Fetisov, which cost more than one year of life. And yet the tragedy in Detroit limo, forever chained his friends Vladimir Konstantinov and Sergei Mnatsakanova to a wheelchair. Only extremely strong and loving his job a person could make all.

Won all!
On the other side of the Atlantic have Fetisov started a new life. He went to the NHL late - at age 32,. Still gone. And not to speak: but he was, but saw so involved. He left for the victory. And how else? He always wanted to win the Stanley Cup, thus, gathering in his piggy bank all the major prizes of the world hockey. But for a long time he did not manage to win overseas. And when should it turn out - not given. In that year, his 'New Jersey' took the same Stanley Cup, but Fetisov by the time the team has not been. He changed a few days before the triumphant stratum for 'Devils' play-off. Interchange in the 'Detroit', which is in the final and lost 'New Jersey' dry score 4:0. And it was another terrible disappointment!
The years have been something wrong, when one could say: nothing will win next time. When this next time come? Maybe once in 7 years, maybe 10, 20: But fate, thank God, just not for long delayed the conquest of Vyacheslav Fetisov much desired for him trophy. When a long time for something waiting for, get this 'something' is particularly pleasant. Fetisov won the Stanley Cup! Twice in a row! I did it with the 'Russian Five' by showing the world the greatness of Russia's hockey school. For most hockey players, for whom the word 'homeland' is not an empty sound, such a victory is very important. And even better, that their first championship rings he received it in the 'Detroit'. A 'New Jersey' he also gave the debt - this year, when the rank is the second coach led his first team of the 'new life' to winning the Stanley Cup.

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  • Silly konyavy Ham (besides still deserter)
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    Vyacheslav Fetisov, photo, biography
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