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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography POZDNYAKOV Aleksey
photo POZDNYAKOV Aleksey
(26. 2. 1916 - 8. 4. 1942)

P ozdnyakov Aleksey Squadron 20 th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (1-Mixed Air Division, Air Force 14, Army, Karelian Front) Guard Captain. Born February 26, 1916 in the village now Tulynovka Tambov region, Tambov region in a working class family. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b). Graduated from the 7 classes and 1 course in college of agricultural mechanization. He worked as an electrician. In the Red Army in 1936. In 1938 he graduated from the Kachin Military Aviation School of Pilots. Member of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940.

On the Great Patriotic War from June 1941. Commander of the 147 th Fighter Regiment, Lieutenant Pozdnyakov A.P. by September 1941 has made 138 sorties to attack and the bombing of manpower and equipment of the enemy. In air battles personally shot down 2 enemy aircraft.

April 8, 1942 Pozdnyakov A.P. flew at the head of the six P-40 fighter "Tomahok-IIB" reflection enemy air raids on Murmansk. In the area of the village Restikent Soviet pilots intercepted 15 German Ju-87 bombers, accompanied by 5 fighters Me-110. Unequal air battle broke. Since the first attack shot down Pozdnyakov "Messerschmitt". The other knocked ram blow Guard Lieutenant Khlobystov A.S. But the enemy continued to be torn Murmansk port. The main task now was to avoid the object bombers and our pilots brought down on them, their attack. Throwing a bomb fell, the Germans began to leave with a decrease in its territory. Pursuing them, Pozdnyakov in the group with Khlobystova and Guard lieutenant Fateev I.D. set fire to one of "Junkers". Suddenly, the clouds have jumped eight "Messerschmitt". Pozdnyakov took them to their group in a frontal attack. When the leading car was already near, the enemy could not stand it and tried to unscrew the side, but did not. From frontal ramming "Messerschmitt" shattered into pieces. At sea carp captain Pozdnyakov died.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Aleksey Pozdnyakov posthumously awarded June 6, 1942 for ramming enemy aircraft.

. H agrazhden Orders of Lenin and Red Banner
. Buried in the c. Murmashi Kola area of Murmansk region.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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POZDNYAKOV Aleksey, photo, biography
POZDNYAKOV Aleksey, photo, biography POZDNYAKOV Aleksey  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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