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Vyacheslav A. Fetisov

( Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, three-time Stanley Cup)

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Biography Vyacheslav A. Fetisov
photo Vyacheslav A. Fetisov
Fetisov - a bright figure of domestic and international hockey. At age 15, he first distinguished himself at the Canadian Ice. At 24 years recognized as the best defender of world and European championships, but then he became a captain twice - CSKA and USSR national team.

For 30 years, it would seem, has reached all, becoming a key figure larionovskoy five, the reference level 80-ies. But he decided to go to the NHL, the strongest professional ice hockey league. And not just went - he Toril road in the NHL for Russian hockey. What he had experienced, which had suffered - not pass, but the dignity preserved, not flinching even once.

. After a brilliant game on the Soviet rollers Vyacheslav Fetisov did not get lost in the NHL: he was the lead counsel in the New Jersey Devils, was the lead in "Detroit".

. For the first time in the history of North American ice hockey team the Detroit Red Wings appeared five, composed of Russia hockey
. She did not play, she shone on the ice. Twice - in 1997 and 1998 - the guys from "Red Wing" won the Stanley Cup with Vyacheslav Fetisov in their composition. A little earlier - at 38 years of age - at the invitation of the head of the NHL Harry Bettmena Fetisov took part in the traditional "Match stars.

. At the initiative of Vyacheslav Fetisov, our glorious five of Detroit delivered for all to see the Stanley Cup in Moscow, which became part of nationwide celebrations to mark the 850 anniversary of the capital of Russia
. And when it seemed, . that Fetisov, . great player, . holder of all conceivable hockey titles, . conquered all the vertices, . he, . first European, . received coaching in the post. NHL, . obtained a new success - trust his team the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup, . winning the lottery in 2000.,

. In August 2000, in Moscow, held match stars of world hockey, dedicated to the great Russian athlete.

. The share Fetisov took many experiences - hockey and hockey does not have a relationship (which is only one death in a car crash beloved brother)
. They would have sufficed for several fates, each of whom would be considered light. There was a time when Vyacheslav chased injury. After some of them thought to be impossible to be back on the ice, but he always came back. He returned and after a terrible car accident, and again and again, misery does not impact on his game. I could only marvel at the remarkable longevity sports hockey.

. Before leaving for the ocean, Vyacheslav Fetisov has become famous in CSKA - 13-times champion of USSR! He - double Olympic champion, . 6-times world champion, . 8-time Champion of Europe, . 2-time world champion among young, . 2-time champion of Europe among juniors,
. Fetisov has participated in 113 official matches of the USSR national team and threw the puck at the same 42 - high for the defender of the result!

Pocketing goals, Fetisov never forgot their regular duties on the ice. By connecting to the attack, he gave an accurate first pass. He never did unnecessary movements, always seen the movement of partners, has never been afraid before the most powerful attackers, was no stranger to law enforcement martial arts. Was bold, venturesome, but never had the reputation of a bully. It was considered the instigators in CSKA, and he remained overseas.

. In appearance Fetisov seems closed, but it is sympathy, people are drawn to him because, like anyone else, he knows how to respond to any trouble, any call for help, but not necessarily for the most people close to him
. And while holding nenarochito, trying not to stick out their participation in someone else's fate.

. It was he, Fetisov, ventured in a U.S. court to prove their case in a hardball conflict with the American citizen - an agent-crook, betrayed our first overseas hockey players.

. Thousands of hockey fans are grateful to Vyacheslav Fetisov for the organization (along with Gelani Tovbulatovym) Cup "Spartacus", . has become a traditional and popular (the prize in the United States purchased them for their money), . and organizing a tour of our stars from the NHL on cities of Russia.,

. Several times Fetisov was on vacation in the South Caucasus, considering that in the mountains you can relax not only from the city bustle, but also on the hockey, from fans demanding autographs and beset with questions about the partners, rivals, personal life
. And invariably in the South Ossetian Tskhinvali quickly learned that they had been bestowed celebrity hockey. Inscribed verify this with my own eyes grew with each passing day more. Thereafter Fetisov asked his longtime friend to drive to a place where mountain people do not know anything about hockey and hockey players.

Fetisov then sent to the so-called Ossetian Switzerland, the lost in the mountains cottage. But in less than ten minutes after the arrival Fetisov, . about to depart from the long journey to sleep, . as a base came shaking: "Fetisov arrived!" Young Ossetians Inal, . local, . turned to the guest, . awkwardly shifting from foot to foot: "Can, . Vyacheslav, . I shake your hand for a peasant? I've never seen so close to famous people! "And they exchanged a long handshake.,

. In a remote mountain village, whence comes Inal, not all possessed then Russian language
. Television not yet penetrated into this corner of the heavenly realms. But after the case even respected mountaineers-centenarians are proud to say: "Fetisov!"

With Vyacheslav Fetisov greeted with reverence statesmen, both in Russia and abroad. It is well known and not hide his respect for dignitaries of international hockey, including NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmena, NHL players union leader Bob Gudenau, the International Ice Hockey Federation president Rene Fasel.

. Vyacheslav Fetisov was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Labor Red Banner, two Orders of Honor.

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Vyacheslav A. Fetisov, photo, biography
Vyacheslav A. Fetisov, photo, biography Vyacheslav A. Fetisov  Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, three-time Stanley Cup, photo, biography
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